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16 More Planters!

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 22nd Apr 2020 at 3:18 PM
Updated: 22nd Apr 2020 at 3:51 PM
To distract myself from a failed experiment that I may or may not attempt again in the future, I went through my stash of plants, ripped the pots off them and repurposed them into planters.
I've remapped all of them to some degree, adjusted their masks and/or overlays to correct pattern directions and tiling, and to add new channels.

The Desert Lotus Planter gave me more of a headache than the rest, having to edit the stencil so that it wraps perfectly was a pain.

These do not require Supernatural, other EPs or Store items - only that your game be patched to at least SN level. They are basegame compatible.

I'm going by Gosik's notes here, with the exception that seeds can be planted directly in the bowls and you don't need to move them afterwards. Sims' hands move at the proper soil level (I've seen some planters where the arms move to the ground) but you may see clipping with the torso at the elbow level.

  • Like the regular planters, they can be found under Sort by Function \ Decor \ Plants, for various prices. Most have 3 presets (except for the Traveler's Planter, which has 4) and 3 channels.
  • All planters have recolorable soil. I tried to match the default soil as closely as possible, but there may be differences due to the multiplier texture's contrast, and the soil of fertilized plants will be darker.
  • They fit within one tile, but there is some clipping with the Desert Lotus Planter if you place several close to each other (I wanted to leave it as a big planter so I didn't resize the mesh too much).

Polygon Counts:
(high / med)
Ace in the Palm: 454 / 242
Athena's Planter: 344 / 140
Desert Cactus Planter: 256 / 92
Desert Lotus Planter: 252 / 60
Earth Day Planter: 144 / 26
Fab Planter: 236 / 126
Forever Redwood Planter: 112 / 60
Leaftastic Planter: 416 / 100
Planter of Tranquility: 160 / 36
Prickly Planter: 182 / 60
Regency Planter: 422 / 204
Roaring Planter: 248 / 124
The Dramatic Planter: 832 / 180
The Finest Planter in the Land: 56 / 14
Traveler's Planter: 112 / 70
TropiCon Planter: 172 / 100