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WA Worlds with Routing Fix applied (updated 2014.01.28)

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2011 at 6:22 PM
Updated: 27th Jan 2014 at 4:37 PM - France's disapearing lot fix
What is this?

I offer you the World!
Well, just these 3 for World Adventure destinations. These .world files have had the Resources imported from this download thread [In Testing]Resources for WA Worlds' Routing Fix. Since no one has yet to complain of blown up worlds, I thought it is safe to offer up the .worlds.

See image of China with one of the spots highlighted in the yellow circle - top is in CAW, bottom in-game. Once Sims gets stuck there, they can't find a way out because the white dot in those blank squares is disconnect from any other routing. The blank squares mean Sims can enter that spot, and the white, disconnected dot means Sims cannot leave that spot. Each time the game engine stops to recalculate on how to get the Sims out, the game lags. So imagine if there are these various spots in your worlds and have stuck Sims in there that the game is trying to recalculate routing algorithms for all the Sims individually.

Doesn't that explains all the lags we've been having?

For the Full Instructions on how to get the downloads in-game, read Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki. A summary is below.

Heed that backup instructions, really! You've been warned!

How to install?
  • Download all parts of the world you want and rename them to get rid of the "MTS_ellacharm3d_<numbers>_" portion. See Game Help:DFDD4 Download the File#Content with Multi-part fileswiki with pretty pictures.
  • Right-click on the file with "part1" in its name and "Extract here", or whatever command your program uses. See Game Help:DFDD5 Extract from Archive#Multi-part fileswiki with pretty pictures.
  • Place the extracted & joined .world file in this path and replace the default version. (You have backup, right?)
    \Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 World Adventures\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds\
  • Delete caches before starting game.

How to remove?
  • Go to the above path.
  • Delete the *.world file.
  • Rename the "*.orig" copy by removing the .orig extension (or from whatever you have renamed it to).
  • Delete caches before starting game.

Notes & Changelog:

Q: Do I need to have/buy the World Adventures EP for this to work?
A: Well, yes. The fixed world(s) won't work on its own. There has to be something to replace, after all.

Q: When I try to download, I get a 403 error.
A: This tells me the wiki to the multi-part files weren't clicked on and read, as at the bottom of the DFDD4 page states:
If you get a 403 or 503 error, means that you're downloading too many files at one time and are using up all the download slots. There's a limit of 3 files at a time or 3 chunks per file per downloader to give other members a chance. You'll have to wait for six hours when the server reset its caches for you to be able to download again.
If after sometime, you still cannot download them, try downloading another MTS item - like a mod or a Lot. If the other item can be downloaded and this item still cannot be downloaded one at a time, then please log out from the site, clear caches, relogin and try again. If none of that help then, post with web browser name and version, archive program name and version, the error message, and whether you have logged out and cleared caches

Q: When I try to extract, I get an error.
A: Have you read the DFFD5 wiki? Have the files been renamed? If yes, to both questions, post with the filenames after the rename action and the exact error message, please. And also state what archiver program you use?

Q: Why don't you upload it as a single file, and avoid all that hassle?
A: There's a file size limitation onsite. The full world files are uploaded to Google Share, linked from my blog.

Additional Credits:
The Jones' for S3PE and the usual suspects.