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Trio Lake Borough - unpopulated neighborhood

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Uploaded: 21st Apr 2024 at 8:51 PM
Updated: 12th May 2024 at 10:11 AM
Trio Lake is named after the Famous "Maria" trio, who founded this city by open a portal right from end of 19th century. Industrial revolution was made air here polluted, spoiled enviroment and turned grass to dirt.

  • Population: unpopulated
  • Number of community lots: 38
  • Number of residential lots: 61
  • SPs and EPs: Complete Collection
  • Seasons cycle: Autmun-Winter-Winter-Autmun
  • Terrain type: Dirt

The story of this map was decided as English Victorian themed neighbourhood in its first ages when Industrial Revolution just started. There are A LOT (really a lot) of building features which I used when read the books and articles. I don't think I could remember all but I try to explain at least some of that. And sorry for being nerd and weirdo again, I'll try to be as short as possible. If you are not into my babbling then read just bold text if you are not interested in plot.
  • I tried to share the spirit of Victorian times so the furnishing is actually very similar in most ofthe houses - it is quite antique in furnishing and has a lot of red wood inside. There are a no radiators but a lot of fireplaces and pot bellys in all the houses.
  • Really huge range is in sim living level and property prices! Your sim can live in one room for rent with no toilet or in 1mln simoleons mansion on other hand.
  • This neighbourhood is NOT about gender and living level equality. There are few (two) lots for use just by men and wemen. I like gameplay with properties presumbly for use and here is the table in short describing what terms of my gameplay rules:
    Social ClassPlaces for living in downtownPlaces for living in outskirtsCommunity places to visit
    Low class (working class on hard duties like factory producing, mining and also housekeeping for higher classes)Poverty Square, Worker Ave and Elford GroveMewshouses for starting families and Coal mines and Lumbermill for the restOld District, Fleapit Cinema, Landfill and all the parks, all the industrial facilities like Food Factory, Water Tanks, all levels of factories once they would be bought and raised by the rich men, all the Stank Road properties. Also Briny Beach and Maria Trio Memorial.
    Middle class (working class on daily service like priests, fireman, policeman, journalists, doctors etc.)All the 1x1 municipal buildings, Train Station, Orphan Asylumthese are kinda scattered - Bampton circle terraces and Simslow Hall, Daily Punctilio Starter, Hearty Guest House, Candy Floss Mansion, St John's Moonrise HillBampton High Street, Madam Rosemary's Cottage, Pier Gambling House, Central Telegraph
    High class (presumably industrial magnates, landlords and politics)London Belgravia and Regal Sequence rowhouses, St. James SImitariumAll the 5x6 lot mansions like Tudor House etc. and Simdringham houseConcert Hall, Industrial Assembly Building, Crocket Court, Gentleman Club, Bath at Regal Sequence, Golden Jagamohan Tea House
  • In Victorian times wemen were still unemansipated hance just rich wemen had access to different sports and entertainments. Following previously said this neighbourhood has few properties special just for men and wemen and those properties are preferred for rich sims. But that doesn't mean wemen would not visit properties for men. They have access to outdoor amenities but could not enter the house.
  • This neighborhood feature are terraced houses - typical british feature I think. There are different types of that - side-to-side with private outdoor area, side-to-side with communal outdoor area and even back-to-back houses with no outdoor area which were very modern for Victorian times.
  • Low and high class houses has special rooms for servants inside. Those are added in real estate formula with "+" after bedrooms count, meaning one to numerous little chambers with cheapest beds, wardrobe and sometimes toilet stall right there in the chamber.
  • Horses were a transport in Victorian times. Unfortunately we has no any similar in The Sims 2. But there are mews houses, stables, stalls near rich properties and there are a lot of those on some community lots too. Horse stalls has (bath) tube to feed animal.
  • There are a lot of things this game can offer but not existed yet in Victorian times. Hence there is no PCs, game consoles, fire and buglar alarms anywhere in this neighborhood. As exception I used microphones and bass guitar in the Concert Hall furnishings. There are mechanical toys abadoned on Briny Beach and public huge TV in the Fleapit. There are even leaving shops at the Landfill where your sim can buy some of electronics from shelves and vending machines.
  • There are special designed public phone booths which looks like iconic English London booths. To call from that you should click on booth sign above it. The whole booth is unaccessible due to furnishings around. And there are also different design for post boxes in the houses of middle class and higher.
  • Trains are going on the left side. Cars however is not but this can be set easily by boolprop CarsOnRight false cheat

About Map:
The whole idea of this neighborhood actually was started back in 2021 from Lagoons map created by Angellasimmer (link to the thread). Once I placed the train decoration the idea then grew very fast around it. The neighbourhood has 99 lots and I made two map guides with descriptions for each in the next scrolls:

Information about CC:
There are three mods in the next list that are most essential.
General tips to place and use the neighborhood:
  • This is usual neighborhood so it shuld be put into C:\Users\...\Documents\EA Games\The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection\Neighborhoods folder
  • No special mods for watering plants and cut bushes are required.
  • Neighborhood camera mod is not required as well. The only far enough lot is the Landfill but it mant to be like a secret lot and will be accessible from limited view with default game camera.
  • You may use and do whatever you want with all lots, sims and anything I created for this neighborhood as well as any of my creations. Creations of other creators are also free for share. I asked each creator for permission to have their creations in my neighborhood. Just don't share entire neighborhood and claim it's yours. You may refurnish houses and edit sims. But please don't change its descriptions. Keep in mind that some lots were built on uneven slope.

About Storylines:
The story of this map first was decided as populated neighborhood. But then with a lot of upload issues, my real life circumstances and due to possible corruption I was not able to share populated version of my neighborhood and now share the unpopulated one. Maybe populated version was not interesting too much. Few of feedback is totally understandable, 'cause The Sims 2 is the veery old game and its fan base is sagnificantly reduced with time.
Anyways there are some easter eggs left in descriptions from populated version which could tell you few words about those sims who lived there:
  • Lucky smells Lumbermill and Melon Farm, Daily Punctillio - all are lots taken from "Lemony Snikett's Series of Unfortunate Events" book. That was meant Baudelaires with optometrist Georgina Orwell should live in Lumbermill. Oh, and Briney Beach is from there too.
  • Crumplebottom Court and Goth's family Ophelia talk for their owners themselves. Tudor House for Kerri should have owned by Langraabs.
  • The Simslow Hall tells you a story of the girl imprisoned by mad scientist, the same way it is narrated in Synapse household from the Sims 3 Store Midnight Hollow.
  • Some of the buildings I built are inspired on real life, other game prototypes and some original scratches from Victorian times. Industrial Assembly building is inspired by Kimpton Clocktower Hotel and Pier Gambling House is something which is based on blueprints sent me by Simsample.

Known issues:
In some houses newspapers are not delivered to front doors. So better to have mod that alters front door.

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to simsample and Sokisims for useful ideas and shaking my brains with inspiration to create some lots in this neighborhood.
Huge regards to Frodo1990 who remodeled almost every lot of Factory levels district. That was very long process for him I guess.

Many thanks to creators who makes a lot of useful stuff. Here in my Plathville thread is the list of almost all stuff was involved in creating process.

Regards Vic ^_^