Chapter 4: The capture
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The smithy was cold and grey. Few items had been forged recently thanks to the witch queens taxes and her demand for armour, for her minions not just the blood eagles but for things much, much fouler and curler.

“fire up the forge. We must forge something for the queen” a women went to the forge. She pulled out a wand and cast a spell at the logs “you know that eventually that the witch queen will tier of you” she turned and grinned “we provide with what she asks of us do we not and we pay her taxes”

There was a banging sound on the front door. The smithy was a attached to a small house and anyone who wanted anything from the smithy knocked on the smithy door. For those who don't were usually... “quick get up stairs and stay there until I come for you” she walked out of the room but she did not follow staying in the smithy thinking that she should have stayed in Minrathous at least then all she had to deal with was the risk of being sacrificed in a blood magic ritual.

She went to the door to see who was knocking on the door, through the glass of the door she could see a group of women all in black armour. Very carefully she opened the door “yes, what do I owe the pleasure of the blood eagles company?” one of them stood before her, she seemed de in charge of the group “do not distract us, we are looking for ... Someone, Geraldine and we do not want a witch such as yourself to get hurt” Geraldine raised her eye brows.

“then why have come here, I have paid my taxes and I do not serve Vanessa or that witch queen. If you have no other business here then leave and never come and darken this place of light with your darkness again” whispering came from the other blood eagles “what about her?” “she could de used?” there leader shock her head “true that we could use her for the plan but remember who we tiring to dined. Any trace of magic within the host he will use it to escape from us and with all certainty in my heart that if he did not kill us the queen will”

Geraldine heard this “what” puzzlement now consumed her face as but a moment ago it was consumed with anger, “what do you mean by this Rachel as you are not own for speaking in riddles” Rachel smiled slyly as she wondered whether a witch like her could stop them in there plans.

Fear raced along the grass making them seem to shake for her as if the wind had blown it so. A sound of running feet on wood caught the attention of the blood eagles, Rachel smiled with dark delight “ahh that is what we are looking for, the one with no trace of magic in it’s heart” Geraldine noticed this. She slammed the door and cast a spell on the door so that the blood eagles could not get in, as her friend ran up stairs to hide from them.

The blood eagles stood outside the store watching sun sink over the smithy. As the darkness, fell around them. “Now let us make the plans of the witch queen come true” they started to cast a spell on what they were casting on was uncertain. Geraldine watched them through the window casting the spell “I know what is about happen to me if they are using the spell I am thinking off, I am not going to be like that, I need to go and protect my friend” she started to run off and head up stairs to protect her friend.

Her eyes started to swim around the room, “what is happening to me” she was then consumed in orange light, lifting her off the floor. Pain cruised up her spine, a short sharp scream issued from her lips. Her body dropped like a stone and crimpled on a wooden floor of the smithy. After Geraldine passed out. Rachel and the other blood easels entered through the unsealed door.

“is she still alive, the queen finds the light witch fun to play with and woe on to you if she is dead. As my queen will be in raged for us for doing on this” one of them moved forward and knelt over to her “alive that she is but awake she was not” Rachel smiled “by the time she awakens it will be to late for her to stop are plans and kidnapping her friend”

They ran up the stairs making sure to make as much noise as possible so that they can scare her as much as possible. Meanwhile up stairs her friend was panicking with sheer fright from the sound of the blood eagles approach, “oh my god. I hear the sound of fear that travels with the minions of the witch queen, what do they want from me?”

Rachel lead the way into the bedroom, “nice place they have got here such a same that we have to mess the place up. Find her” As the blood eagles searched the room, Rachel took a seat on a small sofa, while watching the others search the room for the woman they seek.

Ten minutes later one of the blood eagles stood before the doors of a wardrobe wondering whether it was worth the time to look in the wardrobe to check that their was the person that they seeked was hiding from them in their.

She slowly graded the handles of the wardrobe and pulled them wide open. A gasp of fright issued from within the depths of the wardrobe “well what do you have here my fellow blood eagles”

Her hand reached in and graded hold of the dress and pulled out from the wardrobe. She chucked on to the floor at the feet of her fellow blood eagles who glared down at her.

She pulled herself up to face them. She wiped at her eyes with hand to make sure that she did not start to cry in front them “please leave me alone, I have nothing you want”

Rachel laughed coldly at her pleas for mercy “oh you have nothing to give us you say” as she spoke, the fear coming from their captive grow worse making her tears pour other them. The other blood eagles kept an eye on them. She is escaped it would take along time to find her again, the witch queen would be furious with them.

“you see my dear, you have chosen for a special role that I would love to do if I could” she blinked at her in surprise, the blood eagles smiled coldly as she spoke “what is your name?” she asked her. She gave her a small bow, tears still pouring from her eyes as she did so “Jane if it pleases you blood eagle”

Rachel stood and raised a green glowing hand at her “well then Jane, you will serve are queen well” she scream loudly as the green light touched her.

The screams echoed through the smithy, startling a blood eagle who was guarding the door to the bed chamber.
She cowed and hissed at the sound. She was the child of the local fur merchant and only recently joined the blood eagles as they were now about hundred strong and growing.

The boor opened as the screams stopped. Rachel appeared looking slightly green in the face. “you look sick is all well?” she asked her as she walked over to her. “It is done, she rest for the queen’s pleasure take her to the castle and I will tell the queen what we have for her. Everything is falling into place and soon we shall be rewarded for our service to the queen”.

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