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45 Woodland Drive

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Uploaded: 18th May 2014 at 2:34 PM
Updated: 17th Jun 2014 at 5:28 AM - Added a furnished version, edit CC credit link

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MGTV: Building better homes for a brighter tomorrow

This spacious two story home is the perfect place for any Simlish family. Newly constructed with the best materials, it offers low-maintenance walnut hardwood floors throughout most of the home and premium painted plaster walls, both designed to withstand years with a growing family. Built in Pleasantview, it occupies the corner where the Broke family once lived, becoming a symbol of hope and love for the soon-to-be former "trailer park district" of North Woodland Drive. It comes with a stellar security system and smoke detector. This home comes either furnished or unfurnished, perfect for letting your interior design skills show. With the low price and a properly financed home loan, any family can call this home - and be proud to do so!

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On the main floor, there is a spacious living room, a study/office, a dining room, and a large kitchen with access to the carport. It also features a cozy master bedroom retreat with a four piece ensuite bath and a large walk-in closet.

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Upstairs, two bedrooms sit at the end of the hall way alongside the nursery, which can easily be converted to a small bedroom or hobby room if needed. The bedrooms share a kid-friendly three piece bath room and a large space that could be a family room, play room, or game room for teens.

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The backyard is also low-maintenance and is completely fenced in, and has a patio for entertaining with room to build a playground or a small pool (with a ladder, of course!), along with large trees to provide shade during the warmer seasons.

Lot Size: 2x4 Corner
Lot Price: Furnished - 95.386; Unfurnished - 61.778

I have all EPs and SPs installed, and you must have them installed to play this lot. I used Maxis objects to furnish the house, so they both have the same custom content. Packaged in a clean, empty neighborhood; copy play-tested for three sim days.

Custom Content Included (In a separate folder):
~ Craftsman Wood Siding White by Awesims
~ White Shower/Tub Recolor by HugeLunatic
~ Maxis Shower/Tub Combo Backless by HugeLunatic
~ Louvre Sliding Closet - White by Shakeshaft
~ Exterior Door by rebecah
~ Quaint Cabinet by CTNutmegger
~ Half Landing Stairs by Simlogical
~ Gate of Farmington TS3 conversion by Amovitamsim
~ High Stakes Fencing in White by Crocobaura
~ White Panelling & Plaster in White, Orange, Apple, & Duck Egg by Holy Simoly
~ Independent Expressions Inc "NonReflective" & "Showcase" Windows Clear Glass Recolor by Michelle
~ Independent Expressions 1 & 2 Tile Short by MaryLou
~ Independent Expressions 3 Tile Short, 4 Tile Long by MaryLou
~ Inlaid Medallion in White by Sarah*Rose
~ Lakeside White Modular Stairs by Shakeshaft
~ Lawn Signs by KiaraRawks
~ Big Rosebush by Nengi65
~ Outdoor Latern by Numenor
~ Polished Boards in Walnut by Holy Simoly
~ Stucco Match Clapboard Siding in Sunshine (Left, Right, Center) by Mustluvcatz
~ Toilet Paper TS3 conversion by Amovitamsims
~ Torrox Master Objects & Torrox Wall Cutout Double Doorway by Mourne999
~ Victorian Quaint & Porch Fence by Holy Simoly
~ Centered Walnut Door by Leefish
~ White Wood Fence #13 by Piggi Sims
~ White Walnut Door Recolor by an_na
~ Cheap White Kitchen Island Counter Recolor by perdita_x_dream
~ White Value Bathroom Set - bathtub, shower & toilet by perdita_x_dream
~ EP5 Shower - Transparent by Ailias

Used/Pictured but not necessary:
~Rotatable Driveways by Mootilda - The rotated driveway will work regardless if you have this mod installed or not.
~White Roof Trim Defaults by Phaenoh - The roof trim will revert to the fugly Maxis trim and be, well, fugly.

~The CC needed for the lot to load as pictured is included in a separate folder. Simply drag and drop the files into your downloads folder.

~ The shrubs are surrounded by a short white brick fence which will guarantee you some arm flailing and foot stomping unless you delete it or install a Perfect Garden hack like the one found here.

~The package for the porch stairs is included. Although the stairs will work fine if you don't install them properly, please keep in mind that should you choose not to do so, you won't be able to select, change, or use them in other lots. Please go here to get the installation instructions under the Required tab. You won't need to download anything, just modify your modularstairs.txt file as instructed with the text provided.

~The half-landing stairs do not have animations; the sims will simply appear at the base or top of the stairs. Personally, I like it better than any other stairs because it cuts down on travel time, but you can easily swap it for spiral stairs if you prefer animations.

~Please make sure you have the latest CEP by Numenor installed to ensure all recolors appear properly.

~Hit the thanks button.

Additional Credits:
HGTV for inspiration, StephSim for MGTV, Creators of the CC used, and those who helped me in the Creator Feedback Forum (I deleted the post before I wrote down their names)