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Bloodborne Aspiration (may not work with latest patch; potential fixes coming soon)

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2019 at 3:23 PM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2020 at 9:03 PM
* This mod may not work with the latest patch (6/3/20). I will be testing all my mods over the next week or so and upload updates as necessary. Thanks for your patience!

Based on the book Vampires Don't Sleep Alone by Elizabeth Barrial and D. H. Altair, the Bloodborne Aspiration allows your Vampire Sim to explore their ancestry in order to reveal their true nature. Found in its own, new Aspiration category, Supernatural, once selected it grants the bonus trait Observant for sims Teen through Elder.

There are four levels to the Aspiration.

Upon completion, the Sim will be awarded one of eight unique traits which aligns them irrevocably with a specific vampire house. Each Bloodborne house has a base mood, an additional bonus reward trait, modifiers, whim set and custom moodlets/social interactions (as applicable).

Base Mood: Uncomfortable

The Cicuta are Bloodborne whose bodies have rejected the vampiric transformation in some way. They are in constant pain due to inflammation in their joints, their reaction to sunlight is more severe and are more prone to illness.
  • More susceptible to being Uncomfortable, Dazed, Sad or Tense
  • Reacts negatively to sunlight even with Sun Resistance
  • Gains Reward Trait: Night Owl
  • Modifiers: Fitness (x0.2), Gardening (x0.2), Fishing (x0.2), Dancing (x0.2), Skating (x0.2), Rock Climbing (x0.2), Bowling (x0.2), Programming (x1.3), Video Gaming (x1.3), Writing (x1.3), Writer (x1.3), Astronaut (x0.2), Athlete (x0.2), Gardener (x0.2), Military (x0.2)
  • Need Decay: Vampire Energy (x0.1)
  • Custom Moodlets: Orlok's Curse (+10 Uncomfortable)
  • Whim Set includes: Take a Nap, Watch TV, Play Video Games, Browse the Web, Take a Bath
Base Mood: Angry

Interfectors are ruthless hunters who view humans as livestock. These Bloodborne believe their vampiric transformation is a promotion to the top of the food chain.
  • Autonomously Drinks Uncontrollably & fights more
  • Always in Dark Form
  • Vampiric Run Enabled
  • Receives negative garlic-related moodlets even with immunity
  • Gains Reward Trait: Dastardly
  • Modifiers: Fitness (x1.7), Mischief (x1.3), Charisma (x0.2), Criminal (x.1.7), Manual Labor (x1.7), Athlete (x1.3)
  • Need Decay: Thirst (x0.1)
  • Whim Set includes: Be Mean to Someone, Mock Someone, Insult Someone, Rage Run on Treadmill, Stomp Trash
  • Custom Moodlets: Vampires Don't Ask, They Take (+2 Confident), Apex Predator (+3 Energized)
  • Custom Social Interactions: Taste Test Your Food (Romance), Demonstrate Natural Selection (Mean, drains target Sim's Energy/Bladder/Hunger/Hygiene, ruins relationship [Friendship & Romance, as applicable] and kills them if they are human, must be standing [not sitting] close to target Sim to use)
Base Mood: Focused

The Philologi dedicate their extended lifespan to the pursuit of knowledge. Bloodborne Philologus are natural scholars although their research may sometimes be more esoteric than practical.
  • Autonomously reads (and puts away) books
  • More susceptible to being Bored or Tense
  • Able to consume and gains Thirst from human food, even with Withered Stomach
  • Gains Reward Trait: Speed Reader
  • Modifiers: Scientist (x1.3), Writer (x1.3), Writing (x1.3), Logic (x1.7), Video Gaming (x0.5), Fishing (x0.1), Comedy (x0.2), Mischief (x0.2)
  • Custom Moodlets: Brain Food (+3 Happy)
  • Whim Set includes: Read Something, Travel to the Library, Research on the Computer, Finish Writing a Book, Write a Non-Fiction Book
Base Mood: Confident

Bloodborne Sanctus are rare; they are considered the paragons of vampire kind, possessing strength and power that surpass that of even the most ancient Grand Masters from other Bloodborne lines.
  • Always in Dark Form
  • More susceptible to being Bored
  • Immune to garlic
  • Vampiric Run Enabled
  • A natural Daywalker; protected from the sun's harmful rays, even with Combustible Plasma
  • Gains Reward Trait: Savant, Beloved and A True Master
  • Modifiers: All Skills (x2.0), All Careers (x2.0)
  • Need Decay: Vampire Energy (x0.1), Thirst (x1.7)
  • No Whim Set; Sanctus Bloodborne do what they want, when they want
Base Mood: Flirty

Taking full advantage of their Bloodborne nature, Tombeur are consummate seducers who endlessly pursue sexual gratification.
  • Drinks Uncontrollably after WooHoo
  • Gains Reward Trait: Alluring
  • Modifiers: Charisma (x1.3), Romance (x1.3)
  • Need Decay: Fun (x0.4), Social (x0.2)
  • Whim Set includes: Send a Flirty Text, Tell a Dirty Joke, Kiss, Embrace and Woo Hoo with Someone
  • Custom Moodlets: The Climax (+4 Focused), A Natural Aphrodisiac (+2 Focused)
  • Custom Social Interactions: Nip Neck (Romance, functions as a vampiric version of Beguile, must be standing [not sitting] close to target Sim to use)
Base Mood: Happy

The Transeo Bloodborne have assimilated into human society by rising to positions of power in order to amass wealth. As a result, they pass relatively unnoticed, while reveling in the creature comforts that go along with their status.
  • More susceptible to being Bored or Tense
  • Able to consume and gains Thirst from human food, even with Withered Stomach
  • Gains Reward Trait: Frugal & Free Services
  • Modifiers: Charisma (x1.5), Gourmet Cooking (x1.7), Cooking (x1.3), Sales (x1.5), Criminal (x1.7), Retail (x1.7), Business (x1.9), Critic (x1.3), Mixology (x0.2), Handiness (x0.2), Bowling (x0.2), Gardening (x0.2), Manual Labor (x0.2), Gardener (x0.2), Military (x0.2)
  • Custom Moodlets: The Finer Things (+3 Happy)
  • Whim Set includes: Prepare Lobster Thermidor, Grill Steak, Buy a New Computer, Give Butler an Order, Travel to the Museum
Base Mood: Sad

Bloodborne Tristis consider their vampirism a curse. By turns, they are melancholy, filled with regret over their lifestyle or morose and envious of the humans around them.
  • More susceptible to being Angry, Sad, Uncomfortable or Tense
  • Gains Reward Trait: Animal Whisperer
  • Modifiers: Violin (x1.7), Pipe Organ (x1.7), Painting (x1.3), Fishing (x1.3), Charisma (x0.5), Comedy (x0.2), Mischief (x0.2), Veterinarian (x1.3), Pet Training (x1.7), Social Media (x0.2)
  • Whim Set includes: Call Sadness Hotline, Water Plants with Tears, Send a Sad Text, Cry it Out, Be Alone
  • Custom Social Interactions: Suffer As I Suffer (Mean, drains target Sim's Energy/Bladder/Hunger/Hygiene, ruins relationship [Friendship & Romance, as applicable] and begins vampiric transformation if they are human, must be standing [not sitting] close to target Sim to use)
Base Mood: Inspired

Bloodborne Vespillo are the nurturers of vampire society. They possess an innate desire to propagate their species and are excellent caretakers.
  • Drinks Uncontrollably when pregnant
  • Gains Reward Trait: Mentor
  • Modifiers: Parenting (x1.7), Babysitting (x1.7), Gardening, (x1.3), Pet Training (x1.3), Photography (x1.3), Mixology (x0.2), Gourmet Cooking (x0.5), Cooking (x0.5), Fishing (x0.5)
  • Need Decay: Social (x0.17)
  • Custom Moodlets: Enticing Intimacy (+2 Focused), Occult Offspring (+1 Energized)
  • Whim Set includes: Try for Baby, Read a Toddler Book to Someone, Help Someone with Homework, Fertilize a Plant, Turn Someone into a Vampire
  • Custom Social Interactions: Explain Biological Imperative (Romance, functions as a vampiric version of Beguile, must be standing [not sitting] close to target Sim to use)
As with my other traits, I have re-purposed other, already in-game moodlets which should appear occasionally for the traits they are associated with. Some may not be spot-on, so let me know if anything looks especially out-of-place. Although I've tested the Aspiration and accompanying traits, I do not have all the Sims 4 expansions so there are some aspects I've been unable to test, specifically: Money gains for Transeo, Illnesses for Cicuta (a little wary of this one, but it shouldn't kill anyone... I don't think), Fertility with Vespillo. This, generally, shouldn't impact gameplay if you don't have all the expansions yourself; the only ones required are Vampires and Pets. However, please consider this a beta version of the Aspiration and feel free to report any issues you run into so I can correct them.

Planned Updates
  • Broadcasters aren't, as far as I'm aware, working in MC4. If/when this is ever fixed, I'll add some in where appropriate
  • Missing from the unique traits is the final Bloodborne house, Silenti. I need to take a brief break from modding and would rather submit an Aspiration is 90% finished for the time being
  • I'd like to see if there's a way to add a base trait for any humans who decide to take the Aspiration which I've been working on, called Renfield. If I can't integrate it, I'll just release it separately at some point
  • More custom moodlets/custom social interactions
  • Some change if the vampire is cured or the trait is removed with cheats. I'm not sure what right now, but you can bet it's going to be bad
  • Make the Aspiration selectable in-game

Known Issues
The Reward Trait shows as a blank llama when moused over in-game; as the Aspiration rewards one out of eight traits, I cannot determine how to list them all as potential rewards (and don't think there'd be space, in any case)
Because Supernatural is a custom Aspiration category, it cannot be viewed in-game when changing aspirations. So, Bloodborne can only be selected while in CAS
Technically, this Aspiration can be chosen (and completed) without Cats & Dogs; without it, the Be friends with X animals milestone checkpoint just doesn't appear the Aspiration continues without it. Similarly, the only Reward Trait that requires it is Tristis, as it grants Animal Whisperer. IF you get Tristis and do not have Cats & Dogs, a LE error is generated as a result but all other aspects of the Reward Trait itself function just fine

Additional Credits:
Zerbu for creating Mod Constructor v4

01/07/20: Updated for Discover University. PLEASE NOTE that my MC4 file has somehow become corrupted and I've been wrestling with fixing it prior to updating because I wanted to finish the Silenti trait not originally included along with some other planned updates to it. Unfortunately, it looks like I may have to scrap the entire Aspiration and start over so please consider this a temporary fix until I find the time to re-do everything from scratch, which may take a while. Let me know if you encounter any errors with the updated version, however.