EA Toddler Hats Converted to Baby Accessoires

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Uploaded: 15th Jul 2014 at 8:29 PM
Updated: 18th Aug 2014 at 2:24 PM
Thought I might try this, and then couldn't stop. So here are all toddler hats that came with Generations and Seasons, as well as most of the store's toddler-hats converted to baby-accessoires. The only one I left out is the store aviator-hat, because it's mostly the same as the one from seasons. And the tassles were clipping.
Base-game compatible - the original toddler-hats are not required.
  • All hats found under Clothing/Everyday/Accessoires, categorized as earrings. You need NRaas MasterController to get your baby into CAS and put the hats on. They are not valid for random, and therefore won't appear on newborns.
  • Although there is an "Outwear" button for babies in CAS, you can't set outwear for babies like you do for other ages. It's not working properly. The only category really usable is Everyday.
  • All hats can be used together with purpleplumbobs baby pacifier, which is categorized as glasses.
  • I've included custom thumbnails. Please do no delete them - by default, the game creates a completely blank thumbnail. Also keep this in mind if you want to safe your custom presets.
  • The sun-hat is only enabled for girls, everything else is unisex.
  • The winter-hat comes with two presets: The first with stencil, the second without. (It's thumbnails are mirrored - on the Sim the stencil is on the other side of the head.)
  • These are not hat-slider compatible (it doesn't work on babies). But I've taken special care to avoid clipping with QuizicalGin's baby-hair .
  • More QuizicalGin: Like so often, I made this with her unwrapped baby in mind (found here ) However, I think it doesn't look so very bad with the blanket baby, especially the warm hats.

Polygon Counts:
sun: 940
cupcake: 2208
aviator: 2408
basken: 862
touque: 896
winter: 884
newsboy: 2758

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators of S3PE, Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, TSRW, and The Sims. Especially the person at EA who made these meshes
Thanks to everyone at the creation forum who ever had problems making a custom thumbnail, and even more thanks to those who answered them.
sinful_aussie for the wrapped baby outfit shown.