Chapter 2: A potion for the witch queen
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She stepped onto stone and stood there looking at the throne from which the witch queen sat. Amaris looked to see Vanessa standing by stone sculptures.

“urm your highness” she realised that she was a sleep upon here throne.

She was a sleep and when she heard her voice the witch queen awoke and looked at her “I see you Werecat do you what I asked for from the witch. You do know what will happen if you don't have it”

Amaris knelt by the throne “my queen I have what you ask and more” Vanessa leaned against the wall keeping an eye on her as she spoke to the witch queen.

“witch queen, I have the potion that you wished for”
The queen smiled a hand on her heart when she looked at her. “may I have it I would hate if you have lied to me”

She walked up to the witch queen’s throne and presented the box to her as she stood to revive box “your gift that shall die for one but give you what you desire to you”, “aww how sweet it comes gift wrapped. Well this is a special occasion for us all” Amaris nodded in agreement. For a brief moment there hands touched each others.

Vanessa snarled at her “Amaris” she realised her hold on the box giving it to the witch queen “this plan of ours are going forward at long last” said Amaris as she jumped down on to the stone floor before the throne.

“now go and do my work” Amaris walked out of the witch queen’s place. The witch queen sat for a moment fingering the ribbon of the box. “Vanessa” she called “yes my queen” Vanessa answered.

“After months of plotting in the dark and the cold, we are in the state of capture. I have a host for the god in mind that city elf from Minrathous has been missing for over a month and there have been reports of him talking to a being in black robes. Vanessa I need you to find him and bring him to me” Vanessa nodded “if that is you wish then it shall surely be.

She left the place while the witch queen sat in her throne thinking of what will come to her would make her a god.

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