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Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
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#1 Old 25th Aug 2011 at 9:21 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 6th Feb 2014 at 7:19 PM.
Default Apocalypse Challenge - Realistic/Tiered Variant (Ruleset Mods Available!)
It's the super bowl and all across the region, people are watching. The whistle blows for half time and every Sim in the city goes to use the toilet. Every single toilet in the region is flushed at the same time. The resulting drop in water pressure causes the three nuclear power plants in the area to go critical and melt down, devastating the region. Thankfully, the founder is off at college when this happens, but when he returns to start his family, he finds a very different world he must survive in.

Chances are most of us have read these words and have either at least read though, perhaps attempted, or possibly even accomplished Pinstar's Apocalypse challenge. I'm in that second group. I think its a fantastic idea, but the 12 pages of rules were just impossible for me to keep in my head all at the same time. This might be true for you as well. The other problem I had with it was that it was too darn easy to cheat, or to accidentally cheat. With these issues in mind I decided I needed to make a set of mods to make my game force the rules on me and my sims. This set of mods is available for download here at MTS.

While reviewing the rule set I decided to make my own adjustments. The rules have grown organically while the EPs were still coming out, so the full final set doesn't make as much sense as it would if you had started with all the EPs. Some of the rules bugged me or didn't make sense so for my own version I rearranged a lot. Hopefully these changes make sense or help you remember whats left of the rule. One of the major changes I've made is that the rules have to be lifted in a particular order. I've not mapped out each individual one to do in which order, rather I've grouped the 28 careers into Restriction Levels. The first level is the 'Securing the Basics'. In this level your sims are focused on security, food, and medical attention. The next is 'Rebuilding Society', in this level, your sims are focusing on unlocking careers that will help rebuild the town and the community. The final level is 'Rebuilding Culture'. At this level, your sims have more time to devote themselves to the arts and pleasures in life.

There are a couple basic major differences between this Apocalypse Challenge and any others you may have done before. 1) Mine is tiered. You need to do each level before the next. 2) I allow and encourage your family to move the spares out and start their own homes (after lifting the Law Restriction) to help the afflicted neighborhood rebuild itself twice as fast. This doesn't effect how much time it takes you to finish it, but it helps the neighborhood grow more organically and when its over you should have a completely playable 'hood. 3) I've included mods to help you remember all the rules I've listed the rules that are taken care of with my mods in GREY. Though, I didn't do very thorough testing, so please let me know if something is wrong. 4) I require you to have and visit community lots. Before your sim can take a job in any career, they must visit the corresponding community lot to 'apply' or 'volunteer'. While this is an end of the world scenario, it's also about rebuilding the community. You can't do that without visiting the community.
Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
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#2 Old 25th Aug 2011 at 10:22 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 2nd Jul 2020 at 4:37 PM.
Default Overarching Rules - Setup
Apocalypse Challenge – Realistic Variant

The following is a set of harsh restrictions the family must obey. Each set of restrictions is tied to a specific career field. When a Sim reaches level 10 in that career field, that restriction is lifted. A single Sim may only lift one restriction in his or her lifetime. To lift all 28 of the main restrictions, it will take 25 different Sims and 3 different pets. There are 3 levels of restrictions; all restrictions in each level must be completed before moving on to the next. I recommend downloading Pescado's Zombie Apocalypse mod to add some flavor to your challenge.

Sims part of the bloodline and the spouses to heirs can unlock restrictions. Servos cannot lift restrictions. The ONLY Sims that may be moved into the Legacy family’s household are Sims that will directly contribute to the birth of the next generation. (In other words, the spouse of each heir.) After the Law Restriction has been lifted, the ‘spares’ can move out of the house and start their own households to continue unlocking restrictions in tandem. You must keep the other houses in time sync with the main house and follow all the same rules. Only Townies and NPCs may be brought into the family. Moved in Social Townies may not keep their Uni jobs unless your Sims are otherwise able to attend Uni themselves. Until your founder lifts the first restriction, you may not move in any Sims or pets, or redeem Family Aspiration Perks.

If a Townie at the top of a career joins the house as a spouse and that career is not lifted and is in the current restriction level, it is lifted instantly. If it is for a future restriction level, those restrictions may be lifted as soon as that restriction level is reached, even if the sim has already passed away. However, they may not work toward lifting a different one in the meantime. If that career has already been lifted, the spouse can work on lifting a different career. If you have the Pets EP, you must unlock the three pet restrictions to complete the challenge. If you do not have the EP for a career, consider that career restricted until all others on the same level have been lifted. At that point the ones you are missing can be considered lifted and you may move on to the next restriction level.

The family lot must be on a desert or dirt tile set. You may not place the home family lot on a beach lot. When your founder returns to the neighborhood, move him or her into an empty lot. Any lots built after the disaster that your sims visit must comply with all current Apocalypse restrictions. This includes all lots but those in vacation neighborhoods. Any lots built pre-disaster must be stripped of objects that can not be used anymore, and the architecture should be modified to look as if it is barely surviving.

If an object has no value, (such as a used up Aspiration Reward), you may delete it, regardless of existing restrictions. Cheats, mods, or hacked objects that would give you an unfair advantage over a player who didn't have or use them may not be used. You can use any custom object as long as its cost, ability and mood fulfillment exactly mirrors an existing 'official' object. Autonomous actions need not be canceled unless specified by the restriction. If you do accidentally break a rule, just fix your mistake - make up for it, and continue. As long as it was just an honest mistake, you don't need to consider failing the challenge.

Starting Options:
Full Uni Start: The founder starts as a Young Adult in college. None of the restrictions applies to the founder in college, as the disaster has not happened yet. The college has a strict no-pets rule. Neither the founder, nor any Sims attending college afterwards may purchase them while there. Founders may bring up to 3 items back from college that were purchased with their own money. If the founder graduates, one of these three items MUST be the diploma. The founder may not start an off-campus business. The founder must leave college after 9 semesters. If the founder goes on academic probation, those extra semesters count against the 9 you are allowed. Founders who graduate on time (8 semesters), may stay for the full post-graduation period. (The 9th semester.) If the founder goes on academic probation once, but still graduates, he or she must return to the neighborhood immediately after graduation. The founder does not need to graduate. Founders and anyone who comes after are prohibited from raiding the Secret Society house and bringing objects that were originally there back to the Apocalypse Family house. After the founder has returned, any future Sim sent to college may not move into a dorm, and must move into an empty lot (any size). Their college must also be on a dirt or desert tile set. Young Adult Sims that come after the founder must obey any restrictions that have not been lifted yet. Neither the founder, nor any Sims that come after may found or join Greek houses. The founder may not give gifts to prospective spouses before the ‘disaster’ happens.

Mid-Uni Start: The disaster is going to happen sometime during Uni, and you don't know when. At the beginning of each day, roll two dice. Double sixes means the disaster is happening and you need to drop out of Uni by noon. If you make it all the way out of college without rolling double sixes, then it happens upon Graduation. All of the Full Uni rules still apply except with changes on the time limits of course.

