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A simplified hopscotch

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2012 at 4:25 PM
Many years ago I introduced the hopscotch in the Sims 3 game. It was then just a decoration. Apparently EA thought that it was a good idea and introduced it in Generations and made it works very nice with many animations, memories, etc. Sims likes to use the hopscotch very much and use it often without having to ask.
However, I don't like the layout of the game hopscotch. Usually it just so that the children themselves draw up the hopscotch. I do not like the big, gray rectangle, but I think it is like a rug or something.
So this is a simplified version but I have also put in EA's layout. You can select it as a color variation or change the appearance with CAST tool.

You can place the hopscotch on every type of lot.

Where can you find it and how much will it cost?

The hopscotch is named SimpleHopscotch in game and cost only $10 and you find it in the same section as the EA hopscotch in the Entertainment - Hobbies and Kids - Toys. You can't see anything in the picture because the object is so thin and the picture looks empty. But it is there and it is the first object in the catalog as it is the cheapest.

The hopscotch have only two faces and four verticles.

Additional Credits:
As always I want to thank the delevopers of the tools and programs I use and all the helpful people here and there.