Something In Your Eye-DIY Eye Kit-UPDATE!

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Uploaded 13th Jul 2014 at 8:49 AM · Updated 18th Aug 2014 at 12:10 AM by SleepyTabby

*UPDATE* 8.17.14 - Surely someone has figured this out before me, but I just learned how to enable makeup for babies, meaning this set is now truly available for all ages. Please redownload if you are interested in these being enabled for babies. The files have the same names, so they should overwrite the old ones, assuming you didn't rename them.

To use these on babies, you will need a modded object that allows you to make changes to a baby's appearance. I use the Sim Blender by twojeffs.

Custom baby hair and clothes by Theraven at moonlightdragons. Registration required.

Original Blurb

I've been finishing up small projects lately, and since this one is pretty fun to use, I thought I'd share it. What we have here is another DIY special effect kit, only this time it's focused on the eyes. What you'll find here are 3 sclera blushes, 4 inner iris tints, a pupil to go over those iris tints, 2 types of cataracts, 1 pair of corrective contact lenses, and 4 spotlights. The scleras, irises, and pupils are available for all ages and genders and found in the Blush bin. The others are found in Costume makeup, or as I prefer to call it, Full-Face makeup. Spotlights and cataracts are available for all ages and genders, whereas the contact lenses are only available for children and older. (Since I play Child Sims as being 5-12, I thought it'd be fine for them to use them too.)

Hit the purdy button if you like to read lots of blah, blah, blah. Go on, reading's good for you!

Wondering how these look on different types of eyes? Well, I took the liberty of testing them out on some random, er, selectively chosen eyes of different styles found right here on Mod The Sims. Whether you like doll eyes, cartoonish eyes, or sem-realistic eyes, this is a nice sample of how it will work:

Those were all grey or almost grey eyes, so you know. So yeah, like, cool and stuff.

Additional Credits:
CC on Models

GENETICS: Skins are by me, unreleased. Same for the eyebrows.

Simply Eyes are by me. The eyes shown in the demo are Shady's Sparkling Eyes, AlfredAskew's Bowls of Soul and Whatever, and Phaenoh's Keen Eyes.

Hairs are retextures of Maxis, unreleased by me, and two custom hairs. The short curly black hair is Lidiqnata's edit of Nouk's Long Wavy Hair. The brown kinky curls are by Trapping and Nymphy, from here.

MAKEUP: Some of them can't get enough of Kimsie's Realistic Eyeliner. They're also wearing Nysha's Peahen Eyeshadow. Besides that, they're wearing special effect makeup from my UnBeauty Parlor.

ACCESSORIES and CLOTHES: Alma, today's featured model who posed for the main thumbnail, is wearing Dustfinger's Cute Ruffled Shirt, and her necklace is by amandaskeefer, from her Kawaii Necklace Set. I know, you can scarcely see either item, but I know she's using them, so into the credits they go!

Additional Credits: Eaxis, for the awesome Sims 2 and BodyShop. Live long and prosper, The Sims 2.
The Joneses, for SimPE.
DJFade, for The Compressorizer.
Corel Paintshop Pro X6.
Hysterical Paroxysm, for her tutorial on layers and bins that got me started on this obsession of layerable special effects. Although, I question how grateful I should be for that, considering how nearly everything I make is multi-wearable. :P
Fraps. for making it easier to take screenshots.
Lidiqnata, for always being so patient with helping me prepare my other uploads. You deserve a big thank-you.

And thanks to everyone who checks out these little downloads of mine. It's been a blast to share with you.

Maxis Flags: None
Gender: Unisex

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