Adult Start: Either you don't have Uni, or you hate playing it. Start with an adult Sim, put them in a regular house, grab them 3 items for their inventory, play them as you would normally for 2 days and on Wednesday morning, you've suddenly been sent into the Dark Ages. You house has been totaled. Move out out and into an Apocalypse Lot.

Suggested Housing Arrangements:
These lots meet the basic building requirements for the challenge, but might be furnished a little too nicely for the beginning of the challenge. You might have to do some stripping. More lots will be added as I find them. I think its alright to use lots or build lots that only have a footprint of 64 squares in the living area and use walls and fences and other things to 'build up security' against the zombies or looters.

, , , , and Nengi's Ghetto Grundge
Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
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#3 Old 25th Aug 2011 at 10:30 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 2nd Jul 2020 at 4:42 PM.
Default Basics - Safety, Shelter and Food *Restriction Level 1*
"It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness."
The physical effects of the nuclear winter are clear, but it is only half of the devastation. The damage to the population's mindset and willpower has also been great. People are starting to give up hope and despair has begun to set in. People have no motivation to band together or leave the shelters they have made.
Once your founder reaches the top of a career, (ANY of the first 3 careers, it doesn't matter which), he or she shows the region that the worst is over, and that things can and will begin to get better. A few Sims are even willing to risk traveling the streets to be with the regions new and only ray of hope. You may move-in/marry spouses for your founder and future heirs and redeem Family Aspiration Perks. You are still restricted to moving in only those who will contribute to the next generation. *Note* As the newspaper isn't being published, nor do the carriers feel it is safe to travel, you may use whatever means you like to get your sims into any of these first three jobs - at level 1, of course. I recommend MogHughson's Job Notice Board. The region is so badly off, each of these fields can use as many recruits as possible. Pick whichever you'd like.

Interesting Rule Change:
Here you should include a few community lots in your hood at the moment. A military base, a soup kitchen/food bank, and a First Aid station may be built and sims may visit them a few times provided they follow certain rules. While these comm lots *may* include items currently restricted, such as a restaurant stove to feed the hungry. They still need to be very VERY limited. This challenge is much more about story telling than it is about finding sneaky ways to win. Your military base should include things that a forward war zone military post would have. Really get into the spirit of it. I had planned on making the official versions of these lots, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll update this thread if that changes. As for visiting them, the entire family needs to visit when you go. Protection in numbers, you can't leave anyone at home either. If you have toddlers or infants currently, you will have to wait. You may only go out once a week, and you need to visit all before going to any a second time. Once all lots have been visited once, you don't need to go to them again if you don't want to. Your sims may NOT take a job without visiting their new 'place of employment' first. Send your founder down to the military base, first aid station, or soup kitchen to become their newest 'recruit'. Community lots are allowed to break their own rules but no others. You are allowed to eat at the Culinary community lot, and you are allowed to fish at the Oceanography lot, however, you can't have electrical lights at the Medical facility until Science has been lifted, understand? Update/Rule Change: Teen jobs are restricted even further. Its really just not safe enough out for teens to go by themselves. They may join the military, but if they want to be in medical or culinary, they may only take that job if one of the adults in the house also has that job. Once they themselves are adults they may, of course, switch jobs by visiting a different career center comm lot.

Culinary - "Hunger is the best spice."
The gas lines and power grid have been severely damaged. Running a gas stove or electric appliance carries too much of a risk. Food is scarce. The quality of the food the Sims can get is very poor and can bring illness to some. Coffee is now scarce in the region due to supply cuts. Fresh food is non-existent.

  • Sims may not purchase or use anything from the Ovens or Small Appliance category except for the cheapest grill.
  • You may only prepare food once per sim day. Once any Sim has prepared food, no other may do so for the rest of the day. A Sim making a one-serving meal counts. Filling any pet food bowl counts against the family's "one meal per day" limit.Sims pulling out baby bottles does NOT count against this limit and may be done as many times per day as needed.
  • Grilled Cheese Aspiration Perks may not be redeemed.
  • Sims may not Give Treats to pets.
  • Sims may not prepare Gelatin.
  • Sims may not purchase or use the Nectar Bar or Vending Machines.
  • Sims may NOT store leftovers; either in the fridge or in inventory.
  • Sims may not prepare food, eat, or purchase food on community lots.
  • You may not use the Delivery menu on the phone to order Pizza or Chinese food.
  • Sims may not purchase or use birthday cakes, wedding cakes, the bakery display case or any catering buffet tables.
  • Only Sims in the Culinary career track can make use of the Chocolate Maker.
Once a Culinary master emerges from the household, new ways are invented to preserve food. Sims learn better ways to cook the artificial food and how to rewire home appliances so they can be used again. They also open up supply chains to coffee growers. All Culinary restrictions are lifted.

Medical - "It's the dark ages once again."
The plumbing has been severely damaged in the region. Water brought to the house is dirty and unsanitary. To make things worse, local drug stores have been cleaned out by looters. You are suggested to download the Sponge Bathe for All mod.

  • You may not give dogs a bath or purchase or use the litter box.
  • No showers, bathtubs, Medicine Cabinet, or changing tables may be purchased or used.
  • Pools,sprinklers, hot tubs, and saunas may not be built or used.
  • Sims may not use medicine, Vamprocillin-D, WitchBeGone, Lycanthropic-B, or Plantophic-C.
  • Sims may not redeem Needs perks, except children may redeem any Needs perks available on their toddler-to-child birthday.
  • Whenever Sims Woohoo, they MUST choose Try for Baby.
  • Sims may not purchase Only Sims currently employed in the Medical career may use the Surgical Dummy.
Once a leader in the medical field emerges from the family and leads the Red Cross restoration effort, clean running water is restored to the region. Supplies of medicine and contraceptives are now available to the people who need it. The Medical restrictions are lifted.

Military - "The government advises all citizens to lock their doors and remain indoors."
The mobs of radiated zombies wandering the streets make it unsafe to travel anywhere but a select few highways. Neighborhoods are scattered as nobody is willing to risk traveling just to visit with friends. The roads to and from local colleges are blocked. Your founder just barely made it back to the neighborhood.

  • Sims may not travel to any community lots, with the exception of the above required comm lot visits. Also, Law Enforcement restriction can be ignored for these special trips as well.
  • You may not invite over any Sims except Sims they are have red hearts with, or are engaged to.
  • Teenage Sims may not Ask Permission to Go Out or Sneak Out
  • Sims may not go Hiking/Jogging or Walk off the lot.
  • Only Sims currently in the military can use the Obstacle Course object.
Once a brave general from the family leads the local National Guard in a strike force against the zombie hordes, the streets will become safe to travel again and the Military restriction is lifted.

