10 Middle Lane

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Uploaded: 30th May 2014 at 1:20 PM
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10 Middle Lane

This home is perfect for those who want the convenience of an apartment but the privacy and option to expand that a house offers. Based off of a New York apartment floor plan, this two bedroom, two bath abode is both modern and spacious. It can be purchased either fully furnished for those on the go or completely unfurnished for those wanting a clean slate. The floor plan can be modified to add stairs in the living room and add a second story. Outside, there is space to add fencing of your choice and even build a pool or garden.

- Open concept floor plan
- Concrete floors throughout
- Plaster walls
- Custom kitchen
- Ceiling to floor windows
- Large master bedroom with en suite bath and large walk-in closet
- One car garage

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Value: Unfurnished - 29.398; Furnished - 91.051
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2
Packaged in a clean, empty neighborhood; copy play-tested for three sim days.

The CC needed to play whichever version you want is included in a folder with it. Just drop the contents into your downloads folder and go!

Custom Content (Included a separate folder):
~ Open Garage Door in Black by Michelle
~ Stamped Cement Floor in Putty and SW Vanilla by iCad
~ Driveway - Sidewalk Match by HugeLunatic
~ Metro Window by Tiggy027
~ Colonial Tract Door in Black by Michelle
~ OFB windows with white glass by amycapdet
~ Louvre Sliding Closet - White by Shakeshaft
~ Walnut Door Black Recolor by Michelle
~ White Panelling & Plaster in White by Holy Simoly
~ Outdoor Latern by Numenor
~ Big Rosebush by Nengi65

Furnished Version Additional CC:
~ Long Wooden Blinds in White by Shoukeir
~ Painting 15 by Shoukeir
~ Sims 3 Into the Future Kitchen by Veranka
~ Vertical Blinds by boblishman
~ Frosted Black Glass Subway Tile by mlefay21
~ Dixie Hood by Shoukeir
~ White Value Bathroom Set - bath tub & toilet by perdita_x_dream
~ Cheap Shower White Tile Recolor by HugeLunatic
~ Torrox Shelf by moune999
~ Maxis Shower/Tub Combo Backless by HugeLunatic
~ White Shower/Tub Recolor by HugeLunatic
~ Toilet Paper TS3 conversion by Amovitamsims
~ EP5 Shower - Transparent by Ailias
~ Cornerstone Sentinel End Table & "Gold End" Ratio Table in Black by Michelle
~ The Soma Sleep Well & Courtly Sleeper Day Dreamer in Black by Michelle
~ Aura Painting by ulmille
~ Weirdness is The Art" modern rug recolor by Gaurdgian
~ AquaBox Five Gallon Aquarium in Black by Michelle
~ Keister Kompanion Barstool Red Fabric & Black Wood by Michelle
~ Wall of Memories Picture Shelf by Holy Simoly
~ Shaggy Red Recolor of Sung-Gyu Sunburst Oriental Rug by Holy Simoly
~ Another Pixel Anachronism: Yasimo F# Symphonator Keyboard by Nysha
~ Sims 3 Base Game TV by Amovitam
~ Maxis Lost & Found IKEA Pictures by HugeLunatic
~ IKEA Extras - Klippan Sofa by HugeLunatic
~ Llama Wall Clock in Black by Galliano
~ Illistra Lamp in IKEA Red by Piggisims
~ Counter Productive Desk in Black by Michelle

Used/Pictured but not necessary:
~White Roof Trim Defaults by Phaenoh - The roof trim will revert to the fugly Maxis trim and be, well, fugly.

~The shrubs are surrounded with the short white brick fence, which will result in foot stomping and arm flailing when a sim tries to trim them. You can either remove the fence, or install a Perfect Garden mod like this one.

~I used Menaceman44's Lunatech Ceiling Fix to take decent pictures with those odd, dangly lights.

~I use HP's Bedding Defaults, If you don't have them (or use a different set), then the bed in the second bedroom won't look the same in game. Without any defaults, it will go back to the original.

* I have all EPs and SPs installed, so you'll need them to play this lot.

*Please make sure you have the latest CEP by Numenor installed to ensure all recolors appear properly.

*Hit the thanks button if you like my work - comments are encouraged as well. I'd like to know if you prefer a home to be furnished or unfurnished, with or without CC.

Additional Credits:
HGTV for inspiration, StephSim for MGTV, and Yiruma for his calming tunes that kept me from ragequitting after I accidentally deleted the original house I was working on. My beautiful kitchen...