Chapter 11: Love and hate of a broken heart
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Rest came to Geraldine in beds of the witches cracked heart tavern. Dreams had come to her of her love and those of a future which makes her closer to her love when he was not with her.

Vanlanthiriel watched her sleep as she could not afford to rest as she had a job to do before she could do that “oh what betrayal you have caused to the head of blood eagles. What shall she do to you when the truth is laid before her eyes and her love, friendship for Arthion will be destroyed by your desire. I hope that it is worth it for what the queen will make you pay for your loves affection”

With that aired to the room around them she stood her wings extended to send the cramps out of them.

A need of secretly to leave the inn without waking her sleeping companion. She crept out of the room without making a sound, her purpose was clear in this and with hope she will return before they meet up with Arthion and Aziza before the sunset on that day.

She left the inn with no one noticing her departure and flight off into the distance.

The barracks of the blood eagles was only one of four as their numbers grew but this one was closet to Shadow Daine and the more powerful members of their order dwelt inside the stone walls of the barracks. Few lived around the area who weren't in service to the witch queen as she was known to come here often to speak with Vanessa who lived in the barracks.

Vanlanthiriel looked down in the barracks for she had not been here since her assassination attempt years ago. She sighed with relive as she landed on the platform that ran around the upper levels of the barracks, fear of the queen being here was none existent for she could not sense here around the barracks or the surrounding landscape. For if she was here then all this would have been in vain not just for her but those who were planning to stop the witch queen’s plan also.

With no knowledge how Vanessa would react at her return she walked along to a closed down on the far end of the walk way.

Vanessa dressed in slivery white armour, her eyes fixed on a book on unit tactics when she heard the door open. She had asked for privacy from her fellows since her return as she did not want word sent to the queen about Nari being with them.

“did you not hear me?” she asked without looking from her book. “I wanted to be alone for a while and this women who is with me is a new recruit, I was taking to Shadow Daine with me later” she told the intruder on her privacy.

A laugh came from Vanlanthiriel as Vanessa finished “is that how you great me my old friend? I know that you have not set your gaze upon my face for years” Vanessa looked up with surprise for she knew that voice well and although she had not heard it with the believe that she had perished.

She looked up from her book with a smile, “Vanlanthiriel it has been a while my friend” she walked to book case and knelt to place the book back in it’s place “you could always use your magic to do that” joked Vanlanthiriel. A chuckle from Vanessa came “well that would make lazy and if you think it is such a great idea then you do it Vanlanthiriel”

When she stood to face her “then what is it that you want here Vanlanthiriel for if you wanted to speak to me then I would have returned to the fold a while ago” her arms were folded as she waited for an answer from her companion.

Silence came from Vanlanthiriel for a moment while Vanessa wondered what she would say to her that had brought her out of where ever she had been for all this time.

“of what I bring may lead you to your rage my friend then before that I ask you of who your companion is for she looks nothing like a recruit for the blood eagles” asked Vanlanthiriel.

Vanessa looked over at her companion while she told Vanlanthiriel her identity. “for you are right to say that she is not a recruit but come to aid us in are battle against the queen that is soon approaching us. She is the wife of our queen’s immortal guest and wishes to set him free” she told her.

Nari smiled at them both “for how many move with us to fight against the queen. Two of her most trusted allies now a secret in their treachery. The who has a heart of confusion, a witch of the sea who has been touched by fear. And then theirs me, Nari the dark goddess who will risk the rage of any for my love’s safe return to me.”

For a moment Vanlanthiriel thought of leaving, keeping her friend safe from her dire news and to stop her rage from falling upon her old lover. She shook her head, she knew Vanessa far to well to know that she would be more enraged if she saw for herself than her telling her about it.

She took a beep breath before telling Vanessa what had happened “of this dire news to you especially for you, I wish it was not my business to bring this to you but as a friend I must tell thus. Geraldine has made a deal with Kalian for the love of Arthion for now he hates you and wishes you slain. For his love for the witch is strong and hers for him is” Vanlanthiriel heard her friends shaking breath as she finished telling her about her loves betrayal.

No words came from Vanessa for a moment “Vanessa? I am sorry that I had tell this but” she fell silent as she noticed that Vanessa was starting to cry “you did what you thought was right. I feared this was true for Nari also told me this but from you who is the truthful of all of us that I believe.”

As her tears started flow more heavily Vanlanthiriel moved to comfort her friend but was waved back by Vanessa “go leave me to my sorrow Vanlanthiriel” she wept. Vanlanthiriel looked at her, her eyes filled with sorrow that she could not comfort her better “I am sorry for what he has done to you my friend. Be assured that he will pay for it in due time. What you do next is up to you for know that we are heading for Shadow Daine tonight” and with those words spoken Vanlanthiriel vanished in a flash of white light.

Nari arose from the bed and walked to stand in front of Vanessa “the sun is setting, soon night shall upon us. What do you intend to do now?” asked Nari. Vanessa bid not answer but continued to cry.

From outside the sun had set and a cry went out from Theodosia. she was one of the liveliest of the blood eagles since she like Vanlanthiriel where among the first blood eagles, she had survived about six assassination attempts on her life and her powers were more of seduction and temptation. “night has fallen upon us my fellows, time for us to go hunting.

Vanessa stopped crying and straighten, wiping the tears from her eyes. A ferocious light in her eyes of determination “I was prepared to die for him and now for him to turn on me ... Is unforgivable on his part. Put on some armour for we are going to Shadow Daine the two of us. Fear not I am continuing this betrayal of mine but I may put an end to another's.” Nari smiled “be careful for in your eagerness for revenge you may seal your own fate instead of theirs.”

Vanessa turned to the face the mirror as Nari went to go and put on her armour for the journey that lay before them. She looked into the mirror wondering wither or not she should tell the queen of what was happening or not. She decided not to but she knew that queen would be glad to her of her news about her enemy, Arthion. A silvery sheen spread across the mirror’s surface as she attempted to contact the queen.

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