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Simburbia - Something for Everyone! All Playable Lot Types from All EP; No CC

29,866 Downloads 357 Thanks  Thanks 181 Favourited 89,287 Views
Uploaded: 9th May 2017 at 2:32 AM
Updated: 4th Aug 2022 at 2:18 AM - Note 04/04/18: New Sims File Share link added.
Love city night life; great cultural, recreational, and educational facilities; high rise apartments; quaint houses in the suburbs; ranches; farms; and all the modern technology your heart could desire? If so, Simburbia's the place for you! Simburbia has it all - and sims will flock to it. But wait, there's a seedy underbelly too - grimy businesses, a criminal element, not so nice houses, a "no tell" motel out by the airport, and Simburbia's own version of Area 51. There's even a rumor that sea monsters lurk beneath the dark water of Simburbia bay. What path will your sim choose in Simburbia - black widow, beach bum, business mogul, mad scientist? Or, something better or worse?

Simburbia is the result of more than 3 years of work in CAW. Simburbia has all community lots from all expansion packs except a Rebel Hangout, Student Union, Cafeteria, Business Park, Wasteland, and Dried Up Beach as most have no functionality outside their associated expansion pack. Riverview Lite was used as the base for Simburbia because I thought it would be quick and easy to add all the expansion pack lots to it for a fully functional, all encompassing neighborhood. I also wanted space for large lots to use Roaring Heights rabbit holes and my "Enchanting" series of suburban houses. Was I wrong! Much terraforming has been done and streets/paths revised. Sea level was raised considerably to make Simburbia water deep enough for dive lots. Routing was completely re-worked. My hope is that players will hardly recognize Riverview as the base for Simburbia. Note: Simburbia is a large world with many objects, plants/trees, and lots! A higher end computer may be required to run it. I have a moderate gaming PC and run Simburbia without problems. The only lag experienced is a few seconds at 3 a.m. and/or 5 a.m. when the game resets NPCs and so forth. ~~SimmyRN

176 lots total - 108 Community & 68 Residential

Built with patch 1.67.

Known issues:
  • Public Sounds Stereo speakers on community lots may default to classical music and need to be reset by the player. See Community Lot table, above, for music suggestions. (This is an EA issue.)
  • Special effects generators on stages at show venue lots must be reset after installation of Simburbia. See Community Lot table, above, for special effects suggestions. (This is an EA issue.)
  • The Gnubb set must be placed in-game in order for the "rigging" to work correctly. Eerie Park is marked with terrain paint so it's easy to tell where the set is supposed to go. (This is an EA issue.)
  • Boats "jump" as they cross the edges of dive lots. (This is an issue with all custom dive lots.)
  • Caves on dive lots sometimes "boot" divers to the shore. If this occurs, it is recommended to wait until the tentacles are visible at the cave before entering, not point the in game viewer directly at the cave as the sim enters, and/or to "reset" or delete/undo the cave. See link "Sim Resets When Exploring An Underwater Cave" for more information. (This is an issue with all dive lots.)
Additional credits:
simsample unlocking the Food Truck and Parking Space (Post # 3) was very helpful.
Cleaning the Global Layer tutorial by simsample.
Thank you, Winterhart, for these mods: Generations Cars Buyable & Available for Community Lots and Cars for Community Lots.
CyberBob78 for EA\Maxis Mail & Trash Receptacles *Unlocked*.
Creating Dive Lots.
Guide to Houseboats in game & in CAW.
Other - [Tutorial] How to make hidden island.
World Adventures - How to create tombs?, The Sims 3 Tomb Creation Guide How to Build a Tomb in World Adventures, and The Sims 3: World Adventures Building Tombs.
Tutorial Changing out the WPID File by auntielynds.
MTS modders for CAW Resources.
Thank you so very much to attuned and Vincent T. for play testing and feedback for Simburbia
Thank you to HugeLunatic for "cleaning up" my feedback thread for upload. It saved me so much work

Note 04/04/18: Sims File Share link accidentally deleted. Below is a new link to a single Simburbia file at Sims File Share.

For those who prefer a single file, Sims File Share link.