Chapter 3: fear of the Dalish
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Arthion walked through the woods that surrounded Dalish camp. They were close to the Arbor wilds which was a wild place and not save for many people to go into. He was feeling warm and fuzzier after his nightly escapades.

When he entered the camp he realised that it was almost empty the only people in the camp was the keeper and his first from as far as he could see. He walked over to the keeper and asked “where is everyone, keeper?”

The keeper was fishing near a pool with many fish in the water, he was great fishermen. When the humans would not trade with them and the hunting was bad he would fish like hell for food for all his clan. “they fled taking the caverns, most of the food we have and the Halla with into the wilds to hide from the witch queen but they heading towards unholy land”

Arthion froze if most of his clan was travelling towards unholy land that meant only one thing “the mountains and the crack that leads into the deep roads?” he asked. The keeper pulled back his line there was a fat fish on it “I fear what will happen to us all now, your sister has been having visions of a blight coming soon and we do not need a blight in the dales with the witch queen around”

Silence fell for a moment between them both. Times have been hard on his clan with the disappearance of one of there hunters by some who was not one of the witch queens Henchmen, the humans being angry with them for not helping more to fight against the witch queen and the laws of the land where cracking down on them hard. “what do you mean by visions?” he asked.

Before the keeper could answer him a elf coming storming towards him “you Shem” he turned and opened his arms to him “Alyan! How are you? were have you been all this time? And what's with the blood”

His face was covered in injuries. Alyan snarled “I have spent the last few months processed by a dark god, left to rot before he comes back for me in the wilds and was almost eaten by Darkspawn”

Silence fell between them “how is that any of my fault?” Alyan hit him in the face “oh” he hit him again “now he asks that which is more clearer to me than it is to you. I came with you to kill the witch queen, it failed and we running. I was injured, I fell behind. You did not care that I was not with you, I was going to get caught by the queen’s monsters then a man came to me and asked “Alyan of the Dalish, you do not have to die here” I was afraid as that I can see right through him “arr how are you?, wraith” he just laughed at me “ha-ha... That’s what you think I am oh how foolish of you to think that” I heard growling in the distance, what ever it was turned it’s back on me “well is it destiny or luck I cannot decide on the situation for the elements of doth are here”. I took my hunting knife from my belt and chucked at him. He caught in his hand and become flesh and blood before me.

“oh what's this?” he turned and looked down at him. “ha you have spirit elf but it is foolish to fight me you will just die. I have a proposition for you” I hissed curling up into a ball “why should I trust you?” he looked at him “elf you think that I am a warth, I am not. I am something worse, darker and much more but I need something from you” I just looked at him. I could not see his face something was making me not look at it’s face “may de I should, just do it now. Just do’nt try and fight me” he seemed to step into me after that I cannot say what happened”

Arthion smiled at Alyan “so that is why you are so bitter” but when Alyan went to hit him again he caught his hand in his hand. “you’ll lose” Alyan kicked him in the leg realising his grip on to his hand. The keeper did not get involved in the fight between them. They punched, kicked and hit each other.

A girl was standing watching them “boys” she hissed and pulled out her wand and aimed at the both of them. She started cast a spell on Alyan and when it was a complete bees appeared around Alyan “what is this, your sister” he snarled in pain as the bees stung him “she is a mage ... You have doomed us all” he ran off to try and avoid the bees.

Arthion went over to her, she looked upset “Violet, I told you not to use your magic” she lowered her head “but brother you told that we were doth keeping a low profile” he nodded “we left Kirkwall and join this clan to avoid your Templers” Violet did not say a word “can I come with you?” “no” he said. He turned away and asked “Keeper, take my sister and leave while you stilll have the chance to”

Violet shook her head “no, I am not leaving with out you” he started to walk out off the camp “the risks and the danger that I am taking is going on just me and I do not want anyone else to get hurt. The witch queen will not have you, if I die. I want you to become a keeper and a good one. Farewell violet may the creators watch over you”

Arthion left the camp while Violet ran over to a shrine that was at the north end of the camp. She fell to her knees and yelled “Andraste I know I should not worship you now that I am Dalish. Please watch over my brother as he fights against the witch queen’s wrath. Guide him to victory and guard over us all”

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