Security Pet
Zombies, mobsters, anarchists, burglars . . . there is a lot out there that can get you. Even if these threats don't directly harm Sims, the fear of them does. A thick blanket of paranoia has spread over the region. Sleep does not come easy to a fearful mind, and the idea of these bad guys out to get them is enough to keep most Sims awake at night.
  • Sims may not sleep in a bed or on a couch with an Energy rating higher than 3.
Once a family pet is inducted to the Pet Corps, Sims begin to rid themselves of paranoia and get in the habit of sleeping soundly at night. The Service Pet restriction is lifted. If you do not have Pets EP, then this restriction becomes part of the Military restriction, and is lifted when that one is.
Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
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#4 Old 25th Aug 2011 at 10:44 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 2nd Jul 2020 at 4:54 PM.
Default Rebuilding Society * Restriction Level 2*
Now that your sims are safer and have been able to provide the basics, they are starting to really focus on the community. At this point (or right when your sim takes a job) you need to include community lots for these new jobs to be based out of. At the bare minimum, you need a City Hall (Architecture, Business, Law, Politics), a school (Education), a news center (Journalism), law enforcement station (Intelligence, Law Enforcement, police and firefighting services), and a research laboratory (Natural Science, Oceanography, Science). You can make individual ones for each career or you can double them up, doesn't really matter. These still need to be very bare bones versions of what they would be in *normal* society. You should also go back and upgrade your lots from last round to be more of a hospital, simple diner, and a slightly less war version of a military training facility. The restrictions for visiting the lots this round are different. Your entire family doesn't have to go, you can leave the little ones home with an adult, teenager, or a cognizant elder (elders after Pet Service is lifted). To go to one of these lots you need to have either two adults or an adult with either a teen or non-foggy elder. Your teens may now get jobs, it's a bit safer out now.

Architecture - "Rome wasn't built in a day."
The nuclear meltdown and resulting steam explosion contaminated the local area, including the buildings. Their structural integrity lost, many buildings simply collapsed while others were condemned due to heavy radiation. As the survivors cling to life, they resort to building basic shelters to protect themselves from the elements. Without proper knowledge of building safety requirements, these shelters were kept as simple as possible to avoid risk of collapse. Making do with scraps of wood, carpet, metal, mortar, and bricks, survivors no longer dream of building beautiful abodes.

  • You need to use your judgment in this one. You are not allowed to use any "fancyï" architecture, roofing, fences, windows, doors, flooring, wall covering, stairs, columns, awnings, any elevators, *nothing*.
  • You may not build on more than two floors above ground (ground level, next floor, next floor, flat roof is the highest allowed). You may have an accessible flat roof and place items there, and you may have an awning above that to comply with Music restrictions. Basements do not count against this rule.
  • Sims� houses may not occupy any larger than an 8X8 area, the rest of the lot must be unused. You may not place any items outside of this 8X8 area, nor modify tiles outside of it. The trash can, mailbox, sidewalk tiles, delivered newspapers, bills, and Genie Lamps do not count for this restriction. They don�t need to be in the 8X8 area. The 8X8 area may be anywhere on the lot, but once designated may not be moved. Driveway extension pieces do not need to follow this rule as long as the 8x8 covers the driveway.
  • Items dropped off from Dates and Outings may remain outside the 8X8 area. If the items are moved, they must be placed in inventory or within the 8X8 area. Sims may extend the house underground within the 8X8 area. Sims may build upwards, as long as the higher floors do not hang outside the 8X8 area.
  • You may not use or place the Very Mysterious Shelving.
  • Only Sims currently in the Architecture career may use the Drafting Table.
Once a great architect rises in the family, blueprints are drawn up to create safer homes for the survivors. With the construction company the architect started up, sights are set on rebuilding the community areas damaged by the catastrophe. Building supplies from other parts of the country are shipped in and distributed to those who need it. Together with the newly arrived City Planner, the region begins to make use of the quality building supplies stashed at formerly secret locations. The Architecture Restrictions are lifted.

Business - "Your money is no good here."
The chaos in the region set off by the power plant explosions has broken down the basic economic fabric of society. The value of a Simolean varies wildly from place to place. All major markets have been destroyed or looted dry. With the economy of the region in shambles, people are unwilling to go shopping. The only thing that sells well are stories from survivors, as media outside the region is hungry to know what happened and what it is like to live in such a land.

  • You may not buy pets from pet stores (player run or community) or other Sims.
  • Your Sims may not start their own business.
  • You may not sell buy mode items via the buy or build tab.
  • Your Sims may not hire Service Sims of any kind, nor the Gypsy Matchmaker or Head Witches.
  • Fortune Aspiration Perks may not be redeemed.
  • The only car your Sims may purchase or use is the Restorable Car, (or CC Maxis drivable Military car)
  • Sims may not Pass On learned Business Perks to other Sims.
  • Only Sims currently working in the Business career field may use the Execuputter.
Once an economic leader from the family rebuilds the economic structure of the region, the Business restrictions are lifted. In addition, the Open/Closed sign may be purchased and used from the Miscellaneous Decorative category. The old-style cash register may be purchased from the Electronics tab, even if these items are still restricted otherwise.

All the major school systems are in ruins. Education has all but gone from the region. All that remains is a small gathering of teachers in a safe house to teach younger Sims the basics.

  • Sims may not attend school or college.
  • Sims may not teach other Sims skills via career rewards.
  • Knowledge Aspiration Perks may not be redeemed.
  • Aspirations may not be changed, but Secondary Aspirations must be selected on the teen birthday.
  • Only Sims in the Education career may use the Bookshelf of Education.
The Sim who becomes an Education Minister rebuilds the region�s educational system, and even restores the old college back to its former glory. The Education restrictions are lifted.

Intelligence - "Trust no one."
The entire region is devastated. Zombies, bandits, motorcycle gangs, and other horrors roam the land, mercilessly taking from those that try to rebuild. Locked behind closed doors and barred windows, many pray that the evils roaming the wastes never find them. When something starts banging at the door and eerie shadows loom through windows, terror grips the heart. Is that a call for help? Is someone begging for their life, hoping, praying that someone will save them? Or worse? Could it be a group of bandits, waiting for someone to unlock that door so they can break in and take whatever they please? Everyone's afraid of what's waiting for them outside. People have no choice but to make do with the limited goods provided by the only trusted supplier in the region. People sit and hope, waiting for the day when they can trust again. No one asks questions and no one exchanges packages. Sims do not venture from their homes without an escort, except to go to work or school.

  • Sims may not answer the phone, nor Chat on the phone. Only Invite Over is allowed.
  • Sims may not perform any action from the Ask pie menu that came with Nightlife.
  • Sims who are not friends with a member of the household may not enter the house.
  • Proposals to move in may only be offered by the heir intending marriage.
  • Sims may not accept blind dates, jobs, or contact numbers from social townies.
  • Sims may not hire or befriend Service Sims (NPCs).
  • Sims may not hire employees.
  • Sims may not give gifts, but giving away pets is allowed.
  • Sims may not visit community lots alone�they must take a friend or family member along.
  • Sims may not Search for UFOs or Summon Aliens.
  • Popularity Aspiration Perks may not be redeemed.
  • Your sims may not become zombies, vampires, werewolves, plantsims, or witches. If they do, move this sim out immediately. You must still play their household and keep it in sync. They may not move in other sims and they and their heirs cannot lift restrictions. Similarly you may not play with Aliens, Servos, or Bigfoot. Once this restriction is lifted, the family can trust them again and they are treated as regular spares.
  • Only Sims currently in the Intelligence career may use the Audio Augmenter Earpiece.
Out of the shadows shines a light. While they work in secretive and mysterious ways, the recently re-instated SCIA brings trust back into everyday living. With thoroughly checked out agents filling the ranks, operatives are sent out to clearly distinguish friend from foe. Information travels quickly and soon everyone knows who is trustworthy and who is not. As the paranoia fades, a sense of community blossoms. Sims ask questions of their neighors to learn about them. Gifts are no longer looked upon with suspicion. The Intelligence Restrictions are lifted.

