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No More University Life NPC Protests

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Uploaded: 2nd Nov 2015 at 12:03 PM
New Gizmo by Don Babilon: No More NPC Protests

I've never been a great fan of those random NPC protests that came with University Life that happen in random locations that are deemed routable, including ocean water, and pull random Sims from all over a world. They are disruptive, pointless in regular neighbourhoods, plus they are bugged.
But when I saw what I show in my first screenshot I decided that finally it was time to end them.

With this mod none of these protests will happen anymore. As a side effect the bugs that come with this protest type will not happen anymore either unless you trigger them yourself.

Resources changed and possible conflicts
This mod changes the ImprovedProtestSituation_0x95fc392313c22334 XML file in GameplayData.package. It will conflict with any mod that changes the same resource. It's a big file with many variables, but so far I haven't seen another mod that makes use of it.

The change is quite simple. I just set the chance in kChanceOfProtestForDaysOfWeek that an NPC might be pushed to start one to 0 for each day. (I added the default vaules in the comments)

This mod will NOT stop the protests that can happen on weekends in front of City Hall. These came with the base game and are not affected by this mod.

This mod will also not prevent you from starting a rebel protest on your own or prevent others from attending your own protests. They still work.

If you have a mod that sets the "Capture The Moment" interaction to be non-autonomous you can probably get rid of it now. The only instance of this happening that I saw during the last months was when Sims were subject to the bug connected with this protest type. In fact I'd suggest to leave this interaction as autonomous because it will show you that this is a Sim that needs some resetsim treatment.

Quite obviously you will need the University Life EP for this mod to have any effect.

This mod will go into your usual mods location.

Credits go to the creators of S3PE, i.e. Peter and Inge Jones
and nonamena for her tutorial on making XML tuning mods, formerly at simlogical. If anything goes wrong with my mod then it's nonamena's fault
Additional thanks to Arsil and Buzzler for helping me to get this whole modding business started.
And to Fagersims for the beautiful world of Enekjaer, where the screenshots were taken.

Terms of Use
If you upload this mod somewhere else as your own and charge money for it make sure to send me an invitation to your funeral after you've succumbed to alcohol and hookers because of all the money you earned from it.