Toddler Accessory Hats

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Uploaded 8th Sep 2014 at 3:29 PM · Updated 1st May 2017 at 1:41 PM by Danjaley : Update

I've been asked if I could this, and actually I already had The shaved head toddlers have under the store hats always looked rather brutal to me. So here are eight EA hats converted from various ages to toddler accessoire.

Update May 1st 2017: All hats now have custom thumbnails. I used the same as for my baby-hats for those I converted for both.

They're all compatible with awt's hat sliders, and I strongly recommend that you use those. Especially in case of the cap.

  • All hats enabled for all categories and found under Clothing / Accessoire.
  • All hats subcategorized as earrings
  • The bonnett hat is female only, the rest is unisex.
  • The winter hat has a no stencil version as second preset

On the pictures, the hats are not slidered. The hairstyles shown are basegame, store, and a conversion by me

made with patch 1.67

Polygon Counts:
cupcake: 2208
basken: 862
winter: 884
newsboy: 2758
cap 576
straw 536
bonnett 1056
flat 738

Additional Credits:
Made with S3pe, tsrw, milkshape and their plugins. Thanks to the creators.
Thanks to EA for the meshes and Sims 3
And to fway for the cas background