While there are many newsworthy events going on at ground zero, there are barely any news reporters to cover it. As a result, the local newspaper has become even less useful than before. While the newspaper continues to be delivered every day (the paper carriers were zombies even before the disaster), its content has become almost nothing.

  • Only the first job listed in the paper may be taken. If the first job (or second) is for a tier level that you haven't reached yet, you may look at the next.
  • The paper may not be used for anything other than recycling, composting or turning into a paper airplane.
  • Sims may not order or read Hobby Magazines.
  • Sims may not Read Book unless it is a novel that has been published by someone in the family. Most bookcases are restricted.
  • The Journalism career reward may not be placed until Journalism has been unlocked.
Once a Sim becomes a Media Magnate, the the local paper is restored to its former glory, allowing the few industries left to announce their full job postings. The Journalism restriction is lifted.

The law in the region has all but vanished. There are no checks, no balances. While the threat of lawsuits has dropped, all the GOOD things with the court systems have vanished as well. Without law in the region, even the greatest people cannot permanently restore parts of society.

  • Sims may not adopt, and Social Workers will not take away neglected children.
  • Sims may not purchase vacation homes or community lots.
  • Wants and Fears may not be locked.
  • Sims may not Find Own Place or otherwise move out of the house. (This rule is actually coded into Journalism for now, you can temporarily remove Journalism when you need to move someone out after lifting Law)
  • Sims returning from college must rejoin the household, they may not be left in the Sim Bin.
  • Only Sims in the Law career may use the Litigator Podium.
The Sim who becomes The Law restores the code of laws to the region, and the foundation is set for other parts of society to be restored. The Law restrictions are lifted. Now non-heir sims may move out and �found� their own family lot. Both households can lift restrictions as long as the houses are kept in time synch with each other. (Play each for a week and rotate.)

Law Enforcement - "Go ahead and call for help, nobody will listen."
The local police and fire departments are in shambles and unable to do their job. A strong air of anarchy and lawlessness has swept the region. Violent gangs of anarchists prey on the old and weak. You may not call the Pet Adoption Service to adopt or give up a pet.

  • You may not call to report a runaway teen or a lost pet.
  • Your Sims may not purchase smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, burglar alarms or car alarms.
  • Your Sims may not use the Emergency tab on the phones.
  • Children may not leave the lot for any reason without going with either two adults, an adult and a teen, or an adult and a controllable elder.
  • Only Sims in the Law Enforcement career field may use the Fingerprint Scanner.
Once a brave hero from the family emerges, the streets are cleaned up and order is restored, allowing police and firefighters to once again help people. The Law Enforcement restrictions are lifted. The smoke detector and burglar alarm may be purchased and used, even if the Science restriction has not been lifted.

Life of Crime - "Nice place you have. I'd hate to see anything bad happen to it."
The local organized crime family has taken advantage of the lawlessness in the region to set up a protection racket. Joey "The Comb" and his goons force people to pay hefty sums to ensure nothing "bad" happens to what few possessions they have left. While some try to fight the mob, most just give in and pay.

  • Once per week, by midnight, your Sims must pay protection to the mobsters, they charge 50% of your lot value (not family value). Go into buy or build mode and find the lot value from the button at the top left, then use FamilyFunds to subtract the amount.
  • Only members currently in the Life of Crime career may use the Lie Finder object.
The first household member to rise to the top of the underworld becomes part of the "family". While the household does not get a cut of the profits, they no longer have to pay any protection money. The Life of Crime restriction is lifted.

Natural Science - �Why do they call it nuclear winter? Because everything is dead. The snow you see is toxic ash.�
Any and all plant life in the region is dead. Nothing grows anymore. Natural and organic food is non-existent. With no plants to hold the soil together, the whole region is plagued with dust storms that block out the sun and whip across the land.

  • You may not place any flowers, bushes, trees, or plants, except the dead tree on community lots.
  • You may not plant fruit bearing trees, garden vegetables, or the Cow Plant.
  • You may not alter the ground color to grass colors.
  • You may not purchase or use the wedding arch.
  • You may not buy or place the composting bin.
  • Chef Salads may not be cooked, ordered at restaurants, or bought pre-made.
  • You may not order groceries for delivery via the phone or computer.
  • Any flowers received as Date Rewards must be placed into inventory or sold by midnight.
  • Sims may not use the Ant Habitat or Collect Bugs.
  • Houses MUST be built on a foundation/deck and/or be built on pillars. (You may still have objects on the ground, but walls may not be placed on the ground level.)
Once a brilliant Natural Scientist emerges from the family, a plant serum is invented that lets plants use toxic ash as fertilizer without making the plant itself toxic. With this serum in wide supply, the region begins to return to life. Food can actually be grown again and people can have lawns. With plants once again anchoring the soil, the raging dust storms cease and the sky can once again be seen. All Natural Science restrictions are lifted.

Oceanography - �You will suffer.� Poseidon, The Odyssey
The fallout didn't just bury the land in toxic ash, it contaminated the local waterways. Whole populations of fish were poisoned. Marine life suffered in the ocean areas contaminated by the toxic flow. The hot waters disturbed weather patterns in even far off places. In the darkest depths of the deep, an old god's rage runneth over. The forgotten Poseidon unleashes his wrath upon the region, cursing the minds of the people. No one knows what they want or fear anymore.

  • After this restriction is lifted you may now include Spring in your seasons rotation, but no more than twice. (regardless of Music)
  • The water tool from the landscaping menu may not be used.
  • No fountains or fishtanks may be purchased or placed.
  • The Koi Pond may not be placed.
  • Sims may not eat Salmon or Lobster Thermidor.
  • Sims may not visit beach lots nor buy or wear shell jewelry.
  • The Weathernaught 57x may not be purchased or used at all.
  • Sims may not fish on the home lot; the water is too foul to catch anything alive.
Once a member of the family tops the Oceanography career, the Hand of Poseidon dons diving gear and plunges into the murky abyss. Beseeching the old water god to forgive the populace, The Hand of Poseidon asks how to restore the waters and correct the weather patterns. His anger quelled, Poseidon bestows a boon of knowledge to the Hand. The Poseidon Project is born and opens its doors; explaining to all what must be done to revive both fresh and salt water. Endangered marine life gain in number due to an intensive breeding program, and there have even been sightings of newborn whales! The Poseidon Project works to re-establish ocean currents and tides, using artificial means to stimulate them until the natural balance is fully restored. This artificial method has given way to a hint of winter thaw. Seeing the progress the people are making, Poseidon restores their minds with the wave of his trident. The Oceanography Restrictions are lifted.

