Modular Pipe Organ 2 - Updated 5-2-11

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2010 at 1:30 PM
Updated: 6th Feb 2011 at 3:09 PM - Updated 5-2-11
This object is a remake of the concept I used when making an organ for The Sims 2, but it differs in that it's not just a conversion, but rather a new set built completely from scratch for The Sims 3. Its design has been built around the idea of using the new quarter tiles and the Create-a-Style tool.

While it works well enough without, I would HIGHLY suggest that this item be used with both the moveobjects cheat and the game's built in free placement/rotation tool. The set was optimized for the use of these and it allows for greater customization and less building hassle.

All non-Late Night users may continue to get this object as a decorative item with the base game version download.
Late Night users can now play the consoles with the Late Night version download

The set includes 30 pieces: 4 different organ consoles (5 with Late Night) and 26 pieces of pipe work, all pictured below.

**Updated 2-5-11**
-Fixed footprints on all pipes making them easier to use without move_objects (though it is still recommended)
-Chamades can now be placed on walls properly
-Chamades are now height adjustable
-All organ consoles are now playable (LN only)
-Updated console specular textures (LN only)
-Added new stencils to the consoles for inverted-color keyboards (LN only)
-Added new portable drawbar organ console (LN only)

To update from the original version simply place the new parts in the same installation directory and let them overwrite the old ones. You will need to buy new consoles, but all the pipes will update so there is no need to rebuild your organ.

All pieces have 3 designable areas.
1. Body
2. Face
3. Collar
House, Church, and Symphonic Consoles:
1. Exterior
2. Interior
3. Toe Pistons
Theatre Console:
1. Exterior
2. Interior & Trim
3. Bench Seat
Drawbar Console:
1. Body
2. Frame
3. Pedalboard

Feel free to redistribute with lots or link back here; just give credit.

Polygon Counts:
*This object will have a very high poly count when a full sized instrument is built*
Poly counts are as follows:
Sifflote (x2) - 2772
Super Octave (x2) - 2772
Octave (x2) - 1386
Principal (x4) - 693
16' Fundamental Pipes (x12) - 231
Trompette en Chamade (x4) - 6204
House Organ - 2808
Church Organ - 5123
Theatre Organ - 5958
Symphonic Organ - 9693
Drawbar Organ - 4432

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop