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Strangetown. A small little spit of a town in the middle of nowhere. One of several small remote detachments of Fort Grome. Quiet. Dull.
Or that's how it use to be.
Over the past few years, Strangetown began to slowly change; new families moving into town. New store fronts, culture center, even a few places of worship. But with the changes and grown came something else.
First it began with the fire that destroyed the home of General Grunt last Christmas, killing his three sons, resulting in his nervous breakdown.
Then several months later, murder.
In a span of seventy-two hours, nine of her town folk had died, all of unknown causes. We are use to the paranormal here in Strangetown. Vampire weddings, alien baby showers. But murder?
Not so much.
In a week's time, there were eight funeral services.
Loki and Circe Beaker's service was a join one. Not well liked in Strangetown, the service was a small with few mourners. Amoung them was myself, my younger half brother, Vidcund, and a few of Circe's co-workers. Vidcund and Circe had been teenage sweethearts, but Circe would later break Vidcund's heart and marry Loki Beaker.
Clearly, even after all these years, Vidcund still loved her. He was the only one who shed any tears.
Nervous Subject, their foster son, turned out to be the only son child Oliver Spector, the old woman with the cemetery in her front yard. Though a private service was held for Nervous, Mrs. Spector arrange for her son to be buried with the couple who raised him, saving a plot next to her son for herself.
The hardest and strangest service of all was for Jessie. The day we laid her to rest was suppose to be her wedding day. Instead, of walking down the aisle in her wedding gown, she was buried wearing it. Ajaya Loner, the man she was to marry that very morning, was a strange mixture of sorrow and rage.
He was burying the love of his life!" my sister Chloe said surprised my the comment about his behavior.
I wanted to agree with her. But the anger wasn't placed at who or what killed Jessie. It was at Jessie herself. No one could comfort him, Ajaya even kicked the dirt of Jessie's freshly dug grave, cussing the whole time. Thankfully, her family had just moved away and didn't see the outburst. I would give it a week or so before I went to speak to him.
After the funeral of her brother and sister-in-law, Erin Beaker asked my sister Chloe, as well as our other roommate Kristen and I to move in with her to her late brother's home.
"I just can't stand living in that house by myself!"
I can understand that. The former Beaker house was a dark, gloomy place, filled with secrets that were about to spill forth. In the years Loki and Circe lived in the house, Erin had only visited her family a few times.
"Too depressing," Erin often said. "And his wife gave me the creeps. I always felt as if she was looking at me like a test subject."
The place was creepy indeed. But the rent was cheap and I would even have an office at home to work from.
Being it was still a crime scene, it would be several weeks before we could move it. But once we got the all clear from the Police, we could move in and clean up the place, turning it into something bright and cheery.
Erin, Kristen and my sister went to visit friends in Pleasentview until the house was ready for us to move into.
Me? I stayed in one of the rooms at the office.
It was that very same night, that I started having the strange dreams about the the Vulcan glazing into the night sky.
At first, I chalked it up to an over tired mind. After all, eight murders in an once quiet, sleepy little town was bound to shake any law officer up, Paranormal or no.
But then, the Vulcan’s face became clearer, I could see his eyes, even an hint of a smile in the corners of his mouth.
Which was really odd, since Vulcans don’t smile.
(Giving credit where credit is due; Mr. Spock is the creator of drlatasic. and not my own.)

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