Politics - "Democracy is said to be the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried."
The political scene is a mess, more so than it normally is. Local officials are haggling over the how and when supplies are sent to the region, while the citizens suffer. Corruption is rampant and waste is constant. The mayor has restricted the supply of building materials in an effort �conserve� them. Harsh and unreasonable property laws have been enacted. What is left of the police force seems oddly motivated to enforce this building law in particular while turning a blind eye to the looting and anarchy.

  • Sims who miss a SINGLE day of work for any reason (including pregnancy) must quit their jobs.
  • If Sims lose employment in a career for any reason (quitting or being fired) they may never take a job in that career again. This cross-applies to teenage, adult and elder careers.
  • Elders may not retire, they must quit if they wish to stop working.
  • You may not ignore chance cards; you MUST select one of the two options.
  • Only Sims currently in the Politics career may use the Teleprompter podium.
After a great political leader emerges from the family and takes over the office of Mayor, political corruption is cleaned up. The prestige and notoriety gained by the family allows them to sway the actions others, who see everybody from the family as a leader. Confronted by the new powerful mayor, the labor leaders agree to follow the proper labor laws.The Political restrictions are lifted.

Science - "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -Arthur C. Clark
Without the flawless power grid and advanced electronics companies of modern day, the high tech gizmos that were once relied upon have slipped out of the population�s reach again. Technology has taken a step backwards.

  • Sims may not purchase or use anything from the Electronics category except for a single computer, a single phone, and a single boombox (the $99 one), many items are also restricted by Gamer. The one computer you are allowed is nothing more than a typewriter. You may only use the computer to Write Novel or Write Term Paper. (If Sims autonomously play games just cancel the action.)
  • Sims may not use non-compost fertilizer.
  • You may not use the Spray command on plants, trees, or roaches; the spray needs to be reinvented.
  • You may not call the exterminator (also requires Business to hire Service Sim).
  • Sims may not purchase or use anything from the Lights category or the Toasty Garden Lamp.
  • You may not place or use the Ceiling Fans.
  • Sims may not purchase or use the food processors, trash compactor, or dishwashers.
  • Only Sims in the Science career track may use the Biotech Station.
  • Sims who have redeemed Knowledge Aspiration Perks may not Summon Aliens.
Once a great scientist emerges from the family, the knowledge of known technologies is restored to the area, so the gizmos may be produced again. The power grid is repaired enough to use these gizmos and gadgets in the house.

Service Pet
The combined stress of living in fallout and the lingering radiation in the air has had a terrible effect on the minds of the elderly. Older minds decay faster and senility sets in early and badly. Surviving to elderhood in this new world is both a blessing and a curse.
  • Once any Sim turns Elder, you may no longer issue any direct commands to them, nor cancel any of their actions. You may still cancel actions that would otherwise break another restriction (such as playing computer games).
Once a Pet reaches the top of the Service career, it helps the household's elderly. Interacting with a trained Rescue Pet heals the mental and emotional damage done to the minds of the Elders. They are slowly helped out of their cloud of senility and brought back to reality by their furry friends. The Service Pet restriction is lifted. If you do not have Pets EP, then this restriction becomes part of the Education restriction, and is lifted when that one is.
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#5 Old 25th Aug 2011 at 10:45 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 29th Jul 2012 at 9:31 PM.
Default Reviving Culture *Restriction Level 3*
In this last round, its much easier to visit lots. You still may not leave children home unattended, but your sim can visit comm lots alone. You will need an artist studio (Art, Dance, Music), a Trail Head (Adventure), Sports Complex or Gym (Athletic), Coffee Shop (Gamer, Slacker), Nightclub or TV Station (can be built onto News Center) (Entertainment, Show Business), Cemetery, Church, or Mystic shop (Paranormal). You can go back and upgrade your old lots as new things become available to you.

Artist - “Imagination is more important than knowledge” –Albert Einstein
With survival on everybody’s mind, the arts have virtually disappeared overnight. People are more worried about finding their next meal than attending a concert in the park or buying art.

  • No items from the Wall Hanging, Sculpture, Rugs or Miscellaneous Decorative tabs may be purchased or placed. Old boots, fish and maps are not 'art', and may be placed/displayed on the lot.
  • Sims may not display the Bug Box, Hobby Plaques, Contest Ribbons, Magical Statue, pottery, potholders, quilts or reagents.
  • Sims may not purchase or use the Activity Table.
  • Sims may not Take Picture.
  • Sims may not use easel, crafting benches, sewing machine, or pottery wheels.
  • Only Sims currently in the Artist career may use the Camera.
Once a great Artist is produced from the family, a wave of culture is set off and art and music return to people’s minds. The Artist restrictions are lifted.

There is a particular energy around certain objects that gives them special properties. Objects with this energy are frequently given out as aspiration rewards. Ever since the Apocalypse, these objects have suddenly lost this energy and have become useless. While many are baffled by this, there are a few theories. It is said that the stone of Unga-Nunga is the key to the energy that makes Aspiration objects work so well. This stone was being held at the Sim City museum, where it powered the city's reward objects as well as slowed the EQ decay of the city's population. In the chaos of the meltdowns, somebody stole the stone.

  • Sims may not go on vacations.
  • Jumbok IV may not be placed until your Sim has topped Adventure.
  • Sims may not purchase any Aspiration Reward objects.
The Sim who reaches the top of the Adventure career locates the stone's thief, the nefarious Dr. Vu. In a daring raid of Dr. Vu’s lab guarded by pirates, ninjas, ninja-pirates, pirate-ninjas and chartered accountants; your Sim makes off with Dr. Vu’s ill gotten gains. In addition to recovering the stone of Unga-Nunga, your Sim makes off with top secret technology Dr. Vu had hidden at the base. The Adventure restriction is lifted.

Athletic - “Only the strong survive.”
The radiation in the air weakens muscles and bones. As a result, muscle degeneration has set in. Even simple physical tasks have become impossible.

  • Any item that takes up more than one square may not be moved or placed back into inventory once placed on the lot, with one exception. Items received as Date or Outing Rewards may be placed into inventory or moved one time, even if they are larger than 1 square.
  • Sims may not restock or delete out-of-stock items larger than one square. Items that have spaces beyond their actual footprint do not count as multi-square objects.
  • Sims may not sell Buy Mode objects that are larger than 1 square.
  • Nothing from the Exercise tab may be purchased or used, nor the Soccer Net or Basketball Hoop.
  • Sims cannot Jump Rope because their weak bones won't hold up to the repeated strain.
  • Sims may not perform the Leap in Arms or Swing Around interactions.
  • Sims may carry no more than 3 items in their inventory. Earned, but not placed, career reward objects do not count against this inventory limit. If a spouse moves in with an inventory larger than 3 items, you must downsize it immediately upon their moving in. The Bon Voyage display shelving with items on it is counted as a single item in inventory.
  • Sims may not open or close the Murphy Bed
  • The Punching Bag may only be used by Sims currently in the Athletic career.
Once a Sim joins the Hall of Fame from the "Mutant League Football" arena, new training techniques are invented to overcome the muscle degeneration set in by the disaster. All Athletic restrictions are lifted.

