Chapter 16: Dark rituals of the gods part 2
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His eyes focused on the speaker of voice which was Geraldine who faced him giving Arthion a smile filled with her lust for Arthion.

Arthion looked at her noticing that she had been changed into blood eagle by the dark powers of the queens magic “Geraldine? How could you have done this to me ... And to yourself my dear friend Geraldine. All of this for my love as you were jealous of me and Vanessa when we were both great friends so why Geraldine” he asked with a pleading air around him.

Geraldine walked up to Arthion, stroked his check making Arthion feel all warm inside his heart and made it glow for the passion that the spell though that was on him was gone he still had the raw passion that he had inside of him for her love. A lovely smile decorated the lips of Geraldine as she saw the expression of desire upon his face.

“Oh my dear Arthion” she sighed “why say those things to me my dear though true. Why does this Vanessa deserve your love when she is as worse as the queen” she whispered to him so that no one could hear her save from Arthion “the queen made me into this but I am as happier than I have ever been in my life. My love, my heart burns for you my dear Arthion.”

Kalian looked over at them with a cold smile “Geraldine deal with him for if you do not then I shall slay him myself when my ritual is complete then no force in heaven or hell shall save the from my divine wrath.”

Geraldine gave a smile to him as she started to cast the purple light around his head making him feel dizzy as the hypnosis took it’s effect upon Arthion. His vision was blurred as he looked at the red eyes of his former lover “what are you...” he said with a slight slur but an ice cold finger fell upon his lips. She gave him a smile full of all the lust she had for him still as she hushed at him “silence.”

Her hand wrapped around his back as she pulled him down as her head went closer towards his exposed throat. Arthion was confused by the hypnosis that was clouded his mind he looked at the back of Vanessa “Vanessa?” he gasped. She did not turn to him as she appeared to be enraged with him for his betrayal of her “if you wish for me help you then think again knife ears for you and this demon deserve each other and may you find ever lasting sin in your lust” Arthion was about to snap at her when he felt cold breath against his skin.

Geraldine whispered into his ear while her head was on his neck “shush my dear now with this kiss I shall make you my eternal lover for all time forever to dwell in the shadows, consumed by are eternal bloodlust and sin”.

A gasp passed from lips as Geraldine's fangs pierced into his neck and his blood was slowing being fed upon his blood while he was helpless stop her from feeding upon. Geraldine was in a realm of total bless as she had not fed on blood before and she was enjoying feeding on him.

As Geraldine fed upon Arthion, Kalian started the ritual to make her goddess. Vanessa along with Vanlanthiriel watched with silent fear as they were unsure of what they needed to do to stop as they were not strongest even with there powers combined they could not defeat Kalian.

Kalian started to speak the words of the ritual to make her a dark goddess “upon this night before these minions of mine I take the soul of Nor dark god of the night and black magic. Are souls shall become one and the mortal life shall given to my own so my immortally and god hood shall be complete.” Vanlanthiriel looked at the hinds blood as it was a back up plan if she could not join with the soul of this god would not join with her. His powers would be hers but not his experience of using them wouldn't be but either way he would make her goddess no matter what happened.

But as she was about to continue the lines of the ritual she was stopped by a cry “stop this!” kalian turned her heard and looked surprised at Vanlanthiriel. She raised an eyebrow breaking her chant “what is this? Vanlanthiriel are trying to stop me?” kalian asked her.

Vanlanthiriel gasped slightly as she had pictured her confrontation with her old friend Kalian to have less risk than this “yes my queen” she answered. “I have followed you four years but I will never forgive you for what you have done to me and for you Kalian for slaying my mother” she yelled at her.

Kalian looked at the back of Vanessa “and you my dear Vanessa do you also feel the same about this” she asked. A nod was all the answer she gave to Kalian.

A look of surprise and sadness appeared on Kalian’s face when she realized that she had been betrayed by them “I knew that Geraldine had betrayed me but you two...” she stopped as her eyes started to glow red slightly “you two disappoint me by this as you are my friends especially you Vanlanthiriel my first blood eagle. Despite all this you can stop me as your friend Arthion is now mine” she laughed slightly when she finished.

