Chapter 13: Desperation of an assassin
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Aziza, Vanlanthiriel and Geraldine where standing in a glade about twelve miles away from the gate house of Shadow Daine. “he’s late” hissed Aziza “Arthion told her us to be here for sun set and that was three hours ago and he has not arrived” added Vanlanthiriel. All them looked around the land surrounding in hope of seeing Arthion coming.

“He will be here soon, I’m sure of it” Geraldine told them both for she was faithful that he will come and their plan could be began.

A yell came from a top a small hill in the distance “you waste your time for he will not come”, they all turned their heads to Alyan running towards them. He had no fear at the sight of Vanlanthiriel who had been the first and only blood eagle to almost kill him.

Alyan felt the gaze of all three of them, bearing into his very flesh. “what is that you mean by that Dalish?” asked Vanlanthiriel to him, her two companions nodded in agreement to her question.

He gave a small laugh to Vanlanthiriel “I see that although you are now against the queen you still have your sense of style and that hidden sense of violence. Now to what I have left my place of sanctuary to tell you thus, my friend Arthion is heading to Shadow Daine as we speak to assassinate the queen” he heard a snarl which made his flesh go ice cold with it.

Geraldine also felt afraid by the snarl that came from Vanlanthiriel, she seemed to furious with Arthion’s actions. “thank you for your words” whispered Geraldine. Alyan ran off into the night calling back to them “I wish you the best of luck then for you most certainly need it if you are to fight against the forces of Kalian and to attempt to kill her.

With Alyan gone, they all prepared to also depart “we must go by the gate house to reach Shadow Daine for it is the quickest way there for if we avoid the gate house for a different route will take longer” Aziza told them with all haste of words.

“For we must travel the fastest route to stop Arthion for he does something foolish or ends up dead” added Vanlanthiriel and those words aired to them all, they started to move off.

Vanlanthiriel was going to fly while, Aziza and Geraldine where going to use their magic. As the wind blow throw her air as she flew into the night the sky, with a sense of thrill and bloodlust. She had not felt this way in such for a while, not since she had been told of the plan that she now tried to defeat.

When that blood red dark elf came to them and told them about the dark god, for all but the queen herself told her the truth of their informants true being. She had been made to drink the blood of their informant to see if she was telling the truth of what she had been saying.

While his friends made their way to the gate house, Arthion stood before the main and only entrance to Shadow Daine. “Shadow Daine the home of Kalian and her seat of power for now I’m here I sense her evil from here” he whispered to himself.

He felt a slight twinge of guilt about leaving his companions without telling them where he was going. Arthion hoped that he will succeed so that what the seer child prophecy does not come true for he will rescue the dark god and the queen before she awoke from her sleep.

Deciding that going through the front door may not be a wise cause of action as the queen would sense him before he could even kill her. So he started to climb the walls in the hope of making his way in through the roof.

He moved a section of stone one the roof making a hole big enough to drop down into the room below with a soft thump. He stood tiring to make as little noise as possible so he would not wake the sleeping figure of the witch queen.

His eyes looked around the room and the sounds of pain echoed all around the room making him feel depressed for he could not tell where these sounds where coming from. He knew these sounds ever so well from the queen’s reign and his life in the elven ailenage in Kirkwall.

Arthion’s eyes fixed on the crystal ball which glowed slightly with his gaze “what does this do? A fowl device of the queen”.

He watched as an image formed in side the crystal ball making it glow even brighter. He gasped to see his sister standing in a black and darkened room. Violet looked older now than she was and with stunned realization that her 18th birthday had come to past. “violet” he cried but he knew that she could not hear him.

The image changed to show the head of the black priest order “what is he doing to you? I swear after this is done I shall free you from his foul grasp even though I do not know where the unholy temple is, this I swear to you, my darling sister” he pulled out a knife and cut his palm. Letting his blood drip down on to the floor to make his oath binding that he will find her and rescue from that monster’s grasp.

Before he could do anything he was shoot back on to the floor, cursing for the large noise that came from the crystal ball and his fall “by the creators” he cursed as she stood. The crystal ball had now stopped glowing but instead it was slightly humming with it’s power.

Arthion moved towards the bed which still lay in peaceful slumber was Kalian herself. She slept during the day light hours which had always struck him as strange but Vanessa had explained to him that she preferred the night for her powers were strongest then and that some of her minions where known to live when the sun was down.

He stood over her, disgust in his mind to see her looking so peaceful and innocent “through your actions many lives have been destroyed and many have perished. Through my actions this night I shall not just save the dales from your evil but the whole of Thedas” he grimmest slightly with pain from his hand and the sounds of pain that echoed around the chamber.

Thinking that he could stand these sounds any longer he turned on his heel and walked away thinking that the queen would not wake for his taking his time to assassinate her.

Unfortunately for him Kalian’s eyes opened as she started to wake from her slumber wondering what was Arthion doing in her personal chambers.

He walked over to the small room that was in the far corner, looking through a small bared window “by the gods” he whispered in realization.

Arthion looked at the dark god who looked straight at him “do not ... Stand their ... Foolish elf ... Help me” he choked as his hands clutched at his throat as he hissed in pain.

He stood their in silence watching the dark god’s pain consume him “so your Nor, the dark god who the queen” he did not finish as his eyes were fixed on something behind him.

Arthion heard a cold laugh behind him which made his skin feel as cold as ice. He knew that laugh well from times she had attacked his clan with the blood eagles at her back. “oh my Dalish assassin you have not succeed in the task of bringing my death and now you are talking to my victim who will die oh so very soon.”

He turned in hope he could hurt her so he could stand a chance of escape but he could do so since his body froze with a cold and unholy meaner and with a flash blue light Arthion was gone. Kalian sighed slightly “I shall kill him slowly and painfully just like how you will die dark god”

She had noticed that the dark god had fallen silent along with Jane who was hanging from a wall by the magic that had been causing them both pain for soon the pain will be soon over for shall both be dead and she will be the goddess who will dominate the world.

Kalian then vanished and reappearing down stairs where she sat on her throne to await more visitors for she sensed that their will be.

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