Amongst the toxic ash and hoards of zombies lies a region of despair. Sims are not able to psychologically calm themselves enough to meditate. They are constantly off balance: either anxious or apathetic. Rhythm is lost to them and nobody even considers tapping their foot or humming. Stores containing stereo equipment have been cleared out by looters or destroyed in the wreckage. All dance left the region when the famous dancers fled.

  • Sims may not dance at all, including the dance sphere or ballet barre.
  • Sims may not do tai chi or meditate.
  • Stereos may be used only to build body.
Once a talented dancer rises in the family, and walks into a crowd of survivors, it took only a solid, steady beat. That beat wasn't made with an instrument or heard through electronic sound waves. The dancer simply started tapping a foot. The tap was accompanied by a bob of the head. Before long, someone joined in, mimicking the movements. The dancer added more complex moves as the line continued to grow. Having been shown the steps, Sims of the region learned to dance once more. With rhythm restored, they reclaimed their physical and mental balance and were able once again to meditate and dance. The Dance Restrictions are lifted.

Entertainment - "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
Before the incident, it was common for people to balance work and relaxation. Too much stress can make people snap if they don't find fun things like television, books, and the internet to keep them entertained. Now many of those things have been taken away by the disaster. Whether destroyed in the blast or lost in some other manner, the people of the region are left to themselves. How can anyone conceive of cracking a joke in such a dismal state?

  • Sims may not be directed to perform any action from the Entertain pie menu.
  • Sims may not throw parties.
  • Sims may not sing the Sea Shanty, Tell Dragon Legend, or Juggle.
  • No item from the Party tab or Recreation tab may be purchased or used, except for the King for a Day Outdoor Chess Table, cake, and the wedding arch.
  • Sims may not use the karaoke machine (also restricted by Artist).
  • Sims with televisions are limited to the Yummy Channel, the Workout Channel and the News/Weather Channel.
  • Pleasure Aspiration Perks may not be redeemed.
  • The Starstruck Personal Fame Star may not be placed.
"Nothing up my sleeves! Presto, chango, magico!" Shouts the prestidigitator. With a clap of the hands and a snap of the fingers, ribbons appear from thin air, dazzling the gathering audience. As the crowd begins to grow, the magician can't help but smile. "And for my next trick: I will need a volunteer from the audience." Excitement begins to spread while people both old and young gasp as the person is placed in a box and then sawn in half. But it was all a trick! Applause echoes across the land with the hope that by bringing a little fun into life, everyone can have a brighter tomorrow. Sims clap their hands in surprise when they learn that a little slight of hand was all that was required. The Entertainment Restrictions are lifted.

The disaster has fried most of the delicate electronic components, this means anything programmable is toast.

  • Sims cannot use the computer for anything other than "write novel" or "write term paper".
  • No console games, no computer games, no pinball machines, no remote control toys. Personal electronics (cell phone, handheld game, MP3 player) may not be bought. The founder may keep and use personal electronics if they bought them in college, but they can’t give them to anyone else.
  • Sims cannot use microwaves, digital clocks, or stereos.
  • Sims may not purchase or craft robots, including Servos.Servos may not be activated.
  • Only Sims in the Gamer career can make use of the Gamer career reward.
Your Sim is extremely bored. After becoming a Game Designer, your Sim is capable of fixing and reprogramming all these items. The Gamer restrictions are lifted.

The skies are dark and packed with clouds; No more concerts, no more crowds.
The land sleeps in a blanket of snow; Waiting for the start of the show.
All that's missing is the lead; For the land to wake and take heed.
Blast Mother Nature’s eardrums out; Show grandfather winter what you're about.
Make the existence look and nod; To the emergence of the Rock God.

  • The weather must be changed to Winter/Winter/Winter/Winter.
  • Sims cannot StarGaze or Watch Clouds, or use telescopes.
  • Sims cannot use the weather control Aspiration Reward, even if one was brought back from college.
  • Items may not be placed outdoors. Everything must be covered by a roof or awning. Cars, pools, trees, and delivered items do not count for this restriction.
  • Sims may not go on Vacation because the weather is too rough to permit flight.
  • You may not purchase or use Solar Panels or the Windmill.
  • Sims may not purchase the synthesizer, electric guitar or bass.
  • Only Sims in the Music career may use the Rock Hammer.
With a mighty chord and a mighty roar; The icy grasp of winter is no more
All of the Music restrictions are lifted.

Paranormal - “One death is a tragedy. 1,000 deaths are a statistic. Stop bothering me before you become a statistic.” –The Grim Reaper
With the death toll in the thousands, the Grim Reaper has been pulling long shifts. He is so tired of hearing pleas he has stopped bargaining for the dead. The whole region has become haunted with angry spirits. These spirits have disrupted the mystical energies, and all magical items have become mundane.

  • Sims may not plead with the Grim Reaper.
  • A Sim’s grave may not be moved from the place it initially appears, urns may be moved once.
  • Graves and urns may not be sold, even if a sim has smashed them. Graves and urns may not be placed into inventory.
  • Sims may not use the Wishing Well, Genie Lamp, Voodoo Doll, Spiritual Shrine of Odd Blessings, or Temple of Jumbok IV.
  • Bon Voyage display racks with special properties may not be placed.
  • Only Sims in the Paranormal career may use the Resurrect-o-Nomitron.
Once a Sim from the household heads up a cult, they begin to perform rituals to calm down the angry spirits. With the spirits of the dead calmed, the Reaper can take a much needed vacation and is much more willing to bargain with Sims upon his return. The Paranormal restrictions are lifted.

Slacker - "White hot iron, red hot iron, cold black iron. An Iron taste and iron smell, and everywhere an iron sound." -Bleakhouse
With government regulators unable to enforce fair labor laws and the remaining businesses able to mistreat their workers who are desperate to keep their jobs, standards of employment have gone down the drain.

  • Sims may not use vacation days, nor go on Vacation.
  • Sims may not perform influence actions.
  • You may not call the Garden Club while the restriction is in place.
  • Sims may not redeem Work Perks.
  • Sims may not have casual or scored Outings, or scored dates.
  • Only those in the Slacker career may use the Hydroponic Garden reward object.
Once a Sim from the family becomes a Professional Party Guest, a huge party is hosted with all the leaders of industry in attendance. Little do they know that the federal labor enforcement agents have also been invited. Confronted by the federal agents, the labor leaders agree to follow the proper labor laws. The Slacker restrictions are lifted.

Show Business - “It’s the end of the world and you’re wearing THAT?”
Sims don't care about personal appearance anymore. They would rather be fed and safe than pretty. Cosmetics, hair care supplies, and clothing stores have all been cleaned out by looters or destroyed. Nobody wants to spend any money to bring these items back to the region. As a result, Sims' appearances have taken a turn for the worse, leading most to keep to themselves. Large gatherings, socials, brunches and parties have virtually disappeared. The social elite of the region have long since fled for greener pastures.

