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"Tinkerbell" Wings and 'dust' (animated and 'waterproof')

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2006 at 1:13 AM
Updated: 8th Jul 2011 at 6:11 PM
Hi Guys


The "Tinkerbell" Animated Wings....with animated gold dust!

Ok guys..... I had to put animating accessories to good use...and this was a great idea by LyricLee....so I had to try and see if I could do it.

These translucent wings 'beat' quickly...and, just like Tinkerbell, they are surrounded by animated gold 'dust' ...(or whatever that stuff is that follows her around..:confused

This is an ACCESSORY....and can be found in the Glasses section.

Polygon Count: 760 (=ok )

The wings 'beat' at 12 times a second...now, depending on your machine processor and graphics card, their speed MAY vary. On my machine (Radeon 9600 card) they 'skip' a frame every now and then...but, actually, that kind of 'adds' to the animation...because it looks more 'natural'...you know...like a butterfly...(their wing don't beat exactly the same speed all the time). Anyway, see how it looks on your machine. Obviously, the 'slower' your machine...the slower your animation MAY be).
The 'dust' (stuff) is also animated at 9 frames per second....so that too looks more 'random' with the wing beats.
Note : the pictures here are animated gifs: These are constant speed animations to give you an idea of what they look like. In game, the animations appear more 'life like' due to the game 'skipping' frames when it's busy doing other things (...personally I think they look better in game than on these sceenshot animations...)

It is ONLY available to FEMALE Teen --- > Elders (and probably Young Adults...though I don't have Nightlife so I can't check myself....maybe one of you could post to confirm this?)
****EDIT*** Yes, they do work on Young Adults... *********

They can be worn with other accessories (Maxis, mine or other creators) and are worn with all clothes....including nude, swimming and showering (i.e. 'waterproof') ....

Anyway, I made these were a personal 'gift' to LyricLee who wanted them ....so please.....don't send me any requests....my own personal 'wish-list' is long enough...!



(Thanks and stars always encourage me to make more!)

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It has come to my attention that certain of my objects/accessories are being uploaded to The Exchange and then being 'claimed' as the creation of the uploader. This is both immoral and unfair and totally against my wishes. My objects/accessories take many hours of work, and I upload them here (for free) for you guys to enjoy. I think that the least I deserve for this is 'recognition' as the creator.
I would appreciate your co-operation in reporting this to me (and even better, telling the uploader that they are breaching my legal copyright) if you see it happening.
Thank you