In a flash of blinding red light Vanlanthiriel collapsed to the ground in a lifeless slumber “hopefully this will make you change your mind on your thoughts of betrayal my dear Vanlanthiriel” hissed Kalian to her.

Vanessa bashed forwards about cast the spell upon her to make go flying but as soon as she got close her body froze into place. Then a flash of white light appeared before Kalian, she looked at her not knowing who she was “I do not appreciate a fellow mage appearing unannounced before me and interrupting this ritual of mine, what is your name mage? And your business here at this time?” she asked her.

Nari meet her eyes with her own red eyes “for you may not know who I am mortal but I know who you are, witch queen of the Dales. My name is Nari dark goddess of the night and of dark magic, Nor the god who want to take his powers off is my husband. If these mortals I cannot stop you then it is up to me to save this world.”

A cold laugh came from lips of Kalian “so you are Nari I expected more although I do wonder why you have appeared when I made sure that no immortal can interfere with my plans but anyway I shall make you pay for your actions my dear” Nari looked around making a bolt of black lightning appear in her hand to defend herself from whoever the queen sent against her.

Arthion arose his skin now pale and his eyes as red as what little blood was still inside his veins. He was now a vampire the same as Geraldine and his now under the control of the queen as he heard her voice inside his mind “seize the goddess and take her to the dungeons of Shadow Daine where I will deal with her.” He slightly hissed at Geraldine before starting to obey the queens command.

As Arthion moved towards Nari, her magic was dispelled by Kalian, her eyes fixed on Arthion who walked slowly towards her. he smiled as he drew ever closer to her bearing his fangs at her thinking of her feeding upon her blood, her eyes flashed at him as he stood before her here. When he stood directly before she raised her hand and placed her index finger in between his eyes causing him to fall backwards for a moment as Nari towered over him as he sat on the stone floor.

When Arthion stood he heard the annoyed voice of Kalian who was enraged with him for not carry out her orders “foolish elf seize her ...” she stopped as she noticed that by focusing her power on Arthion she had forgotten about Vanessa and Vanlanthiriel. She cursed “by the gods how have been this foolish.”

Vanlanthiriel arose from her slumber and smiled at the queen with all the evilness she had against the queen “forgive my queen for this but you have gone to far with your plans so you must be brought to an end” cried Vanessa.

A blast of red light was cast by Vanlanthiriel was joined by a blast by from both Nari and Vanessa which as black as the abyss. They joined together to create a spiralling column of magic that arched straight towards Kalian as she was about to restart the ritual. She only managed to say one line of the next verse of the ritual “with this ritual I shall descend the rules of mortality and ascend into the realms of immortally”.

Kalian raised her arms as fast as she could to block the impact of the spell as it was about hit her. She managed to cast a protective spell in front of herself but no a veil as her spell was strong enough to with stand the blast. Breaking her spell into pieces letting the spell blast slam into her chest sending flying backwards towards the edge of the tower.

Arthion approached the queen with some worry in his movements for he was not sure what Kalian will act to this. Vanessa was keeping her eyes on Geraldine making sure that she would not rush to her mistress’s aid as Vanlanthiriel prepared to combat any magic that the queen sent against. Although the four of them were out numbering Kalian, she was not easy to defeat.

When Arthion stood before Kalian who was casting a spell, a mevolent appeared on her lips as he opened his lips to speak with her “you may think that I am beaten, Dalish vampire, no ... Arthion.. How does it feel now that the villainy of my powers have feasted upon your blood with so upon your very soul? Like Vanlanthiriel you are outcasts of your clan for if you shall return to the Sabrae clan you will be ... Slain” she laughed as her spell finished.

Arthion felt the an urge to peck the ground and cluck loudly as the queen shock her head “damn” she cursed with some annoyance as the spell took hold over Arthion's mind.

Kalian started to giggle as she watched him for she had meant to transform into his weakest form which would make him easier for her to kill. Kalian noticed that she had been weakened by the interruptions and stumbled back slightly as she felt these effects upon her body.

Laughter rung all the way around him as he acted like a chicken. Vanessa shrugged as she laughed “I know that you are known for magic Kalian but this an odd spell for you to use on Arthion”. A look of agreement appeared on Kalian’s face as she continued to watch him act like a chicken.

