Wine Garden Bedroom & Nursery Set - New Items 05-28-06

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Uploaded: 9th Sep 2005 at 1:57 PM
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Wine Garden Bedroom & Nursery Set

I named this set Wine Garden. After it took me most of August to do, I was whining to myself quite a bit. I seriously was thinking of renaming it Whine Garden.

New Items:
05-28-06 5 new bedding choices (per request). The screenshot below shows the number of each which will correspond to the filename. All 5 are in one zip file.

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I created this set based on the way that I play the game. In my game, the nursery is normally either very close to the master bedroom or actually in it, so I made the nursery color-coordinated with the master bedroom. The two pottys are color-coordinated with the two bathroom sets (made to resemble the big pottys) The pictures of the potty chairs are with the bathroom sets, as I was going to have everything in one post before MTS2 reorganized. Now, before I get any posts asking me where is the highchair: I did not create a highchair for this set because I never put the highchair in the nursery. For me it is always in the kitchen and should be coordinated with the kitchen colors, not the nursery. Think about it. Where did your Mom put the highchair in your family? Kitchen (or diningroom), right? Most logical place since that is where the food is prepared and eaten by the family.

The floor in the nursery and the carpeting in the bedroom shots are Maxis.

The only item in this set that requires University is the Bed Curtains (poster bed).

My recolor files are always "File-Share-Friendly" and must remain FREE for download (that means if they are included in a house that is posted on a paysite, then the house itself has to be a free download).

With all of that said, I hope that you like the set. Enjoy! zip contents:
- bed curtains for the Majestically Medieval Double Bed -- EP1 (University)
- bedding
- chair
- tablelamp
- colonial curtains
- ultra funky curtain clothes
- crib
- baby table
- 2 potty chairs (wine and ivory to match bathrooms)
- toy box
- toy oven
- 2 bath tile floors
- 2 bath tile walls
- 4 bedroom walls