Euro Mullion Add on - EA match

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Uploaded 6th Apr 2010 at 10:11 PM · Updated 5th Jan 2012 at 10:02 AM by leesester : Updated re issue

I made these windows after one of my all time favourite creators asked me for them. These are Add-on windows - the idea is that they look JUST like the game window, but are a different size or placement.

Reported issues are fixed
Taken me rather a long time to get this done - a lack of interest in TS3 I suppose. Anyway, the glass issue and disappearing at a distance and the borked wall mask seems to be fixed - in my game at least.

EA have real problems matching and finishing their sets - and with this one there was really NO excuse - they were all in the OFB expansion set. Anyway, here is my add on for the BelHooven Maroo - a one tile and a one on two tiles window.

Prices and Recolour options
one on one, 175 Simoleons
one on two, 170 Simoleons

Both windows have FOUR recolourable channels.

Polygon Counts:
Poly Counts are the same for both windows
1000 polys, less than the original base game window.
940 polys, less than the original base game window.

Additional Credits:
Made using TSR workshop, on special request. The requester knows who they are.