When the spell vanished from Arthion’s mind he meet the eyes of Kalian who was shaking slightly “a question for you my demonic queen why did you do all of this to this land? For we have done nothing to hurt you anyway”

Kalian was still shaking slightly for she had wasted her energy that she gathered to perform this ritual, she laughed slightly with an evil nature to his question “why? My reasons are my own but know this as I was born with magic with my veins such as my mother was and she was torn apart before my eyes. I shall not tell you much more Arthion but if you wish to know about my life before I became the witch queen ask the early members of the blood eagles such as Vanlanthiriel or Vanessa they may tell you.”

Arthion smiled slightly as she finished “I wished that I could” he hissed, trying hard not to sink his fangs into neck of Kalian for he would love to cause her all the physical pain and mental pain that bestow upon her but unfortunately all this must end this night.

He reached out and pushed Kalian backwards causing her stumble backwards making her fall of the palisade. Kalian screamed as she fell from the top of the tower.

He stood and looked down to see the dead body of queen. The scream chilled everyone there that night for it was fear pure fear. Arthion knew that this would mark this tower and Shadow Daine as places of horror and fear that the queen actions that queen had done during her life.

Then quite suddenly for Arthion his heart stopped beating with in his chest as the effects of becoming a vampire hit him. He collapsed to the floor hissed in agony with the pain before passing out.

Arthion’s companions where preoccupied with the dark god and Jane. Vanlanthiriel was silent as she was in disbelief that the queen’s reign was over and that she can have her promise fulfilled by Arthion as she was alive so she can she her younger sister once more.

Nari looked at her husband and sighed “my love and foolish husband I know that you have been seeing mortal behind my back.” Vanlanthiriel looked at Nari with surprise, she gave her a small laugh “he has been hiding from me for the last few months and until now I did not this hiding period of his was actually in captivity to Kalian”.

Vanlanthiriel looked at the book that the ritual was written in. She looked inside the book whilst she was watched by Nari, “ah I have found the spell to awaken them” she whispered the spell to awaken both Nor and Jane, “may light awaken you from slumber now arise from your slumber.”

Jane arose first with her slumber broken she looked around only to see Vanlanthiriel standing over her. Eyes wide with fear through she was afraid she walked back to her home with eager feet hoping that she in time would forget what had happened to her. Vanessa watched her go wondering if she should tell about what had happened to her friend but she decided not tell her yet as she had been through allot recently.

Nor through had not awoken from his slumber for an unknown reason. Nari looked at Vanlanthiriel with a look of confusion “why has he not awakened blood eagle?” she snarled. Vanlanthiriel shrugged for she was not sure why not he hadn't either “I am not sure my dark goddess maybe ...” Nari coughed slightly “maybe?” she said.

Vanlanthiriel wondered if her idea would work after all it was a way to awaken people in such a slumber in the tales could be awakened from a deep trance with a kiss. Hoping that she would not kill her for suggesting this to her but she decided to ask her “you have heard the tales about” Nari started to laugh.

She smirked slightly “you can't be serious about this as those are tales about beautiful princesses and handsome princes have no details of dark gods” Vanlanthiriel looked at her. “do you have any other ideas? My goddess as I remember that you are not goddess of dreams and what have we got to lose if you are his true love.”

Nari bent closer to her husbands face. She knew these tales for her journeys in other worlds but usually it should be the one a sleep and he should wake her up from her slumber. She looked at the sleeping face of husband with a whisper she told Nor “I love you my foolish husband” as her lips touched his.

His lips were as cold as death as she kissed him. Nari hoped that Kalian had done something to him that would make him never awaken from his slumber as he removed lips from his. For a moment nothing happened, Nari fearing the worse started to get chocked up for she sensed an end to the man she was in love with.

She was about to try again when she felt a cold breath against her skin making Nari lunged back with fright as Vanlanthiriel walked over to stand behind the altar on which Nor lied on. She looked at Nari before asking her “Nari what is the matter, my goddess for fear is something I think that you would not display.” Nari looked at her with some what disappear in her eyes “as I do not if I am sure if even the ritual was not completed successfully if it has effected him such is claiming his immorality and killing him” Vanlanthiriel watched Nari as she started to shake with nerves with her thoughts about her husband.

