Chapter 14: Passage to shadows
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With no knowing of what happened to Arthion in Shadow Daine, they hurried to the gate house. Vanlanthiriel landed hidden from the blood eagles who guarded the gate house, Aziza and Geraldine appeared there a few seconds later. “This pointless they will never let us pass alive to Shadow Daine” Geraldine hissed angrily. A small laugh came from Vanlanthiriel “you are not thinking my dear witch, I have not been with the my fellows for years but I am still a blood eagle” Aziza nodded in agreement. She hoped that Vanlanthiriel’s presence would get them past the gate house.

Vanlanthiriel led the way with a confident air in her stride while her two friends seemed to afraid and worried in their stride as they walked on to the bridge.

From the battlements they were spotted by Annette. For a brief moment their was silence before she cried “halt! What is your business? One of you come forward so we may speak with you.”

Whispered conversation broke out between each other. “I should go” said Geraldine, a growl from Vanlanthiriel silenced her “keep your tongues” she told them as Geraldine and Aziza started to argue about who should go and speak with the blood eagles on the gates. “Both you are acting like children, I know that these times have been troubling for the both you but if this argument continues it will lead to both your demises. To save your friendship I will talk to them” before they could argue with her, she walked towards the gate.

Annette looked down at the figure of Vanlanthiriel who stood tall and silent below her. No words came from both of them, until Annette started to talk to her with her “I was not a member of the blood eagles but from your name I know from the lips of Vanessa and the other powerful blood easels but now I see you I wonder if their tales of you and your powers are true.”

A slight laugh came from Vanlanthiriel after she finished “ah yes I can see how you may think that since you have not ever seen what I can do if you want me to show you then come down here and I will show you what I can do”.

Annette considered this offer true if she could defeat her that would get her more respect from the other blood eagles and a enemy in Vanlanthiriel for defeating her. “No but a kind offer you make maybe one day I shall take you up on it. What is your business here, Vanlanthiriel” she asked her.

“My business here is to take these two with me to Shadow Daine. As I believe that the light witch is a traitor to our queen so she will be silenced so her treacherous words will not corrupt us” Annette frowned slightly as Vanlanthiriel had not explained the sea witches business in Shadow Daine. Thinking this she asked her “but what the witch Aziza, we did have business with her for this plan of the queens but that has concluded. So I ask what is her business with the queen?”

Vanlanthiriel did not answer straight away for she did not know that Aziza had previous workings to the queen. With a convincing or at least she hoped was one told her “she wants to see the plan come to a success after she has aided to it. Now will you let us pass?”

Annette pondered on the information and looked at her fellow blood eagles on the gate house. “open the gate!” she yelled as the gate slowly opened, a cry of thanks from Vanlanthiriel cheered her slightly.

Vanlanthiriel beckoned them both to follow her through the gate, under the watchful gaze of the blood eagles. Geraldine and Aziza walked in silence with thoughts about their friend who was leading the way and how glad they that she was on their side.

Rachel watched all three of them thinking that they had little knowledge of where and what happened to her while she had been for what of a better term missing for all this time before now but still who they to question. Vanlanthiriel was one of the first blood eagles and was in high favour with the queen, who they to stop her. The only thing they would must likely do is die or gain the wrath of the queen.

Cries echoed down from the walls above them as the blood eagles. Vanlanthiriel smiled to hear what they where saying to her but a snarl from Geraldine showed that she was angry that the blood eagles where yelling insults and snarling at her for being a traitor to the queen.

They continued to walk on to Shadow Daine with cries of the blood eagles following them as they walked into the distance.

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