Chapter 1: plans of evil
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Amaris Mingan walked towards the ruins that were near the hidden lake of night.

Created by the mages of old as away for them to get water for them without sharing it with anyone else save them and follow mages. It was said that these waters had blessed by Andraste before she got consumed by the flame.

She approached an archway were a merman stood guard “halt Werecat none shall pass unless they have favour with my lady”

“I have business with the sea witch” the merman eyes narrowed “wait you are a blood eagle aren't you” she nodded “yes and the queen shall not pleased that you stalling her business and you do not want her to de displeased”. The merman looked afraid when she mentioned the queen “follow me” he lead her into the ruins.

Sand went into her fur and paws as she walked to the surf of the sea as the merman lit two piers. The fire bellowed casting long shadows in the darkness that surrounded them. “where is she?” she asked snapping at the merman, “you know what will happen to you if she does not come”.

In panic of what might happen to him he yelled “my lady Aziza, maiden of the sea” before he could continue, a voice came from the water “who dares disturb my slumber at this ungodly hour. From the water I can see one that I know and the other I do not. Speak what is business here?”

Amaris looked into the water but she could see nothing and yet who ever was talking could see all “I come on the request of the witch queen she has business with you”

Silence, the only sound was the water of the lake as it hit the sandy shore, she wondered if the mages that created knew what would happen centuries after there deaths.

Amaris looked at the water to see the head of women looking at her. The merman looked at her and left thinking that he had his fill of strangeness for one day. She swarm across the water and came up the shore towards and looked at without saying a word to her.

Amaris noticed that she was a mermaid just as the blood eagle that came here with queen had told her. She watched her walk up the beach and she followed her wondering wither or not should kill this creature although she had been sent her instead of Vanessa who knew this woman, her instincts as a cat told her not trust this women and that her fish half looked tasty.

They went passed a steaming pool, hot springs. It looked like that the mage that created place had some fun with hot springs for themselves. In it were some other mermaids talking to each other.

When they stopped Amaris snarled at her “I have come for the potion that you have made for the queen, witch”

Aziza looked at her with interest “she still wants to barter with me? Well I have been around for many years and I have seen many things come to be and come to past. I was not expecting you to come I thought I would see her in person as she came to me when I was using that seeing stone of mine. I have not made the potion for her yet it will not take me long. Rest little Werecat for sleep most come to all if we need to live”

Amaris deciding to sit in the hot spring to warm herself up a little. Although she had her winter coat of fur she still felt cold. She slid herself into the hot spring taking off her clothes as she did so. She sat so that she could the witch at work with her potion.

Aziza was now making the potion that was key to the witch queen’s plan. She was thinking as she made it, “if this works then none shall stop her wrath as she sucks the soul out of the world. The power that she will have will de immense I thought that maybe I could stop her but now I see what shall not be and what will be. None of his men will find the queen will make sure of that but what can I do a witch that is both beauty but is that off a snake with no soul, no moral”.

Amaris was sitting back in the hot spring. It was making her relaxed and happy. The heat was seeping into her clearing the sand fro her fur “hey when is that potion ready?” the witch did not answer her but kept on working.

She tasted her potion to make sure that it did not need any more of anything “urm” she said to herself “I think a tiny bit of the blood” she pulled out a glass bottle filled with a red bottle.

She tipped some of it contents on to her hand and chucking into her cauldron.

“Werecat come I have done what you have asked me to do”

Amaris stepped out of the hot spring a bit sad to leave the warmth and comfort to get out into the cold night that surrounded the lake of night.
She walked over to the witch to recvice the potion

“well is it done, witch. The queen shall not pleased if you have lied to her in that your powers are not as strong as they said they were. I would hate to see what would happen to”

Aziza took a ladle from thin air and dipped into her cauldron taking it out a blue substance in the cauldron. She put into a bottle and waved her hand over it making disappear into a box, red ribbon tied around the box.

“for those that wait shall receive what you have come for” she presented the box to her “take my word for the power potion is immense to the success of the plan that witch queen has to her” Amaris took the box of her.

“now the deal shall be struck and so I seal the fate of one so that another one shall rise instead”

Amaris watched her walk over to a book and started to read “before you leave there is that which is need as well as the potion I have given the. A host is needed for the plan to succeed with out a host the one that we need shall escape us”

Amaris put the box in a pocket of her robes “I do not believe what you say witch I must see that you are right or else that there would de more power for us to deal with them”

As she touched the book it slammed shoot on her hand trapping it in the book, it made jump into the air and howl in pain as it realised her. Meanwhile the witch was laughing at her. “what does this one seek also, I sense that shall not be my end of this for elements shall move into place and evil shall fall around us”

When the book realised her she walked off down the shore line and vanished out of sight. The witch watched her go “few humans understand what happened to those that shall be and now my part is done in this for now and soon shall I de used those of them and more power shall happen”

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