Nari was about to start crying until she heard a pained gasp as Nor arose from his slumber.

When he saw Nari he blinked in surprise “Nari?” he gasped. He tried to stand and almost fell, hands grabbed him pulling him to his feet.

A laugh came from the direction of Geraldine as she watched Nor arise, Vanessa was lying decide her with a small cut on her head “I wish you that have not killed my queen oh those who served for so long with unwavering loyalty. Unfortunately I am not enough powerful to make you regret your betrayal but I can still try to kill one of you three.”

She pulled out a vial filled with a golden substance and inserted into bagger that was designed for poison, commonly used for assassination by the crows. She prepared to throw at Nor aiming for his heart “may this be a lesson to you treacherous scum” she throw the dagger. As it was about to hit a bolt of black lightning hit the bagger sending it flying of the edge of tower sending it falling down towards the ground. She looked at Nor who’s hand was spread out, fingers extended outwards he looked over his out stretched arm at her “I suggest you start running, for no human, elf, dwarf or beast shall save you from me” he snarled.

As he lowed his arm, Geraldine fled by turning herself into a bat a flying away out of sight with fear of an immortal dark elf chasing after her for the rest of her existence.

Nor started to walk over to the still figure of Arthion while Vanlanthiriel checked on Vanessa. Nor looked down on Arthion “what will you do to him my love?” asked Nari. He gave a smile that she could barely see as he thought on what he should do.

With his mind made up he touched Arthion on his bite causing white light to appear where he touched him that spread and sank down into his flesh consuming Arthion with white light.

Arthion looked at his hands and noticed that his skin was normal coloured “I am ...” gasped Arthion, “yes you have been restored to your elf form” he gasped. Arthion turned around in time to grab him before he fell.

When regained his balance so he could stand without help from Arthion. He looked at him before asking him “what did the queen do to you when you were in Shadow Daine? For when I saw you appeared to be ... Dying which is impossible as you being a immortal, my lord also what were you doing in the Dales in originally?”

Arthion watched him knowing that if he pushed him even though he was weakened that he could tell through his movements. Nor gave a weak smile “hah ha” he laughed slightly to his questions “your questions have a point mortal but listen to me carefully” he coughed slightly before continuing “when I woke in ... Shadow Daine, I noticed a human hanging from the wall. Then” he coughed harder, Arthion noticed how unwell Nor looked but when he continued his voice shock slightly as if talking about was causing him pain “Kalian entered the room with a ... Smile on her face. She laughed casting spell telling me that it will cause me to suffer the pain of death for it shall weaken me ... Which it ... Has” he started to walk away from him and towards Nari.

He almost fell down as his eyes closed, Nari sprinted towards him, Nor and caught him.

She slung one of his arms around his shoulders to keep him from falling to the floor. Arthion meet the eyes of Nari as he watched her embrace Nor before asking “what is wrong with him?” he asked her. Nor answered him with a cold smile “mortal, even I cannot die I can still feel extreme pain and ... What happened is that she did was torture ... My ... My ... Soul” Arthion blinked in surprise for he bid not believe it was possible for someone to have their soul to be tortured.

As if Nor could read his mind he nodded weakly “few have the power do that to a person those who can inflect that pain on a god has power to be respected by us, now, Nor it’s time for us to depart this realm and return home together.”

As they both flow into the sky, Arthion yelled upwards at Nor “wait! You have not told me why you were in the Dales in the first place” but when the pair vanished without Arthion's question. As he walked away he heard Nor’s voice inside his mind “ the reason is half what your friend of Alyan told you about me taking over his body and my own personal business with a mortal woman in another world who does not know who I am, Alyan is not safe from me but if you try and stop me I will give you a moment to live before I slay you, now farewell mortal” and with that Nor’s voice vanished from his mind.

As Arthion talked to his allies about there victory, Kalian lay still on the ground before the tower. Her eyes saw nothing but blackness while her body was as cold as ice. She seemed to be lifeless to all onlookers and to herself who hoped that all this death shall pass from her so she could escape this with her life intact.

With her death the age of darkness and villain was finally over. It may take years but the realm shall recover and enter an age of peace that has not been seen for so many years for the darkness has pasted from the Dales for awhile.

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