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(Author's Notes and Warning: the following chapter will contain some language and a mature theme, only for story line purposes. While the story is a romance, it is also the beginning of a murder-mystery with several twist and turns)
"It appears in your case, Lola, that your souls are reaching out across the universe."
A lovely thought. But could it be true?
Soul mates? Men and women who were ordained to be together even before they were born? Souls reaching across the universe to find each other?
How odd all of this sounds?
But then again, how odd is my own life? And having I dreamed of finding love out amoung the stars? So why would it seem so strange that my dream seem to be coming true?
So what am I afraid of?
For the past several weeks I'd been living with one of my dearest friends Elanna White and her family.
She and her husband Yoel were also new in town. Part of the cultural expansion to Strangetown, Yoel was the town's very first Rabbi.
Elanna and I had were classmates back in high school. After graduation, Elanna went to live in Israel for several years, where she met and married Yoel.
I loved being part of the White household. Never a dull moment. The twins, Samuel and Saul looked just like their father, while baby Ianna looked just like her mother. All three were full of energy and busy doing this and that. Elanna had her hands full as the mother of three small children and as wife to a Rabbi.
And she loved it.
There were times I almost felt jealous of my friend.
On one of the rare mornings I had off, we decided to go out for coffee.
After telling Elanna my dreams, she took a long sip of coffee before answering. Always a spiritual girl, I knew she was sending up a quick prayer before answering me.
"Given your background, Lola, I would say your afraid of love. Of loving and being loved."
"That's doesn't make sense."
"Really? Think about it. Your father gave birth to you and your sister, ashamed of you both, ashamed even how you two came about. He left you along with his wife, pulling all of you behind him like a bad memory. Both your dads created families you were never part of. You witness the pain of rejection first hand; my mother, your sister and yourself. You have siblings you really don't even know. So of course you would dream of love "out there" as you yourself said. It's quite safe, to dream of love, but never having to deal with the messy day to day. Nor never dreaming it was really a soul cry for love. Or that the Create would answer that cry."
"But is It really from God?"
Elanna was shocked by the question. "Who else would it be? The Creator is a Matchmaker, my dear. If it was from an evil source, you would be frighten, afraid. I don't sense anything evil in your dreams. I agree with Ming; next time, reach out to the man, see what happens."
Fear of falling in love? Yeah, I could see that. My mother died from a broken heart....
"Lola," Elanna broke into my thoughts. "Life itself is full of risk, of rejection. Opening our hearts to another is quite painful. But it is worth the risk."

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