(Almost) no Trick or Treat - Now also with more T&T flavors

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Uploaded: 8th Nov 2014 at 6:41 PM
Updated: 31st May 2016 at 1:55 PM
I've been increasingly annoyed by the bugged trick-or-treat situation. I had trick-or-treaters twice every season, and several other simmers complained about this, too. So I made a mod to get rid of it.
This is an XML tuning mod to prevent trick-or-treating almost entirely (see below). It will affect active and inactive households, so if you want to have trick-or-treating for autum only, you'll have to take the mod out for that session.

Changes Made:
  • "Max distance to travel between houses. If the next available house is beyond this distances, the Sims will return home" > changed from 4000 to 1
  • "Max number of houses trick or treaters can visit before going home." > changed from 10 to 1.
  • "TrickOrTreatAvailableXDaysBeforeSpookyTime" changed from 1 to 0. (This is "How many days before Spooky Time Trick or Treat will be available. If it should only be available on Spooky Time, set to 0." That's what I did.)

In combination, these settings make a trick-or-treat situation very unlikely, which is the best I could do.
Setting the first two values (max distance and max houses) lower than 1, disables seasonal holidays entirely, which is not the purpose of this mod. So trick-or-treating can still happen with very close neighbours.
Also children and teens are still likely to switch into costumes.
If you want to disable seasonal holidays, NRaas Tempest does it much more professionally. I'm using Tempest together with my mod, and it works well. However, disabling holidays with Tempest did not affect trick-or-treating for me, so you'll probably need both mods.

Other Flavors: More Trick or Treat
By request, here are some flavors that should increase the chance of getting Trick or Treaters. Only choose one.
  • "800000 distance": Distance to travel between houses set to 800000, so it should be effectively unlimited.10 houses to visit, T&T available 1 day before Spooky day.
  • "20 houses": Number of houses to visit set to 20. Distance to travel: 4000, T&T available 1 day before Spooky Day.
  • "3 days": T&T available 3 days before Spooky Day. 10 houses to visit, distance to travel: 4000
  • "Always": T&T available always. 10 houses to visit, distance to travel: 4000. Edits the line:
    <kTrickOrTreatUseHolidayCheck value="False">
  • This mod is editing the "TrickOrTreatSituation_0x89121649c768f2d7 XML" and will conflict with other mods that do so.
  • As usual with tuning mods, the falvors conflict with each other, so choose only one!
  • As stated above, it can be used in combination with NRaas Tempest.
  • Obviously requires Seasons expansion pack

Additional Credits:
Made with S3pe.