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IslaParadiso.world with Fixes applied [update 2013.11.29]

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Uploaded: 6th Nov 2013 at 6:57 PM
Updated: 3rd Jan 2014 at 11:44 AM - fixes as reported by Trickai
If you're not already aware, broken spots in the routing is what causes Freezes and Lags in your game, as explained in Game Help:Intermittent Freezeswiki FAQ. To permanently solve this, the routing need to be repainted over in Create-A-World. This is the result of that exercise. You can find the full guide on how to use this in Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki.

What is this?
So, here is the IslaParadiso.world file with the FIXED Resources imported, for people who don't want to mess with files in S3PE.

What has been done?

Some Before and After images that you can use as Visual Indicators on how to check if the world file is the original or fixed version.
At the Ichtaca Castle: 3 archways to the Front Door

At the Floating Fotress houseboat: bathroom re-arranged.

At Port Pleasant: rocks and plants re-arranged.

For a more comprehensive list of things done, please read this download thread Resources for IslaParadiso.world's various Fixes for ALL of the problems that were addressed; that were reported to me. It might even be worthwhile to take the time to read the Comments of that thread, especially if you encounter issues, just so you can check if it has been discussed and addressed before.

If you encounter more routing issues that have not been addressed in this fix, do please report it on either of the IslaParadiso threads' comments section. Do bear in mind that not all routing or lags can be corrected in a world fixes.


Heed that backup instructions in Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki, really! You've been warned!

If you care to continue any legacy games or Saves that you care about in the fixed version, use Twallan's Porter to transfer any Sims or Household you care about from your previous Saves. The World Routing Lag wiki has a FAQ section.

How to install?
  • Download all parts of the world, and rename them to get rid of the "MTS_ellacharmed_<numbers>_" portion. See Game Help:DFDD4 Download the File#Content with Multi-part fileswiki with pretty pictures.
  • Right-click on the file with "part1" in its name and "Extract here", or whatever command your program uses. See Game Help:DFDD5 Extract from Archive#Multi-part fileswiki with pretty pictures.
  • Place the extracted & joined .world file in this path and replace the default version. (You have backup, right?)
    \Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Island Paradise\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds
  • Delete caches before starting game if you encounter issues. Especially any files named IslaParadiso in
    \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\WorldCaches
    Game Help:Sims 3 Delete Cache Fileswiki

How to remove or restore the file before updating?
  • Just in case, but not really necessary, as per past experience with EA's patches.
  • Go to the path above
  • Delete the *.world file. Or if you want to reuse it after patching, rename it with a ".fixed" extension, so the filename becomes "IslaParadiso.world.fixed"
  • Rename the "*.orig" copy by removing the .orig extension (or from whatever you have renamed it to).
  • Delete caches before starting game. Game Help:Sims 3 Delete Cache Fileswiki

Notes & Changelog:

As and when I get reports of any issues, or new spots, or patch changes (if any).
  • Nov 29, 2013 update: More updates, with reports from MeestorMark’s post from carl-sims’ forum (link in MTS IP fixed world thread), supplemented by reports from Trickai from post#28 onwards.
    • 6_Alto_8f3005284fc98b0 : Luxury Villa, 1 Alto Road
      • Alto Household. Toilet on 2nd floor with the zebra double doors had the 2 walls torn down and door replaced.
    • 14_Dregg_3a7a005540d45f00 : Atlantis, docked at Picteresque Port
      • Dregg Household. Front door set.
    • 19_Rodel_8f3005343eb3ef0 : Casa del Sol, 17 Paradise Road
      • Rodel Household. Front door set. Front of Lot set. Teeny bit of tearing on edge with main road. Lot nudged a teeny tiny bit in CAW, Conformed Edges and so now terrain and Road has to be included in fixes file.
    • 63_SpaBistro_8f3005353628570 : Spa/Bistro Rabbithole, 10 Sunshine Street
      • Rabbithole. Also teeny tiny bit of Lot tearing on the side connected to road. Was originally nudged in the first version of fixes, but now each time I use EIG and export the edited Lots, the terrains that have been nudged appear to have bigger gaps in the tear. Gaps also started appearing in the adjacent sides.
    • 100_ResortModern_8f30052dc063ab0 : Sparkling Sands, 45 Paradise Road
      • Community Lot – Resort. One of the spiral staircases doesn’t appear to work, has been rotated. The other one appears OK.
    • 101_ResortSpanish_8f30051ae996000 : La Costa Verde, 75 Fiesta Circle
      • Community Lot – Resort. Fences surrounding the trees on the 2 islands removed.
  • Nov 21, 2013 update:
    • Issue with Medina lot's pool as reported by @bigfeef in post#4
  • Made while on Patch 1.57.
  • Would most likely be compatible with any patches in the future as well, as EA has never ever modified a .world file in any of the patches.

Alternate Download: ellacharmed.wordpress.com
No multi-parts. Please feedback any issues on this thread as I log in to MTS more often than on Wordpress.
This is an experiment; if the account gets flagged for high traffic and exceeds the allowed bandwidth, I have to take it down. So please do download from MTS as a first choice.
The bandwidth stats are recycled at the beginning of each calendar month. So, when the bandwidth is exceeded, please download from MTS, or wait until next month.

Disregard the above. Full .world upload is now on Google Drive, no sign in should be required.

Q: When I try to download, I get a 403 error.
A: This tells me the wiki to the multi-part files weren't clicked on and read, as at the bottom of the DFDD4 page states:
If you get a 403 or 503 error, means that you're downloading too many files at one time and are using up all the download slots. There's a limit of 3 files at a time or 3 chunks per file per downloader to give other members a chance. You'll have to wait for six hours when the server reset its caches for you to be able to download again.
If after sometime, you still cannot download them, try downloading another MTS item - like a mod or a Lot. If the other item can be downloaded and this item still cannot be downloaded one at a time, then please log out from the site, clear caches, relogin and try again. If none of that help then, post with web browser name and version, archive program name and version, the error message, and whether you have logged out and cleared caches

Q: When I try to extract, I get an error.
A: Have you read the DFFD5 wiki? Have the files been renamed? If yes, to both questions, post with the filenames after the rename action and the exact error message, please. And also state what archiver program you use?

Q: Why don't you upload it as a single file, and avoid all that hassle?
A: There's a file size limitation onsite. If none of the above answers help, the file is also available on my blog @ellacharmed.wordpress.com. Please feedback any issues on this thread as I log in to MTS more often than on Wordpress.

Q: My game crashed when I load my Isla Paradiso Save game.
A: Well, you need to start a new Isla Paradiso game. If it still crash on a new game with the caches and worldcaches deleted, please post in comments with the information asked for below.


As always, feedback is welcomed.
If you want to report an issue, please don't forget to state
  1. your gameversion Game Help:TS3_Patching Find Gameversionwiki,
  2. what browser and version, and archive program you are using,
  3. if you use a download manager, and
  4. if you're getting an error when downloading and it is not the 403/503 error explain above, state the exact error message, and how many times you have tried downloading; and if you haven't given it some time to try again later?

Additional Credits:
Inge & Peter Jones; the tool makers of s3pe, s3su, package compare
Babele44 and the gang who posted on the Unroutable sims thread, bigfeef, MeestorMark’s, Trickai all who provided very detailed reports.