Build your own cell

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2010 at 1:17 PM
Updated: 29th May 2012 at 10:18 AM
Updated for Pets and patch and tested in game

There was a wrong price for the Corner Piece in the first upload and strange color presets on the 3-tile bed! Obvious I was zipping the wrong files the first time. I'm sorry for that, please redownload again.

With this kit you can build your own prison but the parts can also be used to construct cages in a zoo.
Build the walls first and then place the grids and doors.

There is also a prison window with bars that prevent your Sims houses.

Two benches are in the zip file, a 2-tiles long and a 3-tiles. They're not very comfortable but Sims can sleep on them.

Then there is also a small wall decoration.

Grille: $ 80 - are found among the windows in the Building Catalogue
Door: $ 100 - found among the doors in the Construction Catalogue
Corner Piece: $ 15 - are found among the statues in Buysection - Decoration-Statues
Window: $ 30 - are found among the windows in the Building Catalogue
3-tile bed: $ 50 - found in Buysection - Comfort - Sofas
2-tile bed: $ 45 - found in Buysection - Comfort - Sofas
Wall Writing: $ 1 - is found in Buysection - Decorations - Paintings


Grillpiece: 206 vertices and 152 faces
Door: 846 vertices and 640 faces
Corner Piece; 24 vertices and 12 faces
Bench 3-tile: 172 vertices and 96 faces
Bench 2-tile: 152 vertices and 96 faces
Window: 613 vertices and 720 faces
WallWriting: 4 vertices and 2 faces

Additional Credits:
I will thank EA for this marvellous game, the developers of the tools and the autors of tutorials.