  • Sims may only use the Practice Speech or Practice Romance interactions on mirrors
  • Sims may not purchase or use closets or anything from the Wardrobe tab.
  • Sims may not purchase perfume or the Love Potion 8.5
  • Sims may not redeem Romance Aspiration Perks.
  • The Diva and Mr. Big NPCs may not be moved into the house for any reason.
  • Sims may not purchase or use the stylist’s makeover chair.
Once a Sim from the house rises to superstar, they unleash their show, "Stylish Eye for the Zombie Guy" on the world. The Sims of the region, seeing radiated zombies shambling around looking 10 times better than them, gain a renewed interest in appearances. The profits from the show are used to bring fresh supplies of cosmetics, hair care products and stylish clothing to the region. "Fallout Wear" becomes a new trend across the country. Once Sims have bought their new threads and gotten all gussied up, they are once again confident enough to organize social gatherings and show off their new looks. Even some members of the social elite decide to return. All Show Business restrictions are lifted.

Showbiz Pet
Life in a desolate world is harsh to Sims of all ages. Younger Sims find the new world they are growing up in not only scary, but mind numbingly boring as well. With no entertainment for kids and teenagers, concentrating on work is very difficult.
  • Children and teenagers may not Learn to do Homework
  • Children and teenagers may not build skill with objects that do not also raise fun.
Once a family pet becomes a Star, it provides some much needed entertainment to the household's youngsters. With their minds stimulated, they can finally focus on school work and learning. The Showbiz Pet restrictions are lifted. If you do not have Pets EP, then this restriction becomes part of the Entertainment restriction, and is lifted when that one is.
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Default Back to normal
The skies clear, the zombies are gone. The power plants are repaired and life returns to normal. The family stands as a testament to a Sim’s will and ability to survive. The whole city owes a great debt of gratitude to the host of leaders and heroes that have emerged from the family. By this time you should have a fully functional and realistically built up neighborhood. Congratulations! From this point you can take your neighborhood and play out the lives of all the residents. Your town is thriving again, all thanks to your hard work!

100 pts for each level 1 Restriction lifted
50 pts for each level 2 Restriction lifted
25 pts for each level 3 Restriction lifted

Perfect score is 1325, but as this is a very long challenge, we have different levels of winning.

Lifting all of Restriction Level 1 makes you a Bronze Apox Survivor,
lifting all of Restriction Level 2 makes you a Silver Apox Survivor,
and lifting all of Restriction Level 3 makes you a Gold Apox Survivor.

Tell us all how you did! We'd love to hear some 'survivor' stories! Also, tell me if you ran into a wall with anything, as this challenge is so restrictive and requires things to be done in certain orders, I'm not 100% its actually do-able yet. It is supposed to be super hard, but its not supposed to be impossible. Let me know and I'll see about a fix.

I highly recommend Pescado's Zombie Apocalypse and ARC to make the threat of Zombies real. Remember, this challenge is about rebuilding a community and telling a story of hard work and survival. Have fun with it!
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#7 Old 27th Aug 2011 at 9:36 AM
This is looking awesome Phae - but aww my poor sims. So no shower, no cooker, no fridge, no sink. Right.

Is there a list of lots available that we can download? Or do you need people to build/share lots? I guess once the travel restriction is lifted we could have some bars and markets... my poor, poor sims.

I am starting to ponder a strategy - which one first.

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#8 Old 27th Aug 2011 at 1:41 PM
I can't wait to try this challenge Phaenoh.

I love the compound you built. A set of lots to work within the rules is an excellent idea. I'm searching for lots now so I can get started
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#9 Old 27th Aug 2011 at 5:33 PM
So many challenges and so little time ! Why do I have to work so many hours a week when I would gladly sim them instead

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Test Subject
#10 Old 27th Aug 2011 at 10:19 PM
Hmm, as a "normal" Apocalypse player I'm a little confused on some of your rule changes; could you possibly clarify?

The Military section still restricts traveling to community lots, but you say that going to the "workplaces" is how jobs are acquired. Does it not apply? And can you simply go there any time, for any purpose? I know you say you shouldn't use these to cheat, but is there a purpose to these lots besides flavor? Are we allowed to meet other sims there, and are the restricted objects allowed to be used, or is it all just for look?

Intelligence restricts talking on the phone, saying that only "invite over" is allowed. Are we allowed to do this at all times? I may just be looking too hard, but there isn't any Tuesday 12-12 restriction, right? And why the restriction on supernaturals? I assume they are moved out even if Law is in place, but afterwards why aren't they allowed to unlock restrictions? Is the post-apocalyptic world just too species-ist to accept their contributions to society? Getting on the subject of moving spares out, once they're moved out they act almost like a new founder, right?

Heh, I guess I asked quite a few questions. Sorry for the bother. I'll definitely try it out, even though I think the ordering of restrictions removes a lot of the strategy from the challenge. I am, however, quite excited to destroy some lots for this new neighborhood.

...Oh! And one last thing. How would you feel about an Adult Start? I'm never very fond of the beginning Uni phase, so I tend to just skip it and make the beginning a bit hellish.
Mad Poster
#11 Old 27th Aug 2011 at 11:08 PM
I'm seriously thinking that I ought to convert my uberhood into a 'post-apocalyptic' one, at the end of their week-with all the mods installed. My idea is when the meltdown happens, all families are evacuated into their shelters, and they have to give up all of their previous lives to adapt to the new conditions.

Quite a concept, especially since there are mods that can really make survival tough, like the 'real sickness' one from MATY, which I'm probably going to use. With no doctors around, nobody can survive a minor illness quite so easily. I'd call it 'reversal of fortune' for the entire neighborhood. Nobody is spared.

I'd do it the other way from scratch, but I'd forget which CC I like so much, and I do so hate to start fresh with my 'empty templates' that I have installed, which will make it harder to really get the neighborhood off to the proper start.
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#12 Old 28th Aug 2011 at 7:33 PM
Quote: Originally posted by Ugly Duckling
The Military section still restricts traveling to community lots, but you say that going to the "workplaces" is how jobs are acquired. Does it not apply? And can you simply go there any time, for any purpose? I know you say you shouldn't use these to cheat, but is there a purpose to these lots besides flavor? Are we allowed to meet other sims there, and are the restricted objects allowed to be used, or is it all just for look?

Intelligence restricts talking on the phone, saying that only "invite over" is allowed. Are we allowed to do this at all times? I may just be looking too hard, but there isn't any Tuesday 12-12 restriction, right? And why the restriction on supernaturals? I assume they are moved out even if Law is in place, but afterwards why aren't they allowed to unlock restrictions? Is the post-apocalyptic world just too species-ist to accept their contributions to society? Getting on the subject of moving spares out, once they're moved out they act almost like a new founder, right?

...Oh! And one last thing. How would you feel about an Adult Start? I'm never very fond of the beginning Uni phase, so I tend to just skip it and make the beginning a bit hellish.

Goodness thats a lot of questions but I'm glad you've asked them. Military restricts visiting other community lots besides the ones listed in the fashion I've explained. In my version of the military lot, there will be an obstacle course that you sims can use (assuming they are in that career) and there are showers. This is not considered cheating as the military would be one of the first into a region and they would be able to set up things like showers and a base camp. The community at large doesn't have running water yet, but they would. You may meet sims and interact with them as Intelligence allows, just watch out for zombies. Just don't go over board with what you place there. I'm not including computers in mine because I don't want to babysit them from playing games.

As for the Invite over, Tuesday thing, that's gone. The restriction on Supernaturals isn't being speciest, or whats, they are being disallowed from the stance of simplicity. They have too many special powers to rule against. They are to be moved out regardless of Law restrictions, and they still must be played to keep in sync. However, it's Intelligence that is ruling against them in general. After that has been lifted the rest of the hood can trust them again, fall in love, get married, move in, and unlock restrictions. It's just slightly more likely that they would die alone and shunned before Intelligence gets lifted. Also, after Intelligence is lifted, the family no longer needs to 'kick them out'. It's purely a trust issue. And for the regular spares, yeah, they behave just like a founder of their own lot, but all lots *must* be kept in time sync with each other.

Adult starting is allowed, its just much harder. Uni allows your founder to skill up while they can. If you adult start, you may choose your three items and go from there. I personally prefer a mix of the two. The disaster is going to happen sometime during Uni, and you don't know when. At the beginning of each day, roll two dice. Double sixes means the disaster is happening and you need to drop out of Uni by noon. If you make it all the way out of college without rolling double sixes, then it happens upon Graduation. It always seemed odd to me that your sim seemed to know what was coming and was preparing for it on a deadline.

Hope that clears some things up!
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#13 Old 29th Aug 2011 at 10:35 AM
Since post-apocalypse/industrial/dystopia-style settings are my new default playstyle, but I have always thought the original Apocalypse Challenge was a Big Ball O' Ridiculous, I was considering this challenge - but I also object to the discrimination against supernaturals, which is very Not Allowed in my game (discrimination against humans is fine, though - they were also very Not Allowed in my game until recently). So I would say count me in, but... just... no. Sorry, but that's not the way I roll.

(I am not trying to be rude or anything. Just stating my opinion. Feel free to completely ignore me - everyone else does.)

- VT

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#14 Old 29th Aug 2011 at 6:55 PM
If you'd like to include the Supernaturals in your version of you, you may, but you will have to look up and follow all of the rules against them that the original version does. The supernaturals have lots of special attributes that would give them an unfair advantage over other sims. I simply ruled them out for simplicity's sake. There are a lot of rules against them and the whole purpose of this from the beginning was to simplify the rule set.
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#15 Old 30th Aug 2011 at 8:25 AM Last edited by nuidyaforever : 30th Aug 2011 at 8:57 AM.
Thanks for the reply, Phaenoh. I think I might do that - in which case, count me in!

*goes off to find original version of the challenge to check rules now*

(of course, that's not too hard. I'll just look under 'A' since I print off all the challenges I like and keep them in an alphabetised folder. Three, to be exact - I love challenges)

- VT

edit: I just thought of something. I play with clean templates. Clean templates = no townies. Can I make my own? (I think it would probably add more flavour if I used custom townies, since I could create suitably apocalyptic looks rather than facepalming every time I see a townie walk through a zombie-infested fallout zone in a suit and tie, but I just thought I'd check first)

Home of my Kulo Seeri Test of Time and a lot of worldbuilder rambling. You have been warned.
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#16 Old 30th Aug 2011 at 11:29 AM
Crikey, I am in a building frenzy for this I have another lot coming up - a community lot - which is a food/showers/used clothing depot set up by the Sim government. Its not very apocalyptic - but its very sterile and governmenty.

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#17 Old 30th Aug 2011 at 6:58 PM
This looks interesting. I've been thinking of writing a version that incorporates some more aspects of how people actually deal with an apocalyptic situation myself.
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#18 Old 30th Aug 2011 at 7:07 PM
Quote: Originally posted by nuidyaforever
I just thought of something. I play with clean templates. Clean templates = no townies. Can I make my own? (I think it would probably add more flavour if I used custom townies, since I could create suitably apocalyptic looks rather than facepalming every time I see a townie walk through a zombie-infested fallout zone in a suit and tie, but I just thought I'd check first)
That sounds perfect! I personally have a 'zombie infestation lot' where I have a family of zombies who's only real purpose in life is to attack and infest the townies. It's a game, have fun! As long as you are staying within the spirit of the rules, it doesn't much matter.

Lee? I love it. I'm also building up as much as I can, hopefully get those uploaded soon. If you get some lots that are built to these specifications, I will link to them. (and that goes for anyone else as well, not just Lee!)
Sesquipedalian Pisciform
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#19 Old 30th Aug 2011 at 7:17 PM
um well, built to specs... why does it have to be a 5 by 5 lot? Is it just for the lot value? Cos I don't want a load of enormous empty looking lots with a little blob in the middle.

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#20 Old 1st Sep 2011 at 7:44 PM
Phaenoh- I've never used Zombies much, but I've been working on a post-apocalyptic neighborhood and I've been thinking about adding them. Are the zombies you're using modified or can regular spread zombism like an infection??
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#21 Old 2nd Sep 2011 at 12:56 AM
Lee, I have no idea why it has to be a 5x5, but I find that too be the least important lot building rule out there. Things like keeping to the footprint, raising it above ground level, nothing living growing, and having nothing left outside in the elements are the important ones to stick to.

A.G.Doren, I've only used zombies with Pescado's hack which makes it more like an infection, I think regular ol' zombies would behave more.
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#22 Old 2nd Sep 2011 at 1:11 AM
I've always assumed the 5x5 rule was for starting the sim with as little money as possible. So what I do, if I want to use a smaller lot, is simply familyfunds the price difference away so they start with the same amount, regardless of lot size.
#23 Old 2nd Sep 2011 at 1:34 AM
So with MATY's zombie hack you'll get zombie outbreaks from time-to-time. I've heard that hack would pretty much overwhelm your neighborhood...how would you manage to build the community??
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#24 Old 2nd Sep 2011 at 1:57 AM
Quote: Originally posted by A.G.Doren
So with MATY's zombie hack you'll get zombie outbreaks from time-to-time. I've heard that hack would pretty much overwhelm your neighborhood...how would you manage to build the community??

Someone on this thread at MATY suggests using Paladin's weapons in defense.

That, and making sure your playables have really high body skill. Apparently, with the hack in place, zombies gain body skill with each attack, so over time, their attacks will have higher chances of succeeding.
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#25 Old 2nd Sep 2011 at 8:18 AM
Quote: Originally posted by leesester
um well, built to specs... why does it have to be a 5 by 5 lot? Is it just for the lot value? Cos I don't want a load of enormous empty looking lots with a little blob in the middle.

I think that rule is just for residential lots, so the founder doesn't start out loaded. I found no mention of community lots having to be 5x5 in either the original Apocalypse challenge or the Legacy challenge, so I'm assuming that the lot size rules don't apply to community lots.

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