Chapter Three; Page 5
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I watched as General Simms struggled to regain her composer. Clearly all three women had meant something to her. More than three women who were in trouble and in need of a safe haven, but of a woman who opened her home and her heart to them.
Now all three of these women were dead. And General Simms was taking each one personally.
"What was done to Kaylnn was crude. According to the medical reports, she and JP Jones had been lovers before he beaten her to death."
"But why?"
"My guess is he wanted the child to take back to the Hive. Upon learning she had given it up for adoption, he became enraged. So JP wooed her away to a quiet spot for a romance picnic, made love to her and then beat her to an inch of her life, leaving her there to die."
"Kaylnn was the first girl murdered. We have kept her death separate from the others in the hopes of flushing out JP Jones. But they are connected. The other Pollinations haven't made themselves known or slipped as Jones has. But sooner or later, they will."
"But General, how do we stop this......this...Nappie Attack?"
For the first time in an hour, the General smiled.
"I mean unless you ban alien-human romances and we both know how far that will go..."
"That is true," General Simms giggled. "Mine would have been the first to husband was Vulcan. The only and only disagreement Buzz and I ever had."
" What we need to do is fine Jones and charge him with at least nine counts of murder. That will get him off the streets. The other two will not be so easy to find. They too, will have to be contained. But the biggest problem with be the Queen herself."
"Why? She never steps off the home planet."
"Not in this case."
"I don't understand, ma'am."
General Simms looked at me like I had a third eye. "Clearly you don't, Captain."
The General looked at her watch and waved to the waiter for the check. "We need to wrap this up. I expect you at my home tomorrow morning at eight. What I need to share needs to be in not such a public place."

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