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And you thought I'd keep it at "More scenarios" ...

I have a huge error message thing!
Sweet! That means more bug fixes for me :p! Make sure to screenshot this first and send it to me!

To close this though: Press enter, and that should close it!

I'm rewriting the core mechanics of the events firing part of the mod!
I'm aware that the mod currently fires a lot, but also in a confusing way, and I'm fixing that by writing a whole different trigger system. It's going to try firing events daily, but except for that, each module will have its own "Cooldown days". (I.e, disasters will take 5 days till a new one may trigger) and simply checks what modules can be fired, rather than guessing it Of course these cooldown days will be tunable

So stay tuned!

Bugs I'm fixing and/or am aware of:
  • [Currently fixing] For some reason the Power outage and water outage isn't working anymore?
  • [Currently fixing] Currently events are firing a bit too quick for certain households (Workaround for now: https://modthesims.info/download.ph...290#post5839290)
  • [Currently fixing] Diseases do work, but rarely fire with the default chances I am currently assigned. I didn't include this yet in the new update, since it tends to be either firing not at all, or firing at annoyingly rates. You can of course still edit these yourself inside the Disease module and it's proper XML file
  • [Can't fix] Dialogue button text going over the buttons - A workaround for this is to hover over the buttons, as this will show a tooltip. EA has never added proper code to clamp the text and I currently don't know how to fix this.


25 June 2022:
  • Added Russian and French support! (Updated Russian Support as of 26th of June)
  • Rumors will now show up properly!
  • The script will now reroll a potential script more often, which in my playtesting resulted in more event showing!
  • This mod is now compatible with Nraas Returner! No more XML editing necessary (you can still do this though)
  • Sims who can't make it to the lot for a date, will now mention this.
  • Added better checks on unemployed sims not getting any work/school-related events
  • There is now a slightly higher chance for your sim to die if you have the death module.
  • Fixed an issue in the Death module, where work-related deaths wouldn't be able to trigger.
  • Rebalanced the chance a same-typed event may be able to be rechosen in the next selection. This is no longer hardcoded 30%, but instead takes the number of installed modules and does some maths on it When all installed this is around 50% now.
  • Changed some rumor-styled messages from a negative-styled notification to a neutral one.
  • Toddlers can no longer receive OR pay taxes (lol I thought I fixed this)
  • Fixed an issue where the rumors system may be able to trigger an error, despite sharing the rumor.
  • Added a debug feature, that will tell you exactly what event is going to be triggered and why it may not have triggered at all! To enable this, either do this through the XML, or use Nraas Returner. (See pictures, this will show you the kEnableDebugMode that you need to set to True to enable this!)
  • Fixed an issue where a live death could generate the white box of errored objects :p
  • Added better error tracking on whether the fairy's helping your garden's visual effects are triggering correctly. (This could've crashed the game if it wasn't.)

About The Mod
First off, sorry for the long read! It just does a lot of things!

NOTE: Just to clear some confusion here, this is not the kind of randomizer mod you've seen done for GTA and games as such, where models get swapped by random, in a hilarious way...

What this mod does instead is add more random events! Whether it be random deaths, disasters, or simply heart-warming moments, the mod provides it all!

Tell me a bit more about it
The mod (this is tunable) has a default value of 10 hours minimum and 72 hours maximum to trigger ONE event at the time. The game simply does a dice roll between 10 and 72 per turn to see how long your active household has to wait to experience an event happening.

The events are carefully chosen though. The mod first checks whether the event has already been triggered previously AND there's a 30 chance the mod accepts same-type events to happen, in cases, you only kept one module. (for example, say the game chooses the "Disaster" type, triggers a disaster event, and then rerolls yet again a disaster type, there's a 30% the script will go with this, otherwise, it will quickly pick a different type.)

That's actually just the core mechanics of it Easy peasy!

What's the deal with the Modules?
Modules are basically "Optional files" You can delete some or all if you like, the existence of it really doesn't matter by the mod. Except that if you don't have any modules, the mod is pointless

So, if you've skimmed over the list already listing all random events, you may or may not have gone "I don't want my sims to randomly die!". By which, you may or may not have closed this download tab and fled.

If you have not, hurray! Because good news, when downloading this mod, simply select the 'death' module package and trash that thing. Because that's the reason I made the modules, so you, the player, can decide which main random events sound cool to you and which ones don't work with your playstyle.

Note that this is an example of course, you can simply delete any module that doesn't interest you

HOWEVER Unless you're uninstalling the mod, Do NOT remove the CORE and BASE Module packages! Otherwise, the mod will stop working! basically, any package that starts with [Module] is what you may delete or keep.

What are the BASE package and CORE package
  • Base: Is this mod's package. It loads in the modules and tells the CORE package that it needs to turn simple text into actual events that C# can read.
  • CORE: is the framework. Developers can use it to make their own events or load them! If you're acquainted with douglasveiga's CCloader and people's Custom ingredients, you've probably seen that they usually say "Requires CCLoader" that's basically this Core package. If a CC creator ever uses the randomizer mod to make randomized events, then they have to have you download the CORE package

What do modules exist out of?
First it's of course random events, meant in a very general sense. Whether it be being triggered by random without an option menu or with one, all of those are simply random events.

