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Somewhere, Out There, while is a Romance story, it is also a blend of Sci-Fi and murder mystery. The story is loosely based on a novel I read as a teen about how the earth was conquered by an Alien race by simply marrying human women and raising families. One woman figured out what her husband's real intentions were, but no one listened to her and her husband had her put away as being insane. So by the third generation, the planet was no longer inhabited by humans, but the Alien race.
The setting for Strangetown is modern, but again Science Fiction overtones. In my SimLand history, Star Fleet is in existence and there is already space travel. There is a battle between two Birth Queens and war has destroyed many a planet. Several Alien race have fled to Earth, mostly in Strangetown and just want to live in peace. But they know that there is an Assassin amoung them and their only hope lies in the hands of the Paranormal Force, which Lola is part of.
It is Lola's own interest in the Paranormal and Space exploration that not only gets her tapped for this assignment to find the Assassin, but to end the war of the Queens and save earth.

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