Chapter Four; page 3
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Just before going to bed, I opened my bedroom window, allowing the desert night air into the room. The scent of rain mingled with the rose and jasmine.
I went to bed with Erin Beaker's words still ringing in my ears...."if the divorce had been finalize, Loki and Nervous would still be alive." Erin knew only it had been a freak accident that killed her brother and his family, not a virus that would have claimed them both within a few months. It wasn't something knowledge Erin needed at this time.
It was going to be an early morning and knowing General Simms, a long one. So I said good night and headed off to bed. Talking to my sister Chloe would have to wait until morning.
I rolled over to the sound of thunder, shaking the redbrick mansion to it very foundation.
I loved rolling thunder. It held the promise of rain and what a wonderful way to go to sleep......
I dreamt of him again, my Vulcan. He was close, so close. I could smell his scent, I could feel the warmth of his body. I rolled over to face the window and opened my eyes....
There he stood. Looking down at me.

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