Chapter Three; Page 2
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I have to admit, I do like General Simms style; straight, no nonsense, to the point.
"I eat here often," General Simms stated. "I'm not much of a cook and after my husband's death, I really don't care for being home alone,"
A widow? That wasn't in the briefing notes.
"I'd heard nothing but good things about you, Captain Curious. General Grunt rarely has anything good to say about anyone. You, nothing but praise."
I took a swallow of water. Now that's hard to believe.
"Buzz is a hard man, always been. We went through boot camp together. I was there when he got married and god-mother to the boys. He was my husband's best man, though he didn't approve of my marrying an Alien. The past several years have been heartbreaking ones, first his wife leaving him, then the fire. I almost feared we lost him when the boys died,"
Her eyes welled up with the memories of a General Buzz Grunt I never knew. She wiped her eyes when the waiter arrived.
General Simm ordered the fried chicken dinner for both of us. Meaning; this wasn't going to be a quick meeting.
"I took this assignment as a favor to my old friend Buzz, as well as to find halt the Alien taken over...."
"Excuse me?"
"I Understand you met with Doctor Cumulus this morning, so you know that The AHIV41 Virus is a Alien Sex virus designed with the single purpose of wiping out a whole race. The Host isn't affected by the virus. The AHIV41 is a weapon, via a sexual one. That's what happen to your Jessie Piferson and Doctor Circe Beaker; the first step of an invasion. Our playboy is Pollination. He prefers the more personal touch, shall we say. He enjoys romancing his human ladies, get them pregnant and then when the child is born, he takes the baby and leaves the mother."
So that what happen to CIrce and Jessie's children...
Reading my thoughts..."No Captain, the father doesn't have your friend's child. Or Circe's for that matter. I shall explain about them later."
"I see."
"The virus lays dormant in the woman's body until she gives birth, then it quickly moves out and attacks, first the reproduction system, then the blood supple before the mother ever knows what hits her. The mother is then dead within six months."
"But why? I don't understand..."
"Simple. The women serve simply as surrogates, incubators. Once the child is born, they are of no use and are tossed aside like trash. By breeding half alien babies, you are beginning a whole new race of beings. Within two generations, Strangetown will truly be Alien town. Within sixty years, there will be no human beings left on earth."
I suddenly lost my appetite. An invasion without guns or bombs. No blood shed. Human women giving birth to alien babies that will grow up and marry other half human/half alien and thus take over the planet without firing a shot."
"My husband, Thor, had begun working on this case two years ago, when word came to Buzz from the Royal family of Tello II. Last year, someone found out how close he was to getting to the truth and he was murdered, though made to look like an accident. So, as your CO, my very first command to you, Captain Curious is, be careful. Be very careful. It is unknown to most here on earth, but our world is under attack. And with all that you know right now, your own life as well as those you love now hangs in the balance."

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