Chapter Four; page 2
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There wasn't a lot I could share with Erin, but sharing the details of her brother and sister-in-law's final months might be helpful in her healing progress.
And maybe even give me an insight or two to help move this case along.
"Yeah, I knew they were cheating on each other," Erin said, with a shrug. "They were both unhappy for some time. Circe always thought herself too good for the rest of us. Always had her nose up in the air. Loki wanted a family, but Circe was too busy with her career. So he turned to one of his students at StrangeTown Tech."
You knew all of this? And never said anything?"
"Hey, it was their lives." Erin shrugged again. "One night, about ten months ago, I stopped by the house to drop off a book Loki had asked for and found Circe in the arms of this alien guy."
"So I came over the next evening when I knew Circe would be returning home from work. I confronted Circe with what I saw; her making out with this guy. She just laughed at me. "what are you going to do, Snow White? Tell big brother? Sorry sugar. But Loki's got a little honey sweet on the side as well. He's getting his and I'm getting mine. So run along now, like a good little girl."
"I called Loki before he left worked and asked if Circe's charges were true. He admitted they were. That's how I found out about his affair. It still gave me great pleasure to tell Loki, that Circe was cheating too."
"Did you know Circe was going to have a baby?"
For the very first time Erin looked shocked. "No! A baby? Loki and she...."
"No, Circe gave birth about four months ago. It wasn't Loki's."
"The alien's?
I nodded yes.
"Is this the reason she left town?"
Erin began searching her memory, nodding every now and then, as if things were added up.
"Loki must have known. They both claim that Circe left town to tend for a sick relative."
She laughed softy. "Circe went away to have a baby and while she was gone, Loki went ahead and filed for divorce. Too back it wasn't finalize before she returned to StrangeTown. He and Nervous would still be alive."

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