Welcome to the Future...Two New Patterns!

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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2013 at 12:58 PM
High above the tranquil town of Sunset Valley, a shadow looms. The Borked have arrived. Within their Cube, the Borked plot to replace Sunset Valley’s unsuspecting citizens with Borked drones, drones who will stand motionless on every street corner, looking blank…who will wear the same ugly clothes, day after day after day…who will willingly and slavishly bow down to their leader, the great O. That’s it, just O. We know him as Ducksworth of Bathington.

Thousands of them, a veritable army of yellow rubber duckies, planted strategically in bathtubs all over Sunset Valley, will simultaneously deploy the moment O flicks his little rubber feather.

Until then, he just sits behind his force field, looking impossibly cute and fluffy.


The Borked have lined their cubes with a circuitry-like texture, which comes in two flavors:
  • Circuits, Circuits: A larger, green, three-palette texure, fully recolorable
  • Mothaboard: A smaller, blue, three-palette texture, also fully recolorable

These textures can be found in the CAST catalog in the Abstract category.

Both were built and play tested in game using patch 1.57, and will almost certainly work with future patches. ( I will be patching next week and will post results here.)

Tools Used: Delphy’s PatternPackager, TSRW, S3PE, Photoshop CS6, Sims3Pack Multi Installer, and a sonic screwdriver

Warning: Rubber duckies are ebil.