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Woodland Senior Living

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2014 at 6:30 PM
Updated: 17th Jun 2014 at 5:34 AM
Woodland Senior Living

You're looking to downsize now that you've reached the golden years - the children have all grown up and remarried, leaving you with a huge and very empty nest. You could buy that cute little starter home - but do you really want to be bothered with yardwork and home repairs? You could move into that popular apartment that boasts those amenities you'll probably never use - but it's filled with noisy college students who party all night long! You would never live in a nursing home, either. You may feel like you're out of options, but I have found the perfect home for you.

This property is reserved for more mature residents, meaning you will have the peace and quiet that you deserve. It has a spacious living room and dining room with a functional kitchen, one car garage, and small yard for a hammock and vegetable garden. The master bedroom shares a luxurious bathroom with the guest bedroom just in case you have an overnight visitor.

You may not be fond of the bright white walls but you have to admit the hardwood floor is beautiful! Even better, the paint color of your choice is just a shift-click away. Weekly rent is below the max of your house hunting budget, leaving you with plenty of cushion for that getaway to Twikkii you've been dreaming about!

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Value: 65.106
Rent: 2.240
Number of Units: 2 - Each have the same floor plan with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, furnished identically with basic starter objects.
Packaged in a clean, empty neighborhood; copy play-tested for three sim days.

Custom Content (Included a separate folder):
~ Apartment Door Recolor by fizzbin
~ Four Window Garage Door in White by Michelle
~ "Blazin' Buckaroos!" in White by Hugelunatic
~ Louvre Sliding Closet - White by Shakeshaft
~ Shrubbery Fence short by Nengi65
~ Slender Birch Tree - Short by Nengi65 **The file for the tree hasn't been uploaded to the graveyard, and this is the only place I can find this person's downloads.
~ Craftsman Wood Siding White by Awesims
~ White Walnut Door Recolor by an_na
~ TS3 Bungalow Windows by Amovitam
~White Value Bathroom Set - bathtub & toilet by perdita_x_dream
~ Torrox Sink by moune999; Master Object included to display sink properly.
~ EP5 Shower - Transparent by Ailias
~ Alu Grey Normal, Middle, & Left by larsson1970
~ White Panelling & Plaster in White by Holy Simoly
~Polished Boards in Walnut by Holy Simoly
~ Short Hemnes Mirror by HugeLunatic
~ Independent Expressions Inc "NonReflective" & "Showcase" Windows Clear Glass Recolor by Michelle
~ Independent Expressions 1 & 2 Tile Short by MaryLou
~ Inlaid Medallion in White by Sarah*Rose
~ Outdoor Latern by Numenor
~ Victorian Porch Fence in White by Holy Simoly
~ BENNO Entertainment Center: Diagonal TV & Fun-Kadelic Bookshelf Stereo by Honeywell
~Value Cabinet by CTNutmegger
~ Round Hemnes Dining Table by HugeLunatic
~ "Gold End" Ratio Table in White by Michelle
~ White FreeTime Appliances by McAlli
~ Dixie Hood by Shoukeir
~ White Value Counter Recolor by perdita_x_dream
~ Unlocked ORGEL Table Lamp by Havelock
~ Weirdness is The Art" modern rug recolor by Gaurdgian
~ "Tea Party in Teak" in White by Michelle

Used/Pictured but not necessary:
~White Roof Trim Defaults by Phaenoh - The roof trim will revert to the fugly Maxis trim and be, well, fugly.

~If your loveseats aren't white when you view/rent the apartment and you'd like to keep the sofa and loveseat, exit without saving and download HugeLunatic's Repository Fix for the Karlstand sofa.

~I used Menaceman44's Lunatech Ceiling Fix to take decent pictures with those odd, dangly lights.

~I use HP's Bedding Defaults. If you don't have them (or use a different set), then the bedding won't look the same in game. Without any defaults, it will go back to the fugly original.

* I have all EPs and SPs installed, so you'll need them to play this lot.

*Please make sure you have the latest CEP by Numenor installed to ensure all recolors appear properly.

*Hit the thanks button.

Additional Credits:
HGTV for inspiration, StephSim for MGTV, and Tylenol for curing my headache. Aaaah.