Sigla & Zerio Xenon

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Here are Sigla and Zerio Xenon, two aliens searching for their long lost daughter:

22 years ago, Sigla and Zerio were sent on a mission from their home planet to research Sunset Valley lifeforms. Their baby daughter escaped while they were out collecting dirt and plant samples. The were devasted when they realized they left the planet without their daughter. They had been warned previously about the dangers of travelling with a baby, but they did not heed the warning. Impending their induction to the royal cabinet, they were determined to find the planet where their baby might be.
Zerio is a stern husband and decided against researching the locals, so they must stay hidden until they can locate their daughter for certain. They wear contacts to hide their eyes, but they have not learned enough about the sims to wear wigs, or proper clothing for the matter. Zerio and Sigla can manipulate computers, much like the rest of their kind. They also do not eat meats, and niether have any sense of humor. Zerio is often grumpy, due to the fact he is away from his work while searching, but Sigla insists on finding their child. He is also very handy because of the constant repairs he had to make in his ship. Back on their home planet, Zerio and Sigla were next to rule the planet, but without an heir, they had to decline. Sigla never forgets that she could become royalty again someday, so she is rather snobby. She also insists on constant perfection from her husband.
They swear to never give up on finding their daughter...

Sigla's traits are:
Computer Whiz
No Sense Of Humor

Her favourites are:
Autumn Salad

Zerio's traits are:
Computer Whiz
No Sense Of Humor

His favourites are:
Stu Surprise

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I did not use the slider hack, so you will not need it to play them.

If you want them to look EXACTLY as they're pictured you'll need a few things:
Moonlight Face by Kanno at Garden of Shadows
Increased Detail and Shine skin by HP
Subtle Glance Eye replacements by HP

It's okay if you don't want to download all of these things, they will just look a little different and/or certain things will be replaced by items you do have.

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