Servo - Default Replacement (FIXED)

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2019 at 3:45 AM
Updated: 30th Nov 2019 at 12:40 AM
Update: Fixed the issue some users were having with the body flashing purple. Please redownload.

Update: Added a version with the default Maxis eyes by request, you can only have one in the game at a time! The version in the screenshots is the Skelljay version. Here is a comparison between the two:

I was over the moon to discover that the University expansion included our beloved mechanical friends, but their look left a little to be desired. So I whipped this mod together to replace them with my prior conversions of the Sims 2 Servos. Let their space age charm make your life a breeze!

With the default Servos, there is a self-interaction to change their colour between seven options. I like that, but just changing colour felt a bit limiting, so now the self-interaction swaps between seven different Servo models:

It's still far more limited than the customisation options with my original Servo mod, but it's a good start! In addition, I've replaced the models and textures for the robotics work station and the inactive Servo model, so it'll be like the default model was never in the game at all - also compatible with my buyable servo mod. Finally, I took the liberty of changing the beady Maxis eye textures for the livelier ones made by Skelljay for TS2, which I've fallen in love with. Hopefully you find these as useful and pretty as I do!

Polygon Counts:

All items are lower poly than the items they're replacing.

Basic Servo: LOD0/1: 4398; LOD2: 3041; LOD3: 2751

Makeup Servo: LOD0/1: 4425; LOD2: 3068; LOD3: 2778

Dress Servo: LOD0/1: 4661; LOD2/3: 3443

Tuxedo Servo: LOD0/1: 4674; LOD2/3: 3456

Vampire Servo: LOD0/1: 4432; LOD2: 3075; LOD3: 2785

Witch Servo: LOD0/1: 4425; LOD2: 3068; LOD3: 2778

Warlock Servo: LOD0/1: 4398; LOD2: 3041; LOD3: 2751

Deactivated Servo: LOD0: 4383; LOD1: 2037: Shadows: 1998

Robotics Table: LOD0: 3267; LOD1: 2693; SHAD0: 3169; SHAD1: 1977

Additional Credits:
Gorgeous eye textures are by Skelljay! Find her here: