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UFO Investigator Aspiration Update

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2019 at 5:25 PM
Updated: 20th Feb 2022 at 1:11 AM
UFO Investigator Aspiration Update


For an updated version of this mod, follow this link. Thanks to
for his/her work, very appreciated. Hugs and happy simming.

Mod Last Update: 07/18/2019



This mod was originally made by r3m, since the original creator is offline for a long time, I decided to make an update. I tended to like this aspiration as many others around the sim community and it's time to start using it again. Special thanks to the original creator, without you, this mod wouldn't exist. I hope someday, wherever you are, you can return to the community.

The original mod is here,

You can check it out, if you didn't know about its existence.

The continuation of this post is the original description, later it will be explained other details.



Back in the days of TS2, Knowledge Sims were obsessed with aliens and would constantly roll wants to be abducted. I really liked that, so I wanted to bring it back to The Sims 4 in the form of a new aspiration.

Let me introduce you to the custom UFO Investigator aspiration! This a knowledge aspiration focused on maxing the Rocket Science skill and visiting the Alien World of Sixam.

  • Achieve Level 3 Rocket Science Skill (75)
  • Stargaze for 6 Hours (75)
Conspiracy Theorist
  • Collect 3 Alien Species (250)
  • Collect 3 Space Prints (250)
  • Collect 2 Space Rocks (250)
  • Achieve Level 6 Rocket Science skill (500)
  • Reach Level 4 of the Scientist or Astronaut career (500)
  • Unmask 3 Aliens (600)
UFO Investigator
  • Achieve Level 10 Rocket Science skill (1500)
  • Travel to Alien World (750)
  • Collect 4 Geodes (750)

Reward Trait:

Those Sims who complete all the requirements of this aspiration will receive the Alien Guru trait. These Sims are very knowledgeable about aliens and their powers. In particular, Alien Gurus:
  • Can prepare Alien Juice and Space Energy Drink,
  • Will always get Focused after abduction,
  • Can transmute metals, revive dead alien collectibles, erase memories, empathize and analyze the personalities of other Sims,
  • Can use their cell phone to contact aliens,
  • Know the secret handshake of aliens.

Calling Aliens:

After thoroughly studying the lives of extraterrestrials, Alien Gurus have came up with a clever way to communicate with aliens. Yea, it's using their cell phone. Click on the Entertainment category in your Sim's phone to access this new interaction.

Summon AliensPick a Sim and aliens will come to abduct them inmediately.
  • Only teens or older Sims can be picked. Aliens cannot be picked.
  • The caller will get a slight Fun and Social boost.
  • They will also build Mischief skill.
  • Geeks, Goofballs and abductees with the Cheerful trait will gain relationship points with the caller (unless they're Hot-Headed or Squeamish). Other Sims will react negatively.
  • Male abductees have a 50% of returning pregnant.

Other Changes:

I have included several whims that are exclusive to Alien Gurus and Sims who have selected the UFO Investigator aspiration track. Click below to see them:

Additionally I have included some changes to a few game mechanics:
  • Aliens and half-aliens can now prepare Alien Juice and Space Energy Drink.
  • Squeamish Sims won't get Focused after alien abductions.
  • Sims in the Astronaut career will always get Focused after returning from an abduction.
  • Sims cannot unmask fake aliens (i.e., Sims who drank the Alien Aura Serum).
  • Fake aliens can now revive dead alien collectibles and transmute metals.

Source: UFO Investigator Aspiration

Now it is time for the new details.


There are two versions:

Original Version: This contains the original mod as the creator made it. No changes, it was only fixed to work with the recent updates of the game.

  • All mixer socials and Transmute interactions don't override sources anymore, they work by themselves (except The Secret Handshake due to global functions with it).
  • Sim Gurus will increase a little faster logic. charisma, handiness and Rocket Science, but not at alien level. They only have influences from them.
  • Some texts fixed, they were blank.
  • Many functions are now working, the old version had many conflicts between them and they weren't working well. They had bad codes in many loot actions, whitelist and blacklist tests, now they are working as it is intended to by the original creator.
  • Alien Guru trait had bad function on Brain Alien Power, now it's fixed.
  • No more crash in CAS when selecting the aspiration if you have more than 5 aspirations in the knowledge category due to EA fixed that in the recent updates (I don't know exactly which one).
  • Update Bad Reputation to Summon Aliens Interaction.

New Version: This will include the original functions and some new interactions connected to the Alien Guru Reward Trait.
  • Talk About Aliens: Now your Alien Guru Sim can talk about his favorite subject. This will give a happy buff.
  • Teach The Secret Alien Handshake: Your Alien Guru Sim as an expert in the Alien Culture, he can teach how to make The Secret Alien Handshake to other sims. It's under friendly interactions.The Secret Alien Handshake can only be performed between Aliens, Alien Gurus and Sims who know The Secret Alien Hanshake taught by an Alien Guru and they can teach to other sims too. You can expand The Alien Culture! This will increase Charisma Skill and it will give Good Reputation. This will have a new whim for Alien Guru Trait.
  • Tell How to Make Alien Beverages: Your Alien Guru can teach how to make Alien Juice and Space Energy Drink to other sims and they can teach to others too, but they need to have Mixology Skill at level 2 to be taught. It's under friendly interactions. This will increase Charisma Skill and it will give Good Reputation. This will have a new whim for Alien Guru Trait.
  • Show Alien Identity: Now you can "reveal" the identity of a disguised alien. It's under mischief interactions. This will loss relationship, it will give Bad Reputation and it will give a confident buff. If you do this in a public area (not at residential lot), sims around there will react to it.

If you want to know how it is, you can see it in the images gallery. They are organized by sequences "start" to "end".

Miscellaneous Section:


Do you want to translate this mod into your language? You can! and send it to me under comments section or via inbox. I will give the appropriate credits.

  • Thanks to ManyWhiTe for Portuguese Translation.
  • Thanks to lilotea for French Translation.
  • Thanks to fishvip for Chinese Translation.
  • Spanish Translation by me.


Any mod that modifies these XMLs.

In the original version were more, but now we have new tools and injectors, so we can avoid some. On other hand, it was inevitable for some due to the mechanism of some functions of the mod (especially those who modify some alien behaviours).

Additional Credits:
r3m for the original mod.
scumbumbo for his tools.