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Shallow Traditional Wall Cabinet

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Uploaded: 20th May 2011 at 6:21 PM
Updated: 23rd May 2011 at 8:20 PM - updated textures and pictures and fixed a shadow problem extreme light variation
Shallow Traditional Wall Cainets

I wasn't crazy about the in game wall cabinets so i decided to alter the original mesh. This is my first set of meshes which i thought would take maybe a couple of hours has taken me about 2 weeks after work of course. I wanted all the cabinets to move up and down the wall so I cloned a picture so they can move up and down the wall. I made a corner cabinet as well although the corners come togther well without the corner mesh. There are two recolorable channels. The cabinets do not have a sun shadow they are cloned from a painting and the painting didn't have a sun shadow. I wanted the cabinet at that particular height of that picture. I know this isn't perfect but I worked many hours trying to get it right I hope someone can use it. They Are found in the kitchen tab under cabinets and in surfaces under cabinets There individual names are shallow traditional cabinet base, shallow traditonal corner cabinet, shallow traditional short cabinet (above the fridge) and shallow traditional tall cabinet. The in game price for all of them is $50.

Polygon Counts:
faces 206 Shallow Traditional Base Cabinet
faces 190 Shallow Traditional Corner Cabinet
faces 206 Shallow Traditional SHort Cabinet
Faces 206 Shallow Traditional Tall Cabinet

The Base game mesh has the same poly count as the ones above excluding the corner cabinet which is lower

Additional Credits:
riccinumbers @ TSR for great tutorial
cyclonesue @ TSR for great tutorial
TSR workshop
EA Games for the original mesh