Traditional Piano

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2011 at 3:44 PM
Updated: 4th Nov 2011 at 12:47 PM
Fixed the slots - everyone who got the file before I posted this note please redownload! I'm sorry for this inconvenience!4.11.2011


Don't have room for a concert piano? Dislike those electric ones? Here is a nice traditional piano for you!

I was making a western saloon, when I realized that I don't have a right style piano to put there. So I asked some people if they had seen anyone make an upright piano, that would also be playable. Jaguwar found me a few, but they had flaws I did not like, so I decided to make one myself - it's not that hard after all

Or is it? After lee extracted me the TS2 meshes, I looked at the files and thought: "OMG, why did I wanna do this?!" But I'm a stubborn finn, so I stripped off all the parts I did not need/wanna use and then regrouped the whole thing for mapping. TS2 mapping does not really work for TS3 >.<

After some time and cursing I had myself a nice uvmap, which I then just fiddled with a little to make things nice. The harder part really was to fix all the little extra bits Blender added to the multiplier. A little too much black here, little too much gray there, etc. And making the mask...

But I made it, and am very happy with the results. Then I decided i wanted the piano to sit nicely against the wall (the electric piano doesn't). Moving the butt-slot was not as easy as I would have imagined! Morph gave me advices, but i just could not make TSRW, S3PE and Atavera's Rig editor work together and do what I want, so Morph was a nice guy and fixed the butt-slot for me

I thought I was done, but no. Lee and HP made me make deco slots. I objected a little after the butt-slot fiasco, but gave in and added 3 decorative slots. Then I only needed someone to test for me, and that was my lovely friend Kayla.

Of course it was not as straight forward, but I don't feel that it's necessary for me to tell you about every single fix/test

The result of this work is a very nice traditional piano, that I hope many of you will enjoy!

Object info:
  • Category location - Buy/Hobbies and skill/Creative
  • Price - 2500ยง
  • Polycount - Highlod: 4174/3034, Mediumlod: 4126/2980
  • 3 channels - cushion, body, horizontal bits and deco
  • 3 slots for decorative objects
  • This piano is not live-dragable by default ie. you can't drag it to your sims inventory/backpack. If you want to enable dragging it in live mode, download the mod I made for it.

Edited to add:
Some people seemed to want the ability to use the piano from the sims inventory, so I have added a mod for it in this same upload. The mod overrides the OBJD resource of my piano, and makes the piano live dragging enabled.

So, you want the piano to be used from the inventory?
- Download my mod, armiel_a_Traditional Piano_Inventorymod, and place it in same folder/subfolder that you place the piano in. Otherwise it won't work.

Additional Credits:
Lee, HP, Whitey, Morph, Kayla, Jag, #create

Milkshape 3D, Blender, TSRW, S3PE, Rig editor, UVmapper, Lithunwrap, Photoshop, Paint.Net

Thanks for all the people who commented and helped, and thanks for all the creators of the wonderful programs that make making objects possible!

And finally, thanks for TS2 for the original piano.