Chapter Two; Page 3
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Within a blink of my eye, first he was there, then he was gone.
I couldn't believe it! There he was, in flesh and blood. I took a step…wanting to touch him, to see if he was truly real…..
And he was gone.
I shook my head and headed back to the Whites.
Working too hard, I reasoned.
The month of June opened with a heavy rain, bring a cold, dark and heavy cloud over Strangetown.
It matched my mood.
Still no answer to the nine Strangetown deaths or to my strange dreams.
Mystery is great for movies and novels.
Not so much in real life.
The second day of June, I received a call from the Morgue. The reports were in.
From the sound of Doctor Cumulus, I needed to get down to his office right away.
I'd worked with Doctor Tenor Cumulus for several years and I have never known any case to rattle his cage.
Until today.
No sooner had I walked into the door did he cut right to the chase: he didn't even offer me a grill cheese sandwich.
"What we have here, Captain Curious, is a Serial Killer of the worst kind."
Which is?"
"A Lothario."

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