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UFO Hotspot (Lot Trait)

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Created by r3m
Uploaded: 9th Sep 2019 at 7:06 PM
Updated: 12th Sep 2019 at 5:51 PM

2019.9.12. Added Chinese translation by WoaiWilliam

Mod Overview

The "UFO Hotspot" is a new Lot Trait that increases the chances of abduction. It can be applied to Residential or Community Lots, allowing abductions on any kind of setting you desire.

Abduction Chance

This Lot Trait bumps the chance of abduction from nothing to roughly 10% per night, which can still be influenced by certain factors. For instance, the satellite dish can be used to further increase the chance of an abduction or to prevent any UFO from showing up at all. Please read below:

Things to Note

I've handled abductions a bit differently than EA, so please take note of the following considerations:
  • Anyone in the lot can be abducted, even Sims that are not part of the active household. In one of my tests, I had Vlad come to ring my bell only for him to be abducted before I could get the door.
  • To prevent this from being super annoying, certain NPCs such as bartenders, baristas, DJs, and so on cannot be abducted. Although other NPCs such as maids and butlers can still be abducted.
  • Male Sims have a 50% chance to return pregnant with an Alien baby (for EA abductions, it's only 25%). This chance can be increased to 75% with the Fertile trait or by using the Wishing Well.
  • Geek Sims will always return from an abduction with a Focused buff, unless they are Squeamish. Scientists, Astronauts, and Sims in the Military will also receive the Focused buff.
  • Other Sims will receive an Angry or Dazed buff.

Custom Buffs

From time to time, Alien, Geek and Paranoid Sims that visit or live in a "UFO Hotspot" will receive a custom buff. This can be either a Energized, Focused, or Tense buff, depending on your Sims' traits. These buffs have a +1 intensity, last 4 h, and are removed if the Sim leaves the lot.

Mod Compatibility

This Lot Trait was made and tested with game version 1.55. It is not guaranteed to work on previous game versions.

Get to Work is required. Other packs (such as Strangerville) are optional.


It shouldn't conflict with any other mod as it uses its own resources and doesn't override anything.

Additional Credits