Chapter Three; Page 1
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Well speak of the Diva and in she walks....
I was finishing the last of my coffee, when I heard the sing-song voice of General Alice Simms.
Tall, mocha brown and lovely, the good General wasn't one to stand on formalities. I had seen her maybe once or twice in uniform, General Simms preferred a more casual appearance.
Unlike General Buzz Grunt who kept everyone and everything bottomed up tight.
Under his watch, Strangetown has lived up to the military installation it was created to be. This often led to offends amoung the Grunts' Alien neighours. Until this rash of murders, our little desert town, out in the middle of no where had remained a well kept secret. Despite the tight reign, I have to admit, General Grunt, despite his hatred of aliens, had kept us all quite safe.
But now with Buzz Grunt, away recovering from a major lost in his life, no one really had an idea what to expect from the change in change in command.....
"Have you seen Captain Curious?" I heard my name. Oh please, don't anyone mention I was still here...
"Yes, madam, that's her over at the coffee bar."
Great, I groaned inwardly.
Within seconds I felt the slight, buffed form of General Simms slip onto the stool next to me.
"Well, well, well, Captain Curious."
I could get sick from the sugar that coated each word.
"Yes, madam." I forced a smile through my coffee.
"We finally meet. Let's cut right to the heart of things, shall we? I would love to get to know you better as well as discuss your present assignment. Over supper. My treat."
With that she slid off the stool and headed for the stairs to the second floor for the Restaurant, with no doubt I would follow behind.
If nothing else, I got a free meal out of the deal.

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