Outdoor Retreat Insect Spawners Unlocked

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Uploaded: 26th Jul 2016 at 8:42 PM
Updated: 9th Jan 2022 at 4:32 PM - Updated Files
In March of 2016 I asked on the official forums if the Outdoor Retreat insect spawners could be made to function on Lots in worlds outside of Granite Falls. This was picked up by SimGuruModSquad who noted that they would need to fix them internally before this would be possible. With the July 14th patch these changes were implimented! The bad news was that the spawners themselves were still locked away, showing nowhere in the catalogue, including debug.
My mod today adds the spawners to the catalogue for all Outdoor Retreat owners to use.

There are three versions of this mod available. ONLY INSTALL ONE

- The original version. This mod overrides the spawner catalogue entries so that they can now be found to purchase for a total cost of zero simoleons.
You will need to enter the cheat "bb.showhiddenobjects" once in Build/Buy mode before you can find them as they will only show in the Debug catalogue mode.
To make them easier to find, use the search filters.
Each spawner is identified by icons taken from the game, or created by me.
The catalogue entry text states which insects each spawner will create.
The spawner object is a four by four green box tilted on one side. Each spawner is numbered differently on the side. Once you let go of the spawner it will become invisible and cannot be picked up again. The spawner will then create insects at random intervals throughout the day and night which Sims can catch, and then new ones will spawn to replace them.
To delete a spawner you can; a) use the undo button if you only just placed it; or b) place an object nearby and then use the sledge hammer tool on the new object and drag over the area where the spawner is.
If you remove the mod, any placed spawners will remain unless you use the above methods to delete them.

- This version replaces the spawners with little wooden signs showing the insect icons. They are visible in Build/Buy mode but vanish in Live mode.
The catalogue entry text states which insects each spawner will create.
You DO NOT need the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat as they can now be found under the new Pond Effects section in Build mode.

- This version is the same as above but the signs stay visible at all times.

These mods are not the same as coolspear1's. His enables the individual insects which will not respawn once caught or they time out. These enable the spawner objects which will continue to spawn insects even after they time out or are caught. Thank you.

09 January 2022
Added the ability for all spawners to be placed indoors.

31 December 2021
Added Portuguese translations courtesy of Ceunon20. Many thanks.

25 July 2021
Sign versions have been updated to now be found in the new Pond Effects Build section with no need to use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat to find them.

13th June 2021
Added two additional versions of the mod.
Version one by DarkWalker was originally posted in the comments section. All credit goes to them. This replaces the invisible spawner box with small signs that are visible at all times. Functionality otherwise remains the same.
Version two also replaces the spawner box with small signs but these are only visible in Build/Buy mode.
Images of what the signs look like in game and in the catalogue have been added to the post to help identify them.

The Dragon Dragonfly has a very long spawn time. It may be a day or two after placing it before it shows up.
Some insects only spawn at night, such as the fireflies and Will-o-the-Wisp.
The spawners DO NOT carry across with Lots uploaded to the Gallery.

This mod will NOT conflict with coolspear1's insect spawners as they alter different resources. Mine alter the spawners whilst coolspear1's alter the insects.

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