Alternatively, most modules come with rumors and dilemmas/advice that your sim can deal with.

Rumors are usually started by a random coworker, friend (especially if they're Divas, snobs, evil/mean-spirited), and classmates.

Rumors will always have 3 options to choose from:
1. Tell them the rumor isn't true
2. Investigate who started the rumor, but initially, this also means you'll ignore it as well.
3. Tell them the rumors are true.

Most rumors can actually be true though, which does add to some funny reactions that you get after clicking any of these options, which is the reaction your coworkers/friends/classmates give you. Which exists our of a list of:

- Sims that disapprove/are disgusted by the rumor
- SIms that approve/are empathetic by the rumor
- Sims that didn't care at all.

A random sim (friend of-, coworker of-, classmate of your sim) can decide to call or ask your sim (at work/school) for some advice on a dilemma they're having! Your sim has usually 2-3 options to choose one. They also need to guess the correct one so their relationship doesn't suffer from it (and if right, they get bonus relationship points!). Some are more challenging than others.

Modules and their random events
Here's a nicely compiled list of each module and its random events. Just a quick note, if you like most of the events in said list, but don't want one or 2 of them, make sure to read the "Editing and Tuning Events" part of the description That way you don't have to delete a whole package.

Fame is also a module but is currently unused. This does have a chance of triggering by default of 10%.

Frequently asked questions
"Does the work module also get triggered on active careers?"
Yep! It currently simply checks if your sim is at work. However, certain events do check if your sim is inside a rabbit hole though. (which is primarily the woohoo in a building one)

"How do I uninstall this??"
Because this mod never saves any data inside your save, it's very okay to just delete the packages.

"For every update, do I have to replace all the modules again?"
Just the Core and base module, unless of course, stated differently!

"Nothing has triggered for me yet!"
Assuming the mod is working (which it most likely is), remember that it takes between 10 to 72 hours to trigger any event! Also, keep in mind that certain modules have requirements to work (like, your sims having a friend or a partner... or work :p)

Of course, the chances of any of these things triggering can be tweaked (see below.)

"Some dialogue box choices have text that goes beyond the size of the button!"
I'm not sure what's causing this except for EA never putting in a clamp on the buttons? if it's hard to read though, you can always hover over said buttons and read the tooltip That's how I do it for the time being.

However If your sim has any of the diseases, it's good practise to delete those off the sims. nraas has this option, but TestingCheatsenabled should also be able to remove things by Shift+Right clicking.

"The "Woohoo in building" one pops up even though my sim isn't at work?!"
It can happen and I'm actually not sure why it happens because I specifically do tell it to only fire when the sim is at work. Now it seems extremely rare to happen, but if it does, it's probably safe to reject it.

"Can I install just one module? Or a few?"
Anything that has [Module] to it, is basically like the "EP's" of this mod So if you only want to use one, you can! if you want 3, 6 or 7, that's fine too. Of course, all is also totally fine!

"Uhh... my sim is laughing/crying through the chair/bed?!"
First off, ouch

Secondly, yeah I'm looking into this. It's partially an EA thing and partially me, so I need to figure out what will make it cancel any interaction, then queue the animation (so wait till they got up from the bed/chair) and only then do the animation.

Editing and Tuning Events
This part of the description will deal with tweaking some default values or events to work for your gameplay.
If you're acquainted with tuning mods and editing such, then this will be a piece of cake! I have however made the explanation quite thorough for the ones that have never seen an XML file before.

Turning off certain events inside the module
So, you've probably gone through most to all modules to check out what they include, great! But might have found out that you may find some random events absolutely stupid or just not fun founding.

Well, then this part of the description is for you!

Editing the minimum and maximum time an event can trigger
Sometimes if you only have, say, 3 regular modules (Say you went with just Relationship, friendship and general), it can happen that the events don't trigger as often as it may have with all modules. For this, we can actually tweak the hours it will trigger, to trigger more regularly!

Editing the chances of a module firing
Say, your sim has befriended the entire town, it may happen that the Friends module fires way more often than any other events. Or, maybe you just want to lower the chances of something to happen by a lot/by way less, then this is how to do it!

I don't want diseases to be Lethal!
Allright! So you want to make sure your sims only get non-lethal diseases, that's fine! Especially since for some Pneumonia can be triggering for some, and it is quite a severe disease in real life.

OR maybe you're semi-fine with lethal diseases and like the guinea pig disease but want to entirely eliminate Pneumonia from happening?

Using the mod for your Script Mods
If you're a script modder, or know a little bit of C# and want to get acquainted with TS3's code, then the randomizer mod can be quite a fun challenge and learning tool for working with TS3 and modding for it

Documentation for the randomizer CORE API, is coming soon!

  • Bitlife and TS3's random events for the idea
  • SonjaYU, Twinsimming, KittyTheSnowcat, AshtonLaflamme, Puffkin2000 For testing and bug reporting!
  • The sims 3 and EA/Maxis
  • Visual Studio 2017 for the coding!
  • S3PE
  • My wondeful partner for coming up with some of the events :p