Chapter 16: Dark rituals of the gods part 1
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Arthion was following the tracks left by the passage of the queen and her minions on their way to there. He looked around his eyes taking on where he was “Falcons fall, the tower of the mages which they used to cast spells from a far. Most of them where from the Tevinter Imperium” he whispered slightly to himself, the only way he knew this was from talking to his former love.

Before he continued he noticed that was their were two people guarding the entrance at the base of tower. Gold light hide his view of the second guard but he had never seen the first guard, thinking that they must be new blood eagles who could be easy to get past and climb up to the top knowing that would be the likeliest place for the queen to be in the tower.

As the light faded, Arthion did not first see who it was until she spotted him. Her eyes narrowed until faint white line showed from her eyes, she called to him “Arthion stop hiding in the night time shadows in which is concealing that well. Come hither so may speak you to traitor and one who has a hearted colder than that of the queen’s evil ways.”

He knew who that voice was and for a moment he felt a sense despair about him as he knew what she may do to him. Arthion looked behind him at the long dark path that he had followed to reach here and wonder wither he should flee from this place and never return. Remembering that if he fled that he would be hunted down and killed by the queen and her minions.

Arthion stepped forward so that he would come into the limited light cast by the flame of candles or wall torches. Vanessa fixed her pale blue eyes on him making him shiver with her cold rage.

“Vanessa” gasped Arthion as he felt a freezing feeling racing up his spine making him feel frozen inside and afraid. He coughed slightly before he started to speak to his former lover who he could tell was enraged with them. “Vanessa” he asked, his voice came out as a horse gasp of worry and fear “Vanessa ... I’m ... I’m sorry” she gave a small evil smile that did not show any villainous nature that you have.

Arthion started to gave her a small smile that made her more rage full. “so I am I Arthion for falling in love you and” she took hard breath before continuing “you turned my love into betrayal as you lust for the fairest maidens in these parts for your monstrous desire. You should be turned into a desire demon then your lust and desire shall show these lands who you truly at” Vanessa started laugh with an evil air at him.

Arthion started to slowly walk back, fearing what will happen to him if he stranded still he will make himself a prime target, his eyes watched her with strong interest so that he maybe able to escape her punishment.

Vanessa stopped laughing at him, she started to cast her spell “unfortunately I do not have the strength at this moment to make you reveal your true form but I shall make you suffer. Even if the queen shall cause your demise I shall still gave you as much pain as I can give to a soul for the rest of my days for your betrayal of me.”

He was about to run when he felt his body being locked into place. Releasing that he was frozen in place as magic pierced his body from every direction making hiss in pain. He did not have time to scream as the pain of all his mistakes of his life came back at him.

As the pain faded from his body he started to speak once more “what? You are enraged with me for fighting against the queen” he snarled at her “you have done nothing to stop the queen.”

Vanessa’s companion who had remained silent until now “you dare mortal” she snarled “Vanessa risked her life for you to bring me here for my assistance, she did it for you but you have betrayed her love for you and if not for me, she would have turned back to the queen’s side”

Arthion felt humbled by this woman who talked to him “she really did that” he asked her. A nod was the answer he got from her.

Vanessa snapped at him “yes I did, I summoned Nari who is my companion here as she was the one who first told of me your betrayal. I risked my life for you but I still wish to stop the queen in her plans thanks to Nari talking me around before I was called here by the queen.”

When they walked inside the tower with the hidden rage of Nari and noticeable anger of Vanessa. Nari examined the bookcase, she rose a hand over the books casting a green glow over them until one book glowed black against the green over all the books. She graded hold of the books spine and pulled back. It creaked as it swung to the side as she walked through the space. As she walked she heard a whispered argument between Arthion and Vanessa “mortals” she hissed “keep you rage with each other for a time when my husbands life in the balance and the future of this world.” Both of them fell silent and followed her in silence.

Flights upon, flights of stairs twisted inside the tower as rooms passed by. The doors were covered in cod weds and looked like to be locked. Since some trouble with a group of blood mages in reign of Arthur's father, Thorstein crimson blooded was defeated and the tower sealed by magic so that the artefacts inside could never be used by evil again.

Vanessa told them as they travelled up the stairs towards the top floor that it was more probable is that the queen would perform the ritual on the roof at this time for it was the time of the full moon.

Before the next stairs that lead up to the top of the tower they stopped on the landing before the stairs that lead to the roof. He turned to face Nari who moved around with an inpatient air. “Nari?” he asked quietly.

Nari spun on her heel to face them as she and Vanessa had been standing around the landing. “what do you want elf?” she asked him with a look of annoyance for she wanted to move on to defeat the queen. Arthion addressed her worry just encase she would try and kill him “Nari I think that it would easier if you do not head up to the top of tower with us”.

Moments pasted in silence from Nari who’s eyes burned with fire with those words that Arthion had said to her “with what made you think that I am on of weak human women that squeal at the sight of blood and play with my dresses in my chambers. I shall not stay here for if you cannot stop Kalian and she becomes a god then I stand a chance of stopping her” she folded her arms as she waited for an answer from Arthion.

When Arthion answered her, he made sure that he hid his worry from her as she was a goddess and could kill him without a second thought “I am saying that if the queen sees you now she will use her full strength against you and kill us in the process” Nari raised an eyebrow in reaction to his request.

She was silent for a few moments while she considered what he was suggesting until she gave him her answer “fine” she hissed in annoyance to Arthion “but if you both fail then I shall make sure that the death is no escape for you both. I will stay here and come like a storm upon the queen if you so need me.”

She stepped aside to let both Vanessa and Arthion climb up the stairs up to the roof while Nari watched them. While Nari prepared herself to go and stop the queen these two mortals failed stop her then it would up to her to save her husband and save this world from her.

Arthion stood upon the top of the tower looking around his surroundings until a voice hissed towards his ears that sounded like a beautiful sounding songbird “hello my dear lover Arthion” said the voice.

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