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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2012 at 3:18 PM
Updated: 10th Jul 2012 at 10:53 AM
It's been awhile since i made new stuff for sims game, but, wait was worth it.
Here i present you my new kitchen inspired by boat. Originally made by ALNO (real life).

Alno’s maritime-style Marecucina kitchen integrates elements such as sails, masts, ship storage solutions, walnut surfaces. This design boasts beautiful wood details and an artfully shaped countertop, skirted in clean, white cabinets that provide plenty of stylish storage. The rounded shapes of base units and work surfaces are reminiscent of an elegant boat pantry, building a bridge between holidays and everyday life. The look is ideal for minimalist kitchens, but it quickly takes center stage in any home.

I saw the picture of kitchen on internet and i fell in love with it so i made one for my sim. And, well, he fell in love with it too.

Little bit about kitchen.
Set is consisted of totally 14 objects.
- 5 cabinets and 1 cabinet corner
- 6 counters and 1 island counter
- 1 sail sculpture (see pictures)

Marecucina Base Cabinet400389/71Surfaces/Cabinets
Marecucina Corner Cabinet4002168/144Surfaces/Cabinets
Marecucina East End Left Cabinet4003448/137Surfaces/Cabinets
Marecucina East End Right Cabinet4003448/137Surfaces/Cabinets
Marecucina West End Left Cabinet4002451/271Surfaces/Cabinets
Marecucina West End Right Cabinet4002451/271Surfaces/Cabinets
Marecucina Base Counter8003118/94Surfaces/Counters
Marecucina East End Left Counter8003503/485Surfaces/Counters
Marecucina East End Right Counter8003503/485Surfaces/Counters
Marecucina Half Counter800388/70Surfaces/Counters
Marecucina Island Counter220148/30Surfaces/Counters
Marecucina West End Left Counter8002431/413Surfaces/Counters
Marecucina West End Right Counter8002431/413Surfaces/Counters
Marecucina Middle Sail16503556/239Decorative/Sculptures

All items are in .sims3pack so you will need Sms 3 launcher to install this kitchen, and i have no intention of making kitchen i any other format since, it won't work in any other format.

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop,Google SketchUp,MilkShape 3D,UVMapper, Photoshop