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June is lovely in Strangetown. The night air sweetly scented with wild desert rose, jasmine and honeysuckle. The ebony sky filled with silvery stars, once in a while, one spots an orange, blue or red ball, wondering if there is life on that big beautiful planet.
But tonight, I didn't do much stargazing, my mind still turning over and over again the information I received like rumble weed.
It's been only a month since the strange events of that brought about the meaning between General Alice Simms and I. One month ago, I was thinking of accepting a three year mission that would have carried me away from this place I call home, seeking adventure beyond the stars. Now, the insane twists and turns of this past month has me wanting the ole dull StrangeTown back.
Nine dead, three of them women who were loved and left by the same man, three babies, a deadly love bug and a perfume bottle filled with instant death, connected them all. My friend and partner, now a Queen, had to leave town without even being able to say goodbye. To top it all off, I was one of only a handful that our planet was a t war.
If I didn't know better, I would think I was in the middle of a bad science fiction novel.
Erin Beaker was sitting up, watching TV when I came in. Slowly making peace with her brother's passing and that his house was now hers, Erin had begun the slow progress of remodeling the home. The very first step; buying a TV. She was watching the late news. At least, the folks of StrangeTown were still pretty much unaware of what was going down.
Knowing I would not be able to sleep, I decided to sit up with her.
"Chloe's out on assignment." Erin volunteer without looking at me. "Seems Bella Goth was spotted near the Marsh."
Mrs. Bella Goth, wife of Scientist Mortimer Goth had gone missing a year ago. Rumours of course, abound; last seen with her daughter's boyfriend's Flat, the stories that floated about included running off with an old boyfriend, her husband caught her cheating and she was murdered, even that she was abducted by aliens. Lately, it had been rumoured she was living here in StrangeTown.
"So how's everything going?" Erin asked after a few moments.
"I could use a vacation."
Erin laughed, "this case must be kicking your butt if your wanting to go on vacation. You never use that word."
"Yeah," I nodded. I just wanted to go away to some tropical island or mountain retreat and never come back.
"Want to talk about it